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“The Scarlet Letter” – Thesis Essay Example for Free

In the novel, The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the author uses Hester Prynne to symbolize that those who challenge social conformities can benefit society as a whole.

One main theme present in the work “The Scarlet Lette” is that of sin and guilt

"I am shaping up Abarat 3 and 4 while writing Scarlet Gospels during the day and polishing the script of The Midnight Meat Train which goes into production this year in New York along with a movie called The Plague... I'm actually putting words on a piece of paper and it's because I'm beginning to see, in a way that I didn't with Books 1 and 2 really, the shape, the feeling of what these books are going to be as they reach their apocalyptic and transformative end and you know the narrative is going to explode into a huge scale in the third book. I did a painting of the destruction of something well-known in the Abarat and David came in and was aghast, he said, 'You can't destroy that!' and I said 'I just did!' It will be destroyed in Book 3. Book 3, as the title Absolute Midnight suggests, is a pretty dark book but the darkest hours are not actually in Book 3, the darkest hours are in Book 4, so in a way that is new to me in this Abarat process I am feeling a sense of the shape of these things as I paint. And I'm making copious notes and writing paragraphs and literally have two files full of notes now. It will be interesting to see how much of it actually finds its way into the final books...
"I'm not quite so clear about what Book 4 will be yet because there are some things in play that I have to work through which are actually about the metaphysics of it all; actually they are about what happens when you get into the 25th hour and you know, given the fact that it is a time out of time, what revelations, what horrors, what wonders are you going to see when you meet yourself as a baby or as an old person or whatever, so there's a lot of interesting stuff happening there..."

"The Scarlet Letter" Thesis Statement Essay - 686 Words

Discuss Hawthorne’s blend of realism, symbolism, and allegory in The Scarlet Letter

"This is cutting edge Clive Barker...What I would really like to do is something erotic and strongly and unapologetically erotic and comprehensively erotic. I wanted every conceivable element of the human erotic urge; gay, straight and then some. So what we are constructing is a book which will have about a hundred illustrations, painting, photographs and drawings. There will be perhaps forty pieces of fiction, some of them very short, some of them longer, all of them very sexy. The idea is that we will have a kind of compendium of erotica which is both imagistic and literary. I believe it will be laid out in a way which I think will be completely fresh and interesting. I'm very excited by the project because I believe it's going into new territories, not just for me, I'm speaking generally. There's not an awful lot of us that are around making paintings and writing. The chance to do something where you can pull those areas together and make a single statement, using painting, photography and writing and I want to thank Calloway for giving me the chance to do this. HarperCollins has bought the book from Calloway, so Calloway will create it and Harper will distribute it.
"My original editor had rejected it. He thought it was too strong for HarperCollins tastes. Since that time, it's nearly a year and a half since he said that, the feeling at Harper towards me and my work has changed incredibly for the better. I have a new editor, Paul McCarthy, who is marvelous. There are new people heading up HarperCollins; Cathy Hennings, who is a wonderful lady and really understands my vision completely and what I want to do. She understands the committment I have to make work which crosses boundaries. As soon as she heard this book was available, she said 'I want this.'
"This is going to be in many regards an extreme book. There are a lot of eye-popping images and ideas. I have delivered ten or eleven of the short stories and the response is really strong, which is great and what I want. So that's The Scarlet Gospels."

"I had an experience recently...I don't have many of my poems by heart, but I will give you this poem by heart. I was sitting in the bathroom, tired at the end of the day, and a line came into my head, and I thought, hmm, and I went - I keep notebooks all around, actually those clipboards, all around the house - and I sat with this line for a moment and then I went to... I've been putting poems together for the Scarlet Gospels project and I was thinking about Plato and Plato's ideas in The Symposium about the fact that love is in fact about discovering the other half. And the line I had in my head was: Brother Plato - right or wrong? And I went to write this down, and this seldom happens to me:

4 Themes in The Scarlet Letter for an Easy A on Your Essay

The Scarlet Letter Essays | GradeSaver

"I am putting together all the stories for Black Is The Devil's Rainbow. I have been writing stories for collections of various kinds that never had a real title for a long time and so probably there's ten years' worth of stories here. And many of these stories are very short, you know, they're a page long. And then something like Grail, for instance, is probably going to come in at 140,000 words, so it's a real range. And then there's a lot of stuff which is not finished and the question is well, which ones do I want to finish? Which ones do I want to leave? Which ones are not working at all and should be screwed up and burned? And, let's see, there are one, two... six, seven... thirteen, fourteen.... fourteen piles of papers, the smallest of which is a foot tall! Which is all, this all, you know, stuff which has been clipped together over the years... We have assembled lots of poems...
"The whole idea of the book is to have something like a shelf of books, something that looks like a shelf of books, each of which is different, maybe comes in a different typeface, maybe even different paper, I would love that; I would love to feel that the book would be several books. And in which case I might divide the poems into two collections of poems - one of which would go towards the beginning, one towards the end, for instance... I mean it's a plan whether it will work or not - it's got to go through the money people - Rakesh, my editor and I have talked about that and I think it will be honestly really, really cool if we can do it.
"I obviously have Grail, I have Jehovah's Bitch, I have a collection of shorter short stories which I'd like to be able to finish for this collection if I can. I'm a little cautious about naming them but there's about twelve of those in two piles, what else do I have? Oh, The Scarlet Gospel stuff, which I forgot I'd written! And so on and so forth, it's everywhere. But that's a cross-section.
"I'm ready to deliver most of it now, I mean there's still some typing to be done, I have a little bit to do on Grail and a little bit to do on Jehovah's Bitch but the rest of the stuff's done. So it's really more a question of am I going to hand it in piecemeal or am I going to hand it in - you know, it's a big motherfucker! You know, you sent me that wonderful list of things that you thought should be in the book and I agreed with all of those - but that's a big book right there, you know?"

"Yes, the uncollected short stories will be put together into a single volume. I think it's most important right now, however, that I unleash this big thing [The Scarlet Gospels] and then Jane Johnson and I will talk about how we collect the short stories."

The Scarlet Letter essays are academic essays for citation
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SparkNotes: The Scarlet Letter: Themes, Motifs & Symbols

Yep. It's the second one. Nathaniel Hawthorne set the story of poor, persecuted Hester Prynne and her lover in the early , where his ancestors played a role in the persecution of women, as well as in the prosecution of women in the . In The Scarlet Letter's preface, Hawthorne actually alludes to this history, taking blame for the actions of these ancestors and hoping that any curse brought about by their cruelty will be removed.

Description and explanation of the major themes of The Scarlet Letter

Passion, wild emotion, and forbidden love: Or is it Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, published in 1850 and set over a century earlier, amid those with their funny hats and buckles?

Thesis for The Scarlet Letter - Ask Me Help Desk

It's Monday morning, and you slink into your American Studies class with a conscience so guilty, you begin to think the words "I didn't read the book" are tattooed on your forehead. Your classmates are gleefully exchanging anecdotes about their weekends as they pull out their glossy copies of The Scarlet Letter.

I am writing a thesis statement for my essay on the Scarlet Letter

I need help writing a thesis for my literary analysis on the Scarlet Letter. I want to write about the setting or the symbolism used in it. Please help. Thank you

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