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Pair of Slippers | Orchids, Slippers and Lady

On Tuesday, June 3, I went to visit Southern Organics in Columbiana, Alabama, which company specializes in aquaponics, the process of recycling fish waste for fertilizing vegetables. It was great to witness them experimenting with aquaponics in the early stages of their business. The warehouse consisted of tanks where they produced tilapia. The staff explained how they converted fish waste into useful sources of nitrogen for the plants. Next to the tanks were experimental stations, where different vegetables were tested before being grown in the production greenhouse. Above the stations were artificial light sources for the plants to use in photosynthesis. The plants were transplanted into Styrofoam blocks, where the roots grew though holes into a liquid base medium. For biological control of insect pests, beneficial ladybugs were used. Southern Organics not only produces fish, but also vegetables. Their plan is to expand in supplying organic vegetables to stores.

Orchid Care Orchid Flowers Orchids Yellow Orchid Series Photosynthesis Vida Real Slipper Google

We had to go to Germany to find two very special deep pots which we wanted for growing Paphiopedilums, Phragmipediums (Lady Slipper Orchids), and other deep rooted orchids and prized plants in. They are also terrific for Rose growing. What distinguishes these pots in particular is their depth, relative to their diameter. The 5" wide model is a full 7.25 inches tall and the 6" wide model is even taller, at 8 inches.

White Lady's Slipper orchid lives in a special ..

in pollinators and floral scent of the lady’s-slipper orchid Cypripedium calceolus L., ..

On one occasion, Weesie loaded up more donations and personally delivered the plants to Delaware, where she advised Dr. Lighty and Mrs. Copeland on planting locations. Among the plants transported was a magnificent clump of Kentucky yellow lady’s slipper orchid, with over a dozen flowers on it. Carefully and expertly dug by Weesie, this specimen and several smaller clumps made it safely there and never once wilted during the trip. Records from Mt. Cuba indicate that Weesie provided specimens of that orchid, and the rare, endemic Alabama delphinium on three different occasions. Further, the records show a total of 17 different kinds of trilliums (also known as wakerobins) one of the most coveted of all native wildflowers, having made their way north from Pine Ridge Road. A majority of gardeners would almost consider themselves literally blessed to grow any of these rare plants, and if they did manage to grow them successfully, they would wince at the mere thought of digging them up and giving them away. But such is the nature of Weesie – and her skill – that there were enough to be lavishly shared with a great friend who would appreciate the effort and the thoughtful gesture.

Herbaceous Perennials (Wildflowers)
Anemone (syn=Hepatica) spp., both native species
Arisaema spp., multiple species
Campanula americana, tall bellflower
Cardamine (syn=Dentaria) spp., toothwort, bittercress (multiple species)
Cypripedium kentuckiense, Kentucky yellow lady’s slipper orchid (broad range of shades)
Delphinium alabamense, Alabama delphinium
Delphinium tricorne, dwarf larkspur
Epigaea repens, trailing arbutus
Erythronium spp., dog-tooth violet, trout lily (multiple species)
Galax urceolata, galax
Hexastylis (=Asarum) spp., heartleaf, wild ginger (multiple species)
Heuchera spp., alumroot (multiple species)
Jeffersonia diphylla, twinleaf
Phlox spp., phlox (multiple species)
Salvia spp., sage (multiple species)
Sanguinaria canadensis, bloodroot
Selaginella spp., spikemoss or arborvitae fern (multiple species)
Shortia galacifolia, shortia or Oconee bells
Tiarella cordifolia, foamflower
Trillium spp., trillium or wakerobin (multiple species)
Zephyranthes atamasca, common Atamasco-lily

warm growing are: Paphiopedilum or Lady Slipper, ..

Lady's slipper orchid; Slipper orchid of the genus Paphiopedilum: ..

Primack, R. and E. Stacy. 1998. Cost of reproduction in thepink lady's slipper orchid ( Orchidaceae): aneleven-year experimental study of three populations. Am. J. Bot. 85:1872-1679.

Although she received some college-level training, Weesie Smith is a largely self-trained botanist who became one of the foremost experts in the native plants of Alabama and the southeastern US. She has been a highly sought-after expert on horticultural identification, habitat description, plant locations and nomenclature for numerous botanical and horticultural books, especially those dealing with Alabama and southeastern wildflowers. She is considered a national resource for the genus Trillium. Fred Case, author and authority on pitcher plants, lady slipper orchids and trilliums, relied on her as his botanizing guide when he explored Alabama.

Lady's Slipper-orchid: Cypripedium flavor ..
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Cypripedium x 'Ventricosum Pastel' (Lady's Slipper Orchid)

Although some of the terminology stretched our brains a little bit, for us orchidophiles it was fascinating to learn how the hybridization of these orchids is affecting each species and especially what the implications are for the survival of the Small White Lady's-slipper, listed as endangered on both the federal and provincial species at risk lists.

Explore Lady Slipper Orchid, Ladies ..

The genus contains 49 speciesdistributed in North America, East Asia, and Europe. The Hengduan Mountainsare one of the most important distribution regions (Chen, 1985). is a famous and rare alpine lady's slipper orchid thatoccurs in alpine grasslands or under the scrub and forest at altitudes of2,700-3,700 m in the Hengduan Mountains (Fang, 1993). Because large-scalecultivation of this plant under artificial conditions is not economicallyfeasible, wild populations of this species are the main source of material forhorticulture. In recent years, ecological disturbance, unscientific anduncontrolled collection, tourism and increasing grazing pressure have resultedin considerable decline in the population number of in theHengduan Mountains (Cribb and Sandison, 1998; Huang and Hu, 2001). In order tomeet the increasing demand for this species as an ornamental plant, commercialcultivation is necessary.

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