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Instrumentation facilitates interdisciplinary research. Many of the spectacular scientific, engineering, and medical achievements of the last century followed the same simple paradigm of migration from basic to applied science. For example, as the study of basic atomic and molecular physics matured, the instruments developed for those activities were adopted by chemists and applied physicists. That in turn enabled applications in biological, clinical, and environmental science, driven both by universities and by innovative companies. A number of modern tools that are now essential for medical diagnostics, such as magnetic resonance imaging scanners, were originally developed by physicists and chemists for the advancement of basic research.

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REVIEW OF LITERATURE ; Historical Background.3 books/chapters, (PhD Thesis) Instrumentation and Control (Teaching Assistant BSc) Instrumentation and Control Book Chapter.

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How to Successfully Deal with Your Dissertation Data by Susan Rovezzi Thesis instrumentation // instrumentation Data Collection ThesisCHAPTER.

Instrumentation requirements in political science largely rest in the operation of major longitudinal data series and the maintenance of the institutional support for them, with the peak example being the National Election Studies sustained by the National Science Foundation. A second emerging area is the development of laboratory capacity for computerized political science research. A third area involves archiving, particularly of political communication materials, and the construction of meta-data. Virtual data center projects are also emerging, where marginal costs of use are free but development costs are very expensive. Future instrumentation needs could include: a network of exit polling to validate election outcomes; linking of political-administrative information systems with physical science systems to translate natural disaster warnings into effective systems for sharing life-saving information and implementing public safety plans; and developing collaborations between political scientists and other scientists in brain imaging and genomics.

Scientific applications, such as Gaussian, often began as small research projects in the laboratory of a single investigator. However, as the capabilities of computers increased, the applications included models of the physical and chemical processes of higher and higher fidelity, and the software became more and more complex. Today, many of the scientific applications involve hundreds of thousands to millions of lines of code, took hundreds of person-years to design and build, and require substantial continuing support to maintain, port to new computers, and continue to evolve the capabilities of the software as new knowledge accumulates. The cost of developing major new scientific and engineering applications can be more than $10 million, and the cost of continuing maintenance, support, and evolution exceeds $2 million per year. Thus, these software applications are well within the category of advanced research instrumentation being considered in this report.

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The research community recognizes the importance of instruments. The National Science Board (NSB) recently identified eight Nobel prizes in physics that were awarded for the development of new or enhanced instrumentation technologies, including electron and scanning tunneling microscopes, laser and neutron spectroscopy, particle detectors, and the integrated circuit. Nobel prizes for the development of instrumentation have been awarded in chemistry and medicine for instrumentation related to nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) or magnetic resonance imaging, and many were also awarded at least in part for the development of ARIF. Many of the ground-breaking instruments that qualified for a Nobel prize or contributed to Nobel prize-winning work began as ARIF and through development have become widely available and more affordable.

Imaging technologies provide many of the best-known examples of the evolution of modern instrumentation. Fifty years ago, studies of the effects of magnetic fields on the nuclear spin states of molecules were at the forefront of esoteric physics research. The earliest magnetic resonance spectrometers were inexpensive to build (they could literally be cobbled together by graduate students from spare radar parts); this was fortunate because measuring nuclear spin properties had no conceivable application. If sensitivity and instrument performance had stayed the same, NMR still would have no conceivable application.

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ARIF instrumentation by consolidating resources, increasing collaboration, and making available rare or unique resources to a large number of users. Most publicly funded centralized facilities are located at universities and national laboratories. The state of US research facilities is often cited as an indicator of the nation’s long-term international competitiveness in research. For example, a 2000 National Academies Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy study of materials facilities noted that “rapid advances in design and capabilities of instrumentation can create obsolescence in 5–8 years.” The study further noted that the overall quality of characterization services provided by materials facilities supporting universities and industry had “lost substantial ground” to Japan and Europe. The committee distinguishes between facilities and centers. A center is defined as a collection of investigators with a particular research focus. A facility is defined as a collection of equipment, instrumentation, technical support personnel, and physical resources that enables investigators to perform research.

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The “facilities” portion of “ARIF” was incorporated by the committee to emphasize that some research fields and problems require collections of advanced research instrumentation. As has been described earlier, the changing face of research has demanded that a wide array of instruments be brought to bear on a single problem. Collections of instruments are often essential for meaningful research to occur. To solve some types of scientific problems or to engineer new materials, multiple instruments are necessary to carry out a series of steps or processes. Complementary instruments are more effective when housed side by side and may be far more productive than each one is individually.

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there is an increasing need for advanced research instrumentation in many fields. Many instruments that start out appearing to be expensive and esoteric rapidly become mainstream. The good side of this is that these instruments fuel impressive scientific results. The bad side is that scientists who do not have access to these instruments tend to fall behind in terms of their results and in what experiments they can propose in grant applications.

Dissertation | Thesis | Instrumentation

“Advanced research instrumentation provides a technological platform to answer the hardest, unanswered questions in science. An investment on the order of magnitude of 10 or 100 million dollars will pay off many times over if it opens up opportunities to discover new sources of energy, cures for diseases, etc. Beyond potential revenue generating applications, having access to advanced research instrumentation also opens up avenues for fundamental discoveries, the implications of which may be currently unfathomable.”

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