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2018 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code T84.54XA: Infection …

I am almost 5 months out. 58yrs old. Went back to work after 7 weeks. It has been somewhat of a roller coaster. Good days, bad days. Knee is still swollen but every day it gets a little better. I had some minor issues with sleeping but took Tylenol PM to help. I’ve started every day with a brisk bike ride to loosen up.
Been through 2 series of PT sessions(20+). Now I’ve started 6 sessions of deep massage therapy. Recent MRI showed what we think is some scar tissue build up at top of implant above knee. Hope to work that out.
Overall it is better than the pain and discomfort I was in before the surgery. And it seems that we are all different and recovery times are all over the place.

Infection of the hip prosthesis may require removal of the prosthesis and antibiotic treatment.

I had tkr on October 16, 2012. Just went back to my job in a big box store whose favorite color is orange. I cannot sit most of the day, so I am on my feet 7-8 hours in motion. Knee was doing ok until about 2 months ago. Now, I cannot go down the stairs one foot after the other. I have a lot of pain at the patella/tibia line and around the inside of the knee. It also has a small bruise. When , I bend it feels like its under pressure and going to explode! Have had several tests and ended with a bone scan. There is blood pooling at the femoral portion of the prosthesis and the patella tibial joint (?) appears to have decreased. No infection from bone scan. From what I have read, the prosthesis may have come loose, thus the blood and the patella may not be tracking properly. It’s scary with blood pooling since I have had two DVT in the past. Seeing surgeon next week. Anyone have any comments as to what has happened. 7 months later and still in pain and not able to do the things I used to. Not a happy camper!! Tkr is a slow, painful and frustrating recovery especially when your workplace is not accommodating for fear of showing favoritism to employees! Maybe they should pay for 2nd surgery if that is what happens?!?

Infection After Knee Replacement Surgery - Verywell

Results from univariate and multivariate logistic regression analysis prediction revision surgery within 1 year after infection.

I am 77 and am now in week six after TKR on my right knee. I am also five months post TKR on my left knee. The first recovery was pretty much text book. However, this second one has been more problematic. My rt knee is still quite swollen,red and warm to the touch. Sometimes my whole lower leg is darker than my left one and the redness will occasionally extend into the outer side of my calf. RE: pushing myself: I have abandoned the cane and been walking thirty mins a day for the last week or so. Today, I needed to stop and return home after twenty mins because of pain in my hips! Yikes! Have I cause this hip pain because of trying to do too much too soon? Or am I looking at the need for hip replacement,too? This site is a blessing!

I had a robotic partial knee replacement 2.5 years ago which was screwed up. Someone in the operating room “bumped” the robot out of alignment and the result is that the femur implant was out of alignment in two ways. The most consequential was that it was not flush with the femur so it was carving a groove in the underside of my kneecap. I cannot express the pain, subsequent depression and loss of mobility. My surgeon died in an accident shortly after my surgery which didn’t help matters. I pushed through until I could not stand in any more. I dreaded the thought of a TKR but wanted my life back SO badly that I had it done. I was fortunate to find a popular orthopod who took one look at my x-rays and knew how bad it was. He was super fantastic and did a great job with the Total.

Infection after knee replacement surgery is rare

I am 7 days after surgery and have my ups and down. I am 51 and have bad arthritis in both knees bone on bone and had for over 10 years I wouldn’t say I was very fit person due to this before op and had limited movement. I read these comments and get a bit concerned with myself that I am not doing enough. I can lay my leg out straight can lift it and my bend is at around 88 to 92 depending on the restriction. It seems to be very restricted around the cut and under my knee I am still badly bruised from top to bottom. I get tiered very easy when doing my excise and walking I do my walking around the house at the moment and have been to the park once to walk not far though. I get disappointed in myself as I don’t think I put enough effort into it as it has swelled up and bruised so bad it felt like I couldn’t at first the swelling has gone down a little but it’s still very bruised and stiff. Can anyone tell me if this is part of the healing process or do I need to lift my game and get into it a bit more.

I had bilateral total knee replacement on June 11, 2014. Sometimes I think I am doing good, but I do have definate differences in terms of flexibility of both knees and a few other concerns. I took narcotic pain meds until early morning June 25, and then stopped due to terrible constipation, despite stool softeners and laxatives. After 3 more days off pain meds, except Tylenol, laxatives kicked in and bloating and cramping is better. My right knee (which oddly was feeling the worst pre-op) is doing great. I have good flexion and extention. My left knee however is not doing as well. I have much more swelling and pain, less flexion, and really have to push to get a flat extention. I have religiously done my PT exercises several times a day (except for one day when I was so very sick with constipation). I am also on my recumbent stationary bike 3 times a day rocking back and forth, trying to push more flexion in my knee. I can already go all the way around with my right. I should add that 12 years ago I had varicose veins stripped in my left leg, and 6 years ago I had a meniscus tear trimmed in my left knee during a knee arthroscopic surgery. Sleeping at night is a nightmare. I can’t sleep more than 1 to 2 hours and then can’t fall back asleep. I am restless and can’t get comfortable. I usually have to get up and go in another room to try to sleep in a chair or on the sofa. The last issue is my fatigue. I am so very tired and just can’t seem to feel the slightest bit of energy to do anything. I save it all up for the PT exercises throuhout the day. Is all this normal? Am I expecting too much, or am I lagging behind. I was hoping to at least have enought energy by now to do some laptop work from home, but I find it hard to concentrate for any length of time.

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The Infected Total Knee Replacement | Musculoskeletal …

I will be 41 in July and had my TKR on my left knee October 5, 2012. By my 3rd week post op my knee bent as much as it ever would. Even with using the CPM and home physical therapy and then therapy at a local place. To this day my home therapist will come see me occasionally and the last time she came my knee was at 93° and I know I’ve lost a few degrees since she’s been here last. It straightens just fine, in fact it hyperextends almost to the same point it did pre-op. I have been having pain like I used to during those several weeks after surgery. Throbbing, aching, stabbing, burning, plus stiffness. I have also found when I leaned against the tub the other day to grab something on the other side of it and my kneecap pressed against the side of the tub and the pain was unbearable! I no longer have insurance as I lost my job a few weeks after going back because I could not perform my job duties as a shift leader for a national drug store. So I’m pretty much stuck with my knee as is and getting worse.

Chapter 128 The Infected Total Knee Replacement Erik P

I am glad I found this site while researching TKRs. On March 10, 2014 I underwent my 2nd in 5 years meniscus repair on my right knee. The first was the medial simple tear and I did great wtih it. This last one however was the lateral and a complex tear. During surgery, it was noticed ( also on the MRI but the extent couldnt be evaluated until surgery) i had considerable loss of cartiledge in several areas. In the largest area, my Dr. drilled a series of many small small holes to encourage scar tissue to form. This didnt work as expected and I’ve done a series of Uflexa injections ( 1 shot for 3 wks). I felt some relief after the first two, but the day before my 3rd I experienced increased levels of pain up to a 10 with my knee giving out. I spoke to my dr about it as he gave my 3rd injection after withdrawing about 60 cc of fluid, gave me a brace for stability. That was 2 wks ago Tuesday. On Sunday, I had to have my knee drained again throught he emermgency clinic and I have an appointment tomorrow w/ my ortho. I am afraid he is going to tell me replacement. I was reseaching a TKR that I heard of that goes throught he back of the knee. Anyone know of it? Also, what does the scar look like after its healed. I guess I’m vain to an extent. I have nice legs – i don’t want a huge and deformed looking knee after the replacement…. the scar I don’t actually mind. Im having anxiety over the pain and I’ve always prided myself over a high pain toleranc; not being able to sleep b/c it feels like a railroad spike being driven into my knee and that shoots up my leg to my hip. Thoughts? tips? Anything…. Thank you!

Infected knee prosthesis - Doctors answer your questions

Hi. I am 4 weeks out from TKR. I have PT at home starting immediately after I came home from the hospital. I was in for 4 days. I have cried and screamed through the therapy. But, because I am working on my own between visits I am now at 105. It can be done. Work hard and don’t get discouraged. My pain was sever after surgery. It is better now. However, I still need pain meds. I have good days and, like today, I have bad days where I hurt all day. I just keep my eye on the prize. A functioning knee with no pain. To God be the Glory!

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