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More data provides a better picture
The limited imaging area of commercially available chlorophyll fluorescence imagers restricts these instruments to imaging, at most, one or two seedlings at a time. In fact, some imagers only capture fluorescence from a few leaves at a time. Because photosynthesis can vary from plant to plant and even from leaf to leaf, many images would have to be acquired to get a picture of overall crop growth.

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As Dane says, “People ask, why would they do this” well one great reason is that too many scientists, both on the IPCC panel and independent are now begging for geo engineered intervention. So their reports ultimately do more damage that good. They are panicked about the methane release in the arctic but cutting our nose off to spite our face is not the solution. Trying to suggest that this will be minimally invasive is ludicrous. Look at the trees already. We are next. Thank you Dane, and much love to you and yours!

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70 degrees on December 7th, a woman walks in and says “what wonderful weather” I dont bother telling her its not. That it should be cold, it should be wintry. The truth is most people simply care about themselves and how they like 70 degrees in December right now. That is the problem people only care about themselves for the most part, no matter how I want to spin it, I always arrive at this uncomfortable fact, people only care about instant gratification these days. I dont know where or when it became this way it just is now, the people I talk to are just thrilled its 70 degrees in December. I can only wonder how long we have until the most ardent denier wont be able to deny and be happy and complacent in this meltdown of the natural world. They have people so confused and divided it is sad. I read we have until 2020 in the Northern Hemisphere before extinction begins. I mean… that is right around the corner. There is always a part of me that believes this is all a joke, that I am a crackpot tin foil hatter, but then there is this deeper part of me that knows its true. What is even more disturbing is the fact they dont talk about chemtrails, it makes me think the worst, they are obviously, undeniably dumping millions of tons of STUFF on us and they wont talk about, they spend millions hiring evil soulless traitors to debate what is so obvious…spreading ridicule and ire, yelling conspiracy theorist. The ultimate abuse, to use our tax dollars to destroy, hide and twist the truth through so many devious means.
People are so blind, they have 100’s if not thousands of Fema camps with millions of coffins. I cant believe the excuses they give for having them lying around. People are like sheep now, docile,the truth is most people simply dont care if they are being poisoned they will round us up, they will kill us. They, they are not fit to be described as human. Parasites who will kill the host rather then let the host thrive without parasites. Newsweek just wrote a terrible piece, on the cover it said, GEO-ENGINEERING CAN SAVE THE PLANET, can you believe it? They are trying to cover themselves. They have been killing us for decades, 10’s of millions dead because of what they have done, what they are spraying. Now they are going to ram a piece of legislation that mandates geo engineering making post fact poisoning legitimate. It is simply not OK that we even have to put up with this, we shouldn’t have to ask permission from our leaders to ask the oh so high and mighty to stop destroying what belongs to all of us. Meekness will not save us, nor being quiet.

Hi Steve,
I was working in Valdez when the avalanche/dam happened and cut off the city for few weeks, then after all the fresh water run off hit the bay the wind stopped blowing and the berametric pressure dropped to never seen before levels (as stated by the captain and second mate)
and we froze into bay as we were pulling a bardge, another tug had to break us out. Captain Hill posted it on YouTube.
Climate change is real. Can’t speak on this chemtrails business much but I can say this without a shadow of doubt people/governments act in there own best short term financial interest.

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The first phase of photosynthesis requires that light fall on the leaf. The chlorophyll that is embedded in the membranes of the thylakoids absorbs luminous energy. This absorption of energy is accompanied by the degradation of water molecules and the release of oxygen. In a second, light-independent phase, the energy absorbed by the chlorophyll is used to transform carbon dioxide molecules into sugar molecules.

The imaging system detects fluorescence emitted from chlorophyll, a pigment that gives plants their green color and is essential for absorbing the sunlight plants use to create energy through photosynthesis. Monitoring chlorophyll and how photosynthesis is performed in a plant provides insight into the health and growth of the plants.

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In addition to helping farmers check crop health, the new system will be helpful for studying how plants respond to changes in growing conditions and for high-throughput phenotyping, an automated method used in crop research and development to analyze how genetic modifications affect plant characteristics such as leaf size or drought resistance in a large number of plants. The technique could also be modified for microscopy, allowing imaging of photosynthesis inside the plant cells.

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The definition of photosynthesis is the process through which plants use water and carbon dioxide to create their food, grow and release excess oxygen into the air.

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The spraying here in western Maryland has been out of control, especially since last fall (kind of a coincidence that the ramping up of these programs started right after the Paris "climate" conferences). I am young and have always tried to stay healthy and active, but over the past couple of years I felt my breathing and energy levels deteriorating. I find my memory and multitasking abilities deteriorating as well. And it is not just me…..I am seeing these problems with just about everybody I know! I am slowly starting to wake a few people up to this subject, but overall most people seem to care more about sports and the latest Hollywood drama. I keep telling them that none of those things are going to matter when all of our food production dies, all of our water is poisoned, and we all become deathly ill from this assault on us. I have even written to my local and state representatives (no response). I am about ready to send a letter in to my local newspaper with hopes they will publish it. Who in the hell gave these Zionist criminals the right to do this to us? Everyone involved in this assault on us will have their judgement day when they leave this earth, and I have a feeling God is NOT going to have mercy on them! Thank you Dane for your courageous effort in exposing this. God bless you!

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