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Do you hear the gentle hum of a computer.

“‘Project Nim,’ a new documentary by James Marsh, is a probing, unsettling study of primate behavior, focusing on the complex dynamics of power, sex and group bonding in a species whose startling capacity for selfishness and aggression is offset by occasional displays of intelligence and compassion.
The movie also features a chimpanzee.”

Reconstructing the phylogeny of laughter in great apes and humans.

Genesee defines bilingual acquisition as, “the acquisition of two languages during the period of primary language development, extending from birth onward” (2000, p.167)....

Action, Gesture and Symbol: The Emergence of Language.

Book Review: The evolution of thought: Evolutionary origins of great ape intelligence by A.

on Chomsky's linguistic theoryWithin the field of linguistics, McGilvray credits Chomsky with inaugurating the "". McGilvray also credits him with establishing the field as a formal, , moving it away from the procedural form of that was dominant during the mid-20th century. As such, some have called him "the father of modern linguistics".The basis to Chomsky's linguistic theory is rooted in , holding that the principles underlying the structure of language are biologically determined in the human mind and hence genetically transmitted. He therefore argues that all humans share the same underlying linguistic structure, irrespective of sociocultural differences. In adopting this position, Chomsky rejects the psychology of B. F.

He also delivered the at , the at in the Netherlands, the Woodbridge Lectures at , and the Kant Lectures at . In 1971 he partook in a with French philosopher on Dutch television, entitled Human Nature: Justice versus Power. Although largely agreeing with Foucault's ideas, he was critical of and French philosophy generally, believing that post-modern leftist philosophers used obfuscating language which did little to aid the cause of the working-classes and lambasting France as having "a highly parochial and remarkably illiterate culture". Chomsky also continued to publish prolifically in linguistics, publishing Studies on Semantics in Generative Grammar (1972), an enlarged edition of Language and Mind (1972), and Reflections on Language (1975). In 1974 he became a corresponding fellow of the .Edward Herman and the Faurisson affair: 1976–80See also: Noam Chomsky (1977)Throughout the late 1970s and 1980s, Chomsky's publications expanded and clarified his earlier work, addressing his critics and updating his grammatical theory. His public talks often generated considerable controversy, particularly when he criticized actions of the Israeli government and military, and his political views came under attack from right-wing and centrist figures, the most prominent of whom was .

Intelligence of apes and other rational beings.

(2000) The apes and us: Brain and emergent processes.American Society of Primatologists.

This Chomsky-Herman thesis has been challenged by Sophal Ear, who "argues that concurrent [media] coverage of human rights violations in right-wing regimes in and exceeded the coverage given to Cambodia" during the genocide: See Sharp, Bruce.

Sperlich characterizes the linguist and activist as "one of the most notable contemporary champions of the people", while journalist described him as a "genuine people's hero; an inspiration for struggles all over the world for that basic decency known as freedom.

Schopf (Eds.) The origin and evolution of intelligence (pp.
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Savage-Rumbaugh, E. Sue 1946- [WorldCat Identities]

This behavior is not only respectful and polite, it often results in the individual to respond favorably. Diessner (2008) states that "a concept is simply a feature of a set of contingencies which exist in the world, and it is discovered...

"Sue Savage-Rumbaugh's work on the language capabilities ..

Like the child of an immigrant, Kanzi soon showed he had absorbed just what Matata had resisted. Within a week he spontaneously began to use the keyboard to make his desires known, But he also appeared to name objects even when he did not want the object. Savage-Rumbaugh and Sevcik decided not to train Kanzi at all, but to see if he could continue to soak up the keyboard “language” during daily interactions with researchers, who talked to him, using both lexigrams and speech, as if he understood. In other words, they treated Kanzi like parents treat a preverbal child constantly hearing language. Kanzi’s keyboard helped in this effort by generating synthesized speech to sound out the English word for each lexigram.

Search results for `Sue E. Savage-Rumbaugh` - PhilPapers

This remarkable ability to acquire language is the basis for a central debate: how much of our ability to acquire, produce and understand language is innate (genetically programmed) and how much is acquired by learning....

When Sue Savage-Rumbaugh and ..

In this study, the legitimacy of the encephalization hypothesis was tested for encephalization slopes 0.28, 0.67, and 0.75 in Snell's equation of simple allometry by determining the intersexual encephalization similarity for humans and 18 other primate species and by comparing the encephalization quotients for humans and six other primate species against the learning ability evaluations for their intelligence.

Sue Savage-Rumbaugh Department of Biology, ..

Duane Rumbaugh and Sue Savage Rumbaugh summarize—fairly, it seems—the current state of research in their chapter of the 1994 . “Though none will argue that any animal has the full capacity of humans for language, none should deny that at least some animals have quite impressive competencies for language skills, including speech comprehension.”

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