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Glycerin: Research Turns Up New Uses - Biodiesel …

The engine combustion benefits of the transesterification of the oil are:An example of a simple production flow chart is proved below with a brief explanation of each step.

Analyze your data at the end of the month to determine if your hypothesis was correct

A good EEI could be to look at the conditions required to produce the different densities of rigid foam. You could use equal amounts of the monomers and try them with different temperatures or different amounts of stirring. You could even try adding more water to the polyol monomer. You could even try making a variable density foam by placing the reaction vessel (plastic cup) on a cold surface. The main thing is to explain why you'd want a particular density and hypothesise how it could be achieved. It will be heaps of fun.

Renewable Fuels Regulations ( SOR /2010-189) - Justice

For example, a farmer would want to know the percentage of nutrients in a fertilizer they are using.

These mixtures when present at specific concentrations usually distill at a constant boiling temperature and cannot be separated by distillation. Examples of such mixtures are 95% ethanol-5% water (bp 78.1°C). I think you could make a successful EEI out of an experiment where you distill various ethanol/water combinations and measure the %ethanol in the distillate as a function of time or temperature of the vapour. You would need to consult vapour pressure diagrams.

Ion-exchange resins are widely used in different separation, purification, and decontamination processes. The most common examples are water softening and water purification. Most recently, they can be used for biodiesel recovery. In many cases ion-exchange resins were introduced in such processes as a more flexible alternative to the use of natural or artificial zeolites. The resins are usually small plastic beads that contain ionic groups attached to a polymer-based resin. These ionic groups can be exchanged for similarly charged ions. There are many possibilities for an EEI here.

Notes : See coming into force provision and notes, where applicable

Avogrodro introduced the hypothesis that equal volumes of gases at the same pressure contain the same number of molecules.

“Schectman, of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, glimpsed his first example of quasicrystals' "forbidden symmetry" in April 1982, when he was studying a metallic crystal made of aluminum and manganese under a microscope....

Physically, nitrite is a colorless and odorless ion. However, there are spectrophotometric methods for its determination. One example is to react it with an acidified sulfanilamide and N-(1-naphthyl)ethylenediamine dihydrochloride to form an intensely coloured dye having maximum absorption at 540 nm. There are lots of other methods. Often you can get them in the form of test kits where you compare the colour to a test strip. Before you get started check that you can get the reagents.

Jan 25, 2014 · The question asks design an experiment you could carry out to test the hypothesis that changing the catalyst will not affect the production of bio-diesel.
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Shaded provisions are not in force.

If it believed that alum not only clarifies a water, but also removes disease germs and ptomaines, so its use is of incalculable value to society. A good EEI would be to make up a sample of water with suspended clayey matter and then filter it through the best filter paper you have at school. To the (still) cloudy filtrate you could add alum solution (about 20 to 1000 mg/L) to see if it settles the clay and enables you to filter the solids out (weighed filter paper). Here are some ideas for your hypothesis: try different amounts of alum (there is an optimum amount - too much alum will actually impede the coagulation/flocculation process.

Do calories matter? - Peter Attia

Try different acidity/alkalinity as the pH is a very important parameter in water treatment, especially for effective coagulation. Each coagulant has a narrow optimum operating pH range. For example, alum tends to work best at a dosed-water pH of 5.8-6.5). Aluminium sulfate should be readily available at school - if not then go to the pool shop. Remember to include the •18H2O (or whatever) in the formula when working out the molar mass. A great EEI with great social importance.

But, technically this is the wrong question

At some stage you need to develop an hypothesis. Perhaps there is an optimum amount of flocculant that can be used (too much or too little doesn't work at well). You'd also need some theory to support your hypothesis. Where to get the flocculants? The cationic PolyDADMACis available Focus Brand or many other proprietary names. (PAM) is also available from pool shops with brand names like Aquatic Element's , Premium Quality's Bioguard's , or . Note: don't get mislead by the internet: polyacrylamide is also available from the gardening section of a hardware shop as "water retaining crystals" - brand names like ; and surprisingly also available from shops that sell disposable nappies (eg , ) which have the polyacrylamide as the water absorbent (rip one open).

Malthusian growth model - Wikipedia

Two coagulants/flocculants commonly used for water are (aluminium sulfate Al(SO4)3•nH2O, where "n" is usually 14 or 18). This is an inorganic flocculant and is discussed in the next suggested EEI further down this page. The other type of flocculant is the organic polymer type and the most common of these are called cationic polyelectrolytes. Two examples are polymer (PAM) and (PolyDADMAC).

Technical publications | laborelec

This suggests a great EEI. The hypotheses are obvious from the above, but it is the measure of light intensity that needs care. Judging brightness with your eye is difficult and not that accurate. You may have a light intensity probe available with some of the datalogger kits. If not, you could use a light dependent resistor (LDR) such as the ORP-12 for which there are calibration curves of intensity vs resistance (see below). The key think is to get absolute darkness as you don't want ambient light (room or sun) getting in.

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