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To serve as a characteristic example of.

This project focuses on using microbiota to determine environmental changes in Puget Sound, specifically benthic foraminifera. Benthic foraminifera are single celled organisms that produce a shell and live at the bottom of the ocean. Because foraminifera have characteristic ecologic requirements, they can be used to document environmental changes over time. In addition, foraminifera’s short reproductive cycle (weeks to months) and species specific reactions to environmental changes enable high resolution studies of ecosystem health and reaction to mitigation efforts. By examining the density, diversity and assemblage composition of foraminifera in samples of sediment several determinations can be made about environment in the local region at the time the sediment was deposited. This study focuses on stations in Bellingham Bay, WA using 11 sediment samples taken between 1997 and 2011 by the Washington state Department of Ecology. From 2002 to 2006 a clear drop in foraminiferal density is observed in Bellingham Bay. This indicates a serious change in environment for the area during this period; changes that may include an increase or decrease in pollution, an increase in pH, or changing climatic conditions. In the Bellingham Bay area a very low species diversity is also observed. This lack of diversity can also indicate various climatic or other environmental conditions. For example, the most dominant species in these samples, Eggerella advena, is known to colonize areas of sewage pollution in other bays. By comparing the Bellingham Bay stations to others in Puget Sound, it will be possible to document environmental shifts over the last 15 years.

Cooking small pieces of meat is easy = using small examples is easy.

Example 23: CP, a sales person in the women's clothingdepartment of the respondent's store, alleges that she is paid lessthan a male sales person in the men's clothing department. Therespondent asserts that differences in skills required for the twojobs make them unequal. The investigation reveals, however, thatthe sale of clothing in the two departments requires the sameskills: customer contact, fitting, knowledge of products, andinventory control. Therefore, the skill required for the two jobsis substantially equal.

Hypthesis for add disorder or adt trait

Hypthesis For Add Disorder Or Adt Trait ..

Previous studies have shown that neurologically healthy subjects learn to generate adaptive motor commands when either sensory feedback (e.g., visual or auditory information) or the movements themselves (e.g., arm movements for reaching or jaw movements for speech) are experimentally perturbed - a phenomenon known as sensorimotor adaptation. In parallel, a different line of research has shown that for both nonspeech and speech movements the central nervous system (CNS) differentiates between self-generated and externally-caused sensory input by comparing actual and predicted inputs - a detected mismatch causes the input to be attributed increasingly to external sources. Here, we investigate these two phenomena in combination by means of two experiments that examine whether sensorimotor adaptation in speech production is diminished, or even abolished, when an auditory feedback perturbation (shifted formant frequencies) is either delivered with increasing delays or made increasingly large. Based on our own pilot data and recent findings from other labs, we hypothesize that increasing either the delay or the extent of the formant perturbation will cause the CNS to increasingly interpret the perceived error as an external manipulation rather than a production error that requires adaptive corrections in future trials. For each experiment, acoustic analyses are used to determine adjustments in subjects’ produced formant frequencies from a baseline phase (unaltered feedback) to the perturbation phase (formant-shifted feedback) across conditions varying in delay and amount of shift in the auditory feedback signal.

Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) has become a critical framework for the adaptive management of marine conservation. MSP incorporates the entire ecosystem into management practices in order to sustain healthy fisheries as well as a thriving environment. The MSP process includes creating an optimal monitoring strategy in order to yield the most positive results for the well-being of the ecosystem. In my capstone I explored the importance of spatial and temporal trends for making effective monitoring strategies for adaptive management within the MSP framework. The research relied upon GIS (Geographic Information Systems), which is regarded as a vital tool for creating MSP strategies. In order to examine the effect of spatial zonation on management decisions I used copper rockfish (Sebastes caurinus) data from the San Juan Islands from 1994, 1999, and 2000. This data was used to create a map illustrating the influence different spatial zones have on the information management obtains in order to form adaptive management strategies. Furthermore, in order to investigate the effect of temporal binning on MSP I used killer whale (Orcinus orca) data from the same relative location from 1996-2001. I categorized the data into different periods, or "bins" of time, and analyzed how these bins impact management decisions. In both examples a threshold was created from the given data that would in theory trigger management action in order to quantitatively prove that the spatial and temporal way in which a species is monitored does affect regulatory and marine spatial planning decisions. Hopefully, by proving this statement with specific case studies I will also identify any consistent trends from the data that may be helpful in determining monitoring strategies to enhance marine spatial planning and conservation for those particular species in this region. ArcGIS will be used in order to illustrate the results and produce further geostatistics on the data.

Hypthesis For Add Disorder Or Adt Trait

problem using scientific methodologydeveloping a question, an hypothesis, ..

Vervet (Chloebus pygerythms) and Sykes (Cercopithecus albogulans) monkeys are both primarily arboreal monkeys living in overlapping habitats in Eastern Africa and exhibiting different patterns of social organization. Vervet troops are comprised of multiple males and multiple females, while sykes troops have strictly one male amongst multiple females. Species, such as sykes, which show no male cooperation and are in competition with surrounding troops benefit from having close members. Affiliative behavior increases cooperation and binds individuals to the group. This more cohesive unit serves as a barrier against opposing troops. Monkey species, such as vervets, that have some degree of male cooperation and are less threatened by surrounding troops are able to separate in the warm climate. We hypothesize that higher rates of affiliative behavior will be exhibited in Sykes, who show no male-male cooperation, than in vervets. While studying abroad in Kenya, we compared the affiliative behavior of Sykes and vervet females by conducting longitudinal focal animal sampling. Females were studied because males have different roles in each species and the sex of juveniles was difficult to identify. Affiliative behavior was defined as instances of contact, embrace, groom, hold, huddle, muzzle or touch and the number of instances per hour per female was recorded. Preliminary data indicates Sykes females display significantly higher rates of affiliative behavior per hour than vervets (two-tailed, unpaired t-test, p=.0034). Our results support the hypothesis that affiliative behavior is more frequent in uni-male Sykes troops than multi-male vervets. We suggest that social organization lies at the root of these behavioral differences, but more research is needed to verify these findings.

In the aftermath of the 1916 Everett Massacre, the Industrial Workers of the World (I.W.W.), the City of Everett, and local newspapers struggled to control the story of this armed confrontation, and the ensuing trial of I.W.W. member Thomas Tracy. There has been a great deal written about the Massacre and trial, but limited research on the attempts of labor, political parties, industrialists, and the local community to control the story. To research this topic, I have examined a number of books, along with the Seattle Daily Times, the Everett Daily Herald, and various regional labor publications. I have also to conducted archival research in various documentary sites, as well as conducting informal interviews with archivists, and people in Everett. I argue that the rhetoric used by the attorneys at the trial, the I. W. W. literature, along with coverage in the local periodicals, provides an example of the larger battle waged for the control of the production of stories and historical memories. This paper uses the depictions of the massacre by various groups to raise broader questions about how memory is produced, and the lengths to which people will go to further their cause, and to have their views elevated to the story of history.

the hypothesis of overlapping yet ..
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Example 19: CP, a college teacher, alleges that she ispaid less than a male teacher in the same school, in violation ofthe EPA. The school alleges that their jobs are not equal becausethe male teacher has a heavier load of courses. The evidence shows,however, that the only difference in workload is that the maleteacher gives an occasional additional lecture. This difference isnot significant enough to defeat a finding that the jobs aresubstantially equal.

Create testable hypothesis in a brief sentence - Experts …

Example 20: CP manages insurance claims for an insurancebrokerage firm. She investigates claims, submits claims toinsurance companies, and advises clients with respect to theirclaims. CP alleges that she is paid less than male accountexecutives in violation of the EPA. The male comparators dobrokerage work, negotiating appropriate insurance coverage betweeninsurance carriers and the firm's clients. CP does not do brokeragework and the male comparators do not manage claims. The differencesin job tasks render the two jobs unequal.

Create testable hypothesis in a brief sentence

On the other hand, if the jobs require different experience,ability, education, or training, then the jobs are not equal. Forexample, a vice president of a trade association could not showthat her work was equal to the work performed by other vicepresidents, where they performed key policymaking for theassociation, a skill that her position did not require. The proper analysis is the functionalone -- the analysis of the skills the jobs actually require.

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