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i want to make hypothesis test for a data for pH values measured for each month of a year. I want to test whether there is any correlation ie: are the values for month of summer having similar values and like that for months of winter and monsoon. which test is most appropriate for this kind of analysis.

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It is probably more common, however, for a researcher to start with a theory that was originally constructed by someone else—giving due credit to the originator of the theory. This is another example of how researchers work collectively to advance scientific knowledge. Once they have identified an existing theory, they might derive a hypothesis from the theory and test it or modify the theory to account for some new phenomenon and then test the modified theory.

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Planet 9 Hypothesis Drive for the Mountains People enjoy a drive to the mountains particularly the Kancamangus Highwayduring peak foliage season.

The alternative hypothesis should be decided upon before collecting or looking at any data, so as not to influence the results.For example, if you want to test whether a company is correct in claiming its pie takes five minutes to make and it doesn’t matter whether the actual average time is more or less than that, you use the not-equal-to alternative.

Five simultaneous short-term visits are proposed. The collaboration is conceived to realize a project concept that emerged during the penultimate meeting of a NESCent Working Group, Evolutionary shifts in vertebrate visual ecology and visual system morphology. The goal of our short-term visit is to synthesize our group's standardized data sets on squamates, birds, and mammals in order to test the sensory drive (SD) hypothesis. SD is an integrated model of natural and sexual selection. It predicts sensory adaptations to environmental conditions, which, in turn, drive the evolution of communication and reproductive behaviors. A highly cited test of SD among cichlid fishes demonstrated the role of light variation in driving the evolution of female visual systems and mate coloration. SD is therefore an important concept in divergence and speciation, yet large-scale comparative tests are lacking. The data sets compiled by our working group have the potential to test SD on an unprecedented scale (across vertebrate orders), but we lack the support needed to merge and analyze our data sets. We believe that short-term visits by five members of our working group will catalyze a project that could reveal a widespread phenomenon in evolutionary biology.

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The primary way that scientific researchers use theories is sometimes called the (although this term is much more likely to be used by philosophers of science than by scientists themselves). A researcher begins with a set of phenomena and either constructs a theory to explain or interpret them or chooses an existing theory to work with. He or she then makes a prediction about some new phenomenon that should be observed if the theory is correct. Again, this prediction is called a hypothesis. The researcher then conducts an empirical study to test the hypothesis. Finally, he or she reevaluates the theory in light of the new results and revises it if necessary. This process is usually conceptualized as a cycle because the researcher can then derive a new hypothesis from the revised theory, conduct a new empirical study to test the hypothesis, and so on. As shows, this approach meshes nicely with the model of scientific research in psychology presented earlier in the book—creating a more detailed model of “theoretically motivated” or “theory-driven” research.

As an example, let us return to Zajonc’s research on social facilitation and inhibition. He started with a somewhat contradictory pattern of results from the research literature. He then constructed his drive theory, according to which being watched by others while performing a task causes physiological arousal, which increases an organism’s tendency to make the dominant response. This leads to social facilitation for well-learned tasks and social inhibition for poorly learned tasks. He now had a theory that organized previous results in a meaningful way—but he still needed to test it. He hypothesized that if his theory was correct, he should observe that the presence of others improves performance in a simple laboratory task but inhibits performance in a difficult version of the very same laboratory task. To test this hypothesis, one of the studies he conducted used cockroaches as subjects (Zajonc, Heingartner, & Herman, 1969). The cockroaches ran either down a straight runway (an easy task for a cockroach) or through a cross-shaped maze (a difficult task for a cockroach) to escape into a dark chamber when a light was shined on them. They did this either while alone or in the presence of other cockroaches in clear plastic “audience boxes.” Zajonc found that cockroaches in the straight runway reached their goal more quickly in the presence of other cockroaches, but cockroaches in the cross-shaped maze reached their goal more slowly when they were in the presence of other cockroaches. Thus he confirmed his hypothesis and provided support for his drive theory.

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Again, a hypothesis is a prediction about a new phenomenon that should be observed if a particular theory is accurate. Theories and hypotheses always have this relationship. “ drive theory is correct, cockroaches should run through a straight runway faster, and a branching runway more slowly, when other cockroaches are present.” Although hypotheses are usually expressed as statements, they can always be rephrased as questions. “Do cockroaches run through a straight runway faster when other cockroaches are present?” Thus deriving hypotheses from theories is an excellent way of generating interesting research questions.

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I spoke at the top of the page of the "habitually poor approach to physics" adopted bythe spokespersons for the electric sun hypothesis, and this is an excellent exampleof that habitually poor approach.

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