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Analyses Concerning Passive and Active Synthesis: …

Review of linear vibration theory with applications to automotive systems; Role of Vehicle Dynamics and Chassis Systems in passenger cars; Equations of motion for steady state and transient vibration conditions; Vibration models of a typical passenger car; Load distribution, stability on a curved track slope and a banked road, calculation of tractive effort and reactions for different drives; Fundamentals of suspension tires and vehicle handling; Identification of vehicle parameters related to vehicle dynamics and chassis systems; vehicle performance under braking and drive-off or accelerating conditions; Braking performance; Fundamentals of ride and handling; Fundamentals of cornering; Fundamentals of steering systems and rollover fundamentals. Miscellaneous topics related to the course such as CarSim CAE tool.

The True Being of the Past as Passively Prefigured for Free Egoic Activity.

Circuit elements – active, passive, time-variant, time-invariant, linear, non-linear, unilateral, bilateral; Sources – independent and dependent; Electric circuit and analysis – Ohm’s law, Kirchhoff’s laws, loop and node analyses, limitations of lumped circuit analysis; Network theorems – Superposition, Thevenin, Norton, Maximum power transfer; Natural and forced responses to DC excitation – RL, RC and RLC circuits; Sinusoidal steady state analysis; Polyphase circuits. Magnetic field – Biot-Savart law, Ampere’s circuital law, Faraday’s laws, Lenz law; Magnetic materials, characteristics, losses, coupled circuits. Transformers – single phase and three phase transformers, auto-transformers. Electro-mechanical energy conversion systems – DC generator and DC motor; AC Machines – synchronous generator and motor, three phase and single phase induction motors; Stepper motor. Power system - generation, transmission, distribution, costing of electricity.

Analyses Concerning Passive and Active Synthesis - …

Introduction to the state of the art in computing focusing on hardware and its architecture, operating systems, memory management, standard programming language and programmable software environment (PSE); Machine representation of numbers and characters. IEEE Floating point numbers; ASCII characters. Variables and Types; I/O Functions and Formating; Arithmetic Operators; Forming Arithmetic Expressions; Using Variables and Arithmetic Operators and Built-In Library Functions; Operators for Implementing Decision Making; Logical expressions and control; Implementing Loops and Repetitive Processes; Tools for Modular Programming; Data Sharing/Passing Mechanisms; Functions, Pointers, Arrays, Structures Strings; File and Disk I/O Operations; Introduction to selected PSE platform, basic programming, execution and debugging; Iteration using variants of loops; Writing script Files and Creation of User-defined Functions; Flow control statements; Data Structures and Management; Scientific Visualization; Interfacing hardware with PSE; Notions of Parallel Processing.

Earthquakes: structure of earth, movement of plates, types of faults, P wave, S wave, surface waves, characterization of earthquakes and earthquake-induced ground motion; response spectra for individual ground motion records, site-specific response spectra, design spectra; single-degree-of-freedom systems; multi-degree-of-freedom systems; analysis, design and detailing of RC frames based on state-of-the-art and various codes IS 456, IS 1893 & IS 13920; Special topics: selection and scaling of ground motions, characterization of seismic hazard, seismic analysis and design of bridges, retaining walls, liquid-storage tanks, dams etc., design of non-structural components, passive structural control

volume on Analyses Concerning Passive and Active Synthesis, ..

This class addresses the growing need for international exchanges around culture and the aesthetic dimensions of intercultural engagement. With a focus on storytelling and performance techniques, writing and examination/analysis of text-based sources, including films, literature, music within a global framework; the class comlements and expands current communication modules. This class calls upon the student to investigate his/her own viewpoints, assumptions, convictions in regard to themselves and the world around them and giving voice to them in the safequard of the classroom through guided instruction from the professors. From initial or exploratory self-revealing narratives of the individual, the class moves on into the more formal analysis of various global texts from Aeschylus to the Puranas. This class is designed to contextualize the personal narratives of students in a pro-active search for an authentic voice mediated by the ancient ground of global narratives.

We all experience various types of experience including perception,imagination, thought, emotion, desire, volition, and action. Thus, thedomain of phenomenology is the range of experiences including thesetypes (among others). Experience includes not only relatively passiveexperience as in vision or hearing, but also active experience as inwalking or hammering a nail or kicking a ball. (The range will bespecific to each species of being that enjoys consciousness; our focusis on our own, human, experience. Not all conscious beings will, orwill be able to, practice phenomenology, as we do.)

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Husserl Analyses Concerning Passive & Active Synthesis …

In his later work Husserl explored a genetic phenomenology which underpinned the static phenomenology of his earlier work. Genetic phenomenology explored the genesis of the possibility of judgments as arising out of the fundamental horizon of temporality occurring within primary passivity. This project was taken up by Deleuze in the exploration of a more comprehensive and detailed genesis of individuation and generic difference. In doing so Deleuze described three passive syntheses of time which he presents in a regressive order from conditioned to condition. However, Deleuze’s exposition of the most fundamental of especially the third passive synthesis of time is notoriously under described. This essay presents an experimental description which attempts, by reversing the order of exposition of the three syntheses and describing them in the order of genesis, rather than the order of the regress of conditions, to produce a more complete explication of the third passive synthesis and so to account for its genetic dynamism.

Husserl on active and passive synthesis.

Computational physics and science, algorithms; Representation of numbers, machine precision, series summation; Errors, uncertainties, round offs, recursion relations method; Visualization of data; Non-thermal Monte Carlo techniques, random numbers and sequences, random walk problems, application to radio-active decay; Numerical Integration and Differentiation, Higher Dimensional Integration, Quantum Monte-Carlo methods; Function optimization, steepest descent, conjugate gradient, Golden ratio search, Variational Methods in Quantum mechanics; Matrix computing, system of equations, eigenvalue problems, large matrices, linear algebra packages; Data fitting: Lagrange interpolation, cubic splines, least-squares method, singular value decomposition; Ordinary differential equations: Euler's rule, Runge-Kutta methods, solving for equations of motion, non-linear oscillations with and without forcing, precision considerations, energy and momentum conservations; Quantum eigenvalue problem for a particle in a box; Time series analysis in Physics, Fourier analysis, discrete Fourier transforms, sampling and aliasing effects, Fast Fourier Transforms; Molecular Dynamics, non-interacting gas in a box, extracting thermodynamic variables from simulations; Introduction to high-performance computing hardware and parallel computing: distributed memory programming, parallelizing strategy, high level view of message passing, high throughput computing models.

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