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Paraffin Oil heavy white oil A4043

Paraffin Oil, Heavy, also known as paraffinum liquidum or liquid paraffin, is a mineral oil highly refined and used for medicinal purposes and in cosmetics. Ungraded products supplied by EMD Millipore are indicative of a grade suitable for general industrial use or research purposes and typically are not suitable for human consumption or therapeutic use. These materials may or may not have a Certificate of Analysis available.

Paraffin Oil Heavy | Sigma-Aldrich

Liquefied petroleum gases are the light hydrocarbon fraction of the paraffin series, derived from refinery processes, crude oil stabilisation plants and natural gas processing plants comprising propane (C3H8) and butane (C4H10) or a combination of the two. They could also include propylene, butylene, isobutene and isobutylene. LPG are normally liquefied under pressure for transportation and storage.

Synthetic Paraffin Wax - EPChem

If all this seems a little technical – to be honest, I did take a little heat for writing such a technical post this week – here’s all you really need to know about synthetic and conventional oils. The this summer when it laid out its findings in a study that demonstrated the superiority of synthetic oils. Everyone seems to be talking about it, from the to and even the folks at . The titles are pretty straightforward, but I especially like the one from BI: “A new study by AAA puts to rest one of the most common questions car owners have.” In other words, “that settles it.”

Synthetic oil molecules are uniform, not irregular. This uniformity helps them resist thinning in heat and thickening in cold, which improves protection throughout the engine’s operating temperature range.

Paraffin oil (Mineral oil), extra heavy fraction Canada

Some crude oil molecules are not beneficial to the lubrication process. For example, paraffin causes refined lubricants to thicken and flow poorly in cold temperatures. Molecules containing sulfur, nitrogen and other elements invite the formation of sludge and other by-products of lubricant breakdown, especially in high-temperature applications.

Crude oil is a flammable liquid varying in color from yellow to dark reddish-brown, has a peculiar heavy odor; specific gravity ranges from 0.78 to 0.97; crude is refined to give natural gas, gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, fuel oil, lubricating oil, paraffin wax, road oil, asphalt and coke.

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Paraffin Liquid Light And Heavy - Anand Agencies, Pune | …

Oil products comprise refinery gas, ethane, LPG, aviation gasoline, motor gasoline, jet fuels, kerosene, gas/diesel oil, fuel oil, naphtha, white spirit, lubricants, bitumen, paraffin waxes, petroleum coke and other oil products. Oil products are any oil-based products which can be obtained by distillation and are normally used outside the refining industry. The exceptions to this are those finished products which are classified as refinery feedstocks.

Paraffin Oil Heavy, EMD Millipore Glass Bottle; 500mL

The synthesis gas produced from coal is usually in higher need of purification than that produced from natural gas, especially sulphur compounds must be removed before the methanol synthesis to protect the sensitive catalysts from poisoning.

Paraffin Oil at Thomas Scientific

Our product portfolio consists of Microcrystalline waxes, Emulsifying waxes, CS Alcohols, Liquid Paraffin, White and Yellow Soft paraffin, Natural and Paraffin waxes.


Additives are non-hydrocarbon substances added or blended with a product to modify its properties, for example, to improve its combustion characteristics. Alcohols and ethers (MTBE, methyl tertiary-butyl ether) and chemical alloys such as tetraethyl lead are included here. However, ethanol is not included here, but under liquid biofuels.

NGLs are the liquid or liquefied hydrocarbons produced in the manufacture, purification and stabilisation of natural gas. These are those portions of natural gas which are recovered as liquids in separators, field facilities, or gas processing plants. NGLs include but are not limited to ethane, propane, butane, pentane, natural gasoline and condensate.

Other hydrocarbons includes emulsified oils (e.g. orimulsion), synthetic crude oil, mineral oils extracted from bituminous minerals such as oil shale, bituminous sand, etc. and liquids from coal liquefaction.

A refinery feedstock is processed oil destined for further processing (e.g. straight run fuel oil or vacuum gas oil) other than blending in the refining industry. It is transformed into one or more components and/or finished products. This definition covers those finished products imported for refinery intake and those returned from the petrochemical industry to the refining industry.

Examples of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and ..

The petroleum industry has a growing need for the separation of hydrogen from other gases. Examples include H2 recovery from refinery purge gases, such as hydrodesulfurization purge streams or H2/CH4 separation; H2 recovery from ammonia purge gases or H2/N2 separation; synthesis gas H2/CO ratio adjustment or H2/CO separation; and the recovery of H2 from gas containing H2 and H2S in coal gasification.

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