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Outline Thesis Statement: Terrorism is becoming increasingly common, and poses great dilemmas for those seeking to balance individual human rights with the

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my personal concern is that such an apparatus can lull an administration into a false sense of security and, as well, into a sense that it is the best they can do. it is one way, one tool of pursuing counterterrorism. it's not clear it is cost effective. it tends to appeal to people who like gizmos and technology. it's not a kind of a process that lends itself to Lagrangian precision. worse, because the logic of these data mining devices are themselves shrouded in secrecy, there is no way to independently assess how good or bad they are, or how distorted the results are because of bureacratic policy. one credit agency still lists me as living where i lived 10 years ago, despite my protests. they won't change because they stupidly have a policy saying they won't update the record with a new address.

Data Mining for Terrorists - Schneier on Security

Thesis statement on terrorism

The data mining is not there to detect terrorists, although if it did, that would be a nice benefit. Like the ports deal, where economic (business) interests trump security, the data mining is there to give businesses information about you (and the current administration thinks that is good for them too). Terrorism is just the cover story. 1984 is the story being covered up.

As in Hardin's original essay, the general statement ofthe tragedy of the commons also demonstrates that ethicalbehavior requires holistic or societal control. In the case ofmany nations, the most effective means for them to learn the needfor societal constraint may be for others to do nothing but standback and watch. Just as a good parent may let a child fall downand get up and fall again as it learns to walk, so, too, manynations may only discover the need to reduce their populationsand to limit their use of natural resources by allowing theirpeople to suffer through the task of learning to live within thecarrying capacity of their nation's boundaries.

09/03/2006 · Data Mining for Terrorists

In the post 9/11 world, there's much focus on connecting the dots

To this end, Khatchadourian says that even forms of terrorism that are designed to bring about a moral good are wrong because of the methods used to achieve that good.

The acts of terrorism that took place in the United States on September 11, 2001 are a powerful mementoes of how some choose to engage in violence in order to make a political statement....

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Right-wing terrorism - Wikipedia

Get some fresh ideas for writing thesis statement for terrorism research paper along with qualities of writing a thesis statement for research papers.

The Better Angels of Our Nature - Wikipedia

Indyk, the former American ambassador to Israel, said in a statement on 5 July 2001, '‘The United States government is very clearly on the record as against targeted assassinations…they are extrajudicial killings, and we do not support that.’' However, after September 11th, the US makes frequent use of the controversial tactic in the global war on terrorism....

Contrasting Secular and Religious Terrorism :: Middle …

A real test is probably unlikely to give such extreme precision, but one of the beauties of data mining is that it doesn't just identify possible tests you hadn't previously noted, it also gives quite good measures of its own accuracy and precision. That is, the output isn't "terrorists use Casio watches", but more like "if you plug the following thirty parameters into the following formula, it will identify persons as terrorist/non-terrorist with a false negative rate of 50% and a false positive rate of 10^-12" (actually, the output is usually even more complex).

> Nobody talks about letting the government do these sorts of surveillance programs to stop armed robbery, in spite of the fact that more people have probably been killed in armed robberies than in all of the terrorist events in the U.S.

by Jonathan Fine Middle East Quarterly Winter 2008, pp

> > Terrorists actually fit profiles far better than thieves do.
> Although your paragraph on this makes sense, in fact you're talking about a profile that *the terrorist* fits. But your data mining project is based not on the profile of the terrorist, but analyzing transactions.
> Even if terrorists *do* fit a good profile, each may or may not exhibit behavior that matches a common profile of behavior.

Political Science and Government

A good point; it is a practical certainty, I would think, that a model used to detect an Al Qaeda operation is unlikely to be as sensitive to, say, a right wing militia operation -- if it is sensitive to the latter at all. So you will probably develop different models for each of your top two or three threats. Note also, by the way, that the counter-terrorism investigator (unlike the law enforcement officer) is usually more concerned with reliably detecting groups rather than individuals, because groups are usually far more destructive. But this gives the investigator a lot more lee-way; if I have a profile which fails utterly to detect all the local, US born recruits in a cell, but does detect the foreign born agent who recruited and trained them, that is still a good lead which may unravel the whole organisation. And even if I can't unravel the whole organisation, removing a few key individuals may be sufficient to disrupt its operations.

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