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Libros del Autor Geoffrey Parker en la Libreria de …

Leon Brittan, of , was British Home Secretary in the early 1980s. At that time, Brittan was handed a about a Westminster pedophile ring, compiled by the MP Geoffrey Dickens, but the file was . Unofficially, Brittan is , and he was questioned by police under caution regarding allegations that he . The cover-up of the MP Cyril Smith's child abuse was because of a conspiracy to stop him naming those higher in the pecking order. Leon Brittan was where rent boys were provided for orgies, and one boy said he'd been abused by "Uncle Leon" who worked at the "big houses" (the Houses of Parliament). In the unlikely event that Brittan is innocent, then the fact that a Jewish Home Secretary made a decision to shield pedophiles suggests that Jewish parliamentarians were involved in the child abuse. Brittan was a member of Margaret Thatcher's Cabinet, and at one point, . Rabbi Immanuel Jakobovits, known as "Thatcher's rabbi", was elevated to the House of Lords, and became Lord Jakobovits. Other Conservative Jews in Thatcher's Cabinet, or whose career was advanced by Thatcher, included Keith Joseph, Nigel Lawson, Edwina Currie, Malcolm Rifkind, and Michael Howard, whose Romanian-born father's name was Hecht. As of July 2014, there were up to 20 MPs and Lords, dead and alive, over the previous three or four decades, for whom , and another 20 or so were suspected of involvement in the cover-up.

Libros del Autor Geoffrey Parker en la Libreria ..

For the past five years, the authoritative critic of globalisation has relentlessly tailed trade ministers and negotiators to all corners of the globe as they have crafted the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).

List of Soviet and Eastern Bloc defectors - Wikipedia

THE CAMBRIDGE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF WARFARE by Parker Geoffrey Edited By - 1st Edition - 1995 - from Military Bookshop and Bibl

On October 5, 1927, the : "A Jewish corps in the Russian army consisting of volunteers was planned by Alexander Kerensky in the first days of the fight between the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks prior to the fall of the republican regime. [...] The corps was planned as a part of the military force which was to be created to fight the Bolshevik revolution. Joseph Trumpeldor, the Palestine Jewish pioneer who died a heroic death in defense of Gallilee was to have been the chief of staff of the Jewish corps."

So, a rational person would conclude that Kerensky was a Jewish traitor posing as a Russian patriot, whose job was to install his co-religionists, supposedly as fellow patriots, who would pretend to be loyal to the Russian republican regime and pretend to defend it against the revolutionaries, whilst giving the latter their full support. In Jewry's version of events, a Russian Gentile patriot inexplicably plans a Jewish corps to defend the regime against the revolutionaries, most of whom turn out to be Jewish, the regime falls within months, the revolutionaries assume control, and all of that is purely coincidental.

The 1649 removal of the pro-English King Charles I, and the subsequent "Glorious Revolution" and setting up of the Bank of England, served to prepare the way for Nathan Rothschild's spectacular success in London more than 150 years later. The simple parasitism and nuisance of the Sephardim Talmudists, with their occasional atrocities such as ritual murder and torture, was to be overshadowed by the complex international Khazar conspiracy, which would go on to exploit the US, as the world's top economy, as the engine to bring about a "Jewish" Utopia that would in fact be a Rothschildian despotism. Plans for the US Federal Reserve were mostly drafted by the Jewish banker Paul Warburg (whose ancestors were the "Venetian" Jewish del Banco family), and the shareholders turned out to be Rothschild proxies, as described .

Selected Bibliography - World History

A bibliography of some of the books used in creating this site.

Jewish liars attempting to cover up the crime of ritual murder : "Usually those leveling the accusations had murdered the child themselves in order to accuse the Jews. Sometimes the child was a victim of an accident or later found unharmed." No. William of Norwich didn't turn up unharmed, his left hand and foot weren't pierced with two nails by "accident", and his family didn't torture and kill their very own flesh and blood simply in order to accuse the Jews. Harold of Gloucester didn't have teeth knocked out, melted wax put in his eyes and ears, and his whole body burnt, by "accident". And his family didn't do it to their own son. That doesn't mean that all Jews partook in ritual murder, and in any case, the Jews of today, like anyone else, should be judged on what they have done personally. They are not responsible for the crimes of their ancestors, and they are not responsible for the crimes of other Jews today, but they are responsible for whether they choose to tell the truth. It's not too late for Jews to renounce their past mistakes, and to make the decision to rejoin the human race.

The Jews themselves of ritual murder. Their way of deflecting criticism is, as is customary with them, to invert the accusations and claim they are all part of a so-called "blood libel" by "anti-Semites". There was the allegation by Apion in Egypt about 40 BCE, of Jews slaughtering a Gentile boy so the body could be used for ritual purposes and cannibalism. On March 18th, 1168 (or 1160 ), the mutilated body of a boy called Harold was found in the Severn at Gloucester. There were marks of melted wax in the eyes and ears, some teeth were knocked out, and thorns in the head and armpits. "He had been [...] Fat had been poured over him, like roasted meat. Burns covered his eyes, ears and face". The murder was said to have been carried out the day before, and the boy had been stolen by the Jews on around February 21st and hidden until it was time to perform the ritual. In 1255 was subjected to various tortures - scourging until the blood flowed, crowned with thorns, mocked and spat upon, pierced with a knife, etc., and then crucified and pierced to the heart with a spear. Copin / Jopin, a local Jew, confessed to the crime and was executed. Eighteen other Jews were hanged for refusing to be tried before a Christian jury. To be fair, it seems unlikely that all nineteen were involved in the murder. Other cases include Robert of Bury St. Edmunds in 1181 who was crucified, Simon of Trent in 1475, and too numerous to mention.

On the Psychology of Military Incompetence - Airborne
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FRANCIA, the Franks, France, Burgundy, Italy, Germany

Menze, and Harald and Ruth Bukor, 1978), (edited by Geoffrey Barraclough & Geoffrey Parker, Hammond Inc., Times Books Ltd., 1982, 1988, 1993, 1996), and various prose histories.


Eleven contributors tackle themes spread widely across the period and across the world, drawing in naval warfare and non-European societies in a way invited by Geoffrey Parker's expansion of Michael Roberts's original military revolution thesis.

How Taiwan Became Chinese: Introduction

Interestingly, the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BDBJ) bought this manuscript in the late 19th century (around the time that the was written) and the Burton papers is one of . Access is "by written permission only". There is one person who tried to gain access to the Burton papers - Professor Geoffrey Alderman. He was given a , then the President of the BDBJ, agreeing access to the papers on certain terms. However, the access was very quickly ", but which were related instead to public utterances [Alderman] had made on other issues, and to which the senior leadership of the Board apparently took exception". Alderman was only granted access after agreeing to "keep silent about a quite unrelated communal matter".

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