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and the main argument for it is called Philosophy, ..

My reading of Fodor's position seems to be at odds with muchof the literature concerning it. In what follows, I'm goingto refrain from my usual cavilling about philosophy of mind characterizationsof physics, and instead just speak the Fodorian lingo. Earlierparenthentical remarks should be thought of as still in forcethough. Our purpose here is merely to see what constraintFodor accepts over and above the Left-to-Right Entailment of WeakExtensional Entailment Thesis.

as it is and has been studied within the philosophy of science are highly informative in ..
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c) Theoretical laws: General principles we can useto explain empirical laws:al laws by deducing the empirical laws from suchtheoretical statements.Empirical laws include only observational terms, while theoretical termsoccur in theoretical laws. The distinction between analytic and syntheticstatements is another consequence of the verifiability principle and itis linked with the observational-theoretical as well as axioms-rules ofcorrespondence distinction. According to the verifiability principle,an alleged synthetic statement does not have a meaning;thus there are only two kinds of assertions: synthetic a posteriori andanalytic a priori.

Regulations for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy

Information about Aberystwyth University's Regulations for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
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I'm sorry if this is too much hairsplitting. One mightask how important conceptual possibility is in the first place. We can and have conceived of it not being the case that e=mc2;in classical physics, our conception of the world was one thatcontradicted this law, but this doesn't seem to undermine theidentity in any important respects. Though it is quantitiesthat are being identified in the equation, unlike in any equationof pain with something physical, one might still think that conceptual,non-physical, possibilities shouldn't matter to philosophers ofmind.

[I'm going to add a bibliography to this site. Giventhat it is not up yet, and there are potentially good paper topicsin this area here are the above four citations:
Brooks, D.H.M. 1994. How to perform a reduction. 54:803--14.

2012 | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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[Note, I think Fodor is trying to characterize a position slightlystronger than this in his ``Special Sciences'' piece, one thatis both constrained by supervenience and weaker than type-typephysicalism.] This position does not prohibit the existence of zombies (the extensional equivalence thesis allowedthe existence of zombies). Say for examplethat the relevant property is being-in-pain and continueto go along with the philosophical mythology that the relevant property is C-fiber firing. This would just saythat if something is in pain then its C fibers are firing. But this doesn't preclude something (in our world) from havingits C-fibers firing and not experiencing pain.

If the property having-C-fibers-firing--having-S-fibers-firingcounts as a physical property, then the projected counterexamplewe considered above was one where there did exist a physical property such that for all events , if instantiates then instantiates . Namely, in our attempted counterexample, it was true that forall events , if instantiates then instantiates having-C-fibers-firing--having-S-fibers-firing. If such disjunctive properties are respectable physical properties,then all of this multiple realizability talk might be nothingmore than a red herring. In fact, one of the main pointsin Mark Wilson's ``What is This Thing Called Pain'' is that propertiesmost of us take to be non-problematic physical properties, suchas, for example aremultiply realizable in exactly the same way some might argue painto be (ironically many philosophers of mind use the example oftemperature as a non-multiply realizable property, wrongly identifyingit with mean kinetic energy (perhaps because stuff about idealgasses is all of the high school physics most of us in the philosophyof mind remember)).

THE MORALITY OF EUTHANASIA Views on He calls this the “equivalence” thesis, and the main argument for it is called Philosophy…
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Human Knowledge: Foundations and Limits

Accordingto this theorem, it is possible to translate a scientific theory in a purelyobservational language without any loss of deductive power. Ramseysentences, named after English philosopher Frank Plumpton Ramsey (1903-1930),were used by Carnap for dividing the axioms of a theory in two sets, sayA and R. Set R contains only statements which contain purely observationalterms and expresses the empirical portion of the theory, the "observationaldata." Set A consists of analytic statements and defines the meaningof theoretical terms. Given a typical scientific theory T containingboth observational and theoretical terms, it is thus possible to rationallyreconstruct that theory as theory T* which contains no theoretical terms, such that T and T* are equivalent with respect to all observational statementsthat can be deduced from the avxioms of T*.

Qualia | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Schlick, 'Die Wende der Philosophie' in , 1, 1930).A scientific theory is an axiomatic system that obtains an empirical interpretationthrough appropriate statements called rules of correspondence, which establisha correlation between real objects (or real processes) and the abstractconcepts of the theory.

Qualia are the subjective or qualitative properties of experiences

The only role of philosophy is the clarificationof the meaning of statements and their logical interrelationships. There is no distinct "philosophical knowledge" over and above the analyticknowledge provided by the formal disciplines of logic and mathematics andthe empirical knowledge provided by the sciences.

Quantum Physics: Louis de Broglie: Confirming de Broglie…

Note that if angels actually existed in our world, then eventhe extensional equivalence thesis is false. One might thenwant to not even be committed to the extensional equivalence thesis,because one might think that angels exist. That is, one might think that the existence of angels is consistentwith everything we know, and that we don't know that angels don'texist. If this is the case then one would have to concludethat we don't know that the Extensional Equivalence Thesis istrue. But then one might think we ought not to assert theExtensional Equivalence Thesis. Since I think any kind ofhumility is all too rare in philosophy I will set off this argumentin numbered format, in the hope that we can begin to meditateon when humility is appropriate.

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