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Endoprostheses are often used in surgery for bone tumours.

41. Durbhakula SM, Czajka J, Fuchs MD, Uhl RL. Spacer endoprosthesis for the treatment of infected total hip arthroplasty. 2004;19:760-7

Some people have no problems with their endoprosthesis.

Hip endoprosthesis surgery in Moldova, Eastern Europe, is one of the most frequent surgeries that allow to restore the lost mobility of the joint, as a result of deterioration processes related to age or hip fractures. The replacement of the natural joint with a prosthesis is the best method of treating arthrosis, a disorder affecting a person’s motor skills and considerably reducing the quality of life.

Artificial Hip - endoprosthesis - YouTube

Like any other prosthesis the tumour endoprosthesis can have problems with wear.

An endoprosthesis is an artificial bone replacement the body, for example a metal rod replacing a bone, while leaving the surrounding tissues (muscle, skin, blood vessels, nerves etc) in place.

The doctors of Orthopedic Center of Medpark International Hospital, using the most innovative surgical techniques, have obtained remarkable results in the area of hip endoprosthesis.


28-04-2015 · 3D medical animation of a total hip replacement (endoprosthesis)

Indications for complete hip endoprosthesis surgery in Moldova, Eastern Europe
Such pathologies as arthrosis or body changes related to age, can affect the functionality of the hip joint. The conservative treatment of the inflammatory and degenerative processes doesn’t lead to the elimination of the cause, has temporary effect and often with adverse consequences. Only endoprosthesis can eliminate the problem, restoring the functionality of the joint. The most important indications regarding joint replacement in Moldova, Eastern Europe, are:

All endoprosthetic operations are exclusively performed on an in-patient basis. In order to ensure the best possible outcome of the operation, our patients are mobilized early with the help of physiotherapists; depending on the implantation technique used, patients can soon put weight on the treated leg. For cemented prostheses and normal wound healing, the treated leg can soon bear full weight. Partly cemented and cement-free implanted prostheses can for the first two weeks only be exposed to loads of 10 - 20 kg; after that, progression to full weight-bearing is soon possible.

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Hip Replacement -Bipolar Endoprosthesis

In limb-sparing operations the bone is taken out and replaced by an artificial device (endoprosthesis) or bones from other places in the body (bone graft).

head of a hip joint endoprosthesis module for express modeling of …

After placing the cup, the same approach is applied to the preparation of the femur (upper leg bone). Firstly, the central bone canal is widened to the required size, then the femoral part of endoprosthesis (stem) is fastened. With cement-free endoprosthesis, the stem is driven into the femur, while with the cement stem, the stem is used the same way as for the cup. After implanting the stem, the head is placed on it, and the parts are repositioned (the head is placed back into the cup). All three components of endoprosthesis (head, stem and cup) are manufactures in several sizes, and are individually adjusted to every patient. Thus, the anatomy of the hip is reconstructed and the length of legs evened, as they are often uneven before the operation. After checking the movement of the joint and its stability, the operative field is closed by stitching the joint capsule, then the musculature and the final subskin, by special intracutaneous stitches located under the skin level, which cannot be seen. Such stitches do not need to be removed, and they are aesthetically most acceptable owing to the thin scar they make which eventually fades.

Endoprosthesis for a hip joint - Patent - Europe PMC

Hip endoprosthesis in Moldova, Eastern Europe
The doctors of international level of Medpark private hospital can perform all types of hip endoprosthesis, such as complete or partial prosthesis. During the intervention doctors use the most advanced prosthesis made of materials neutral to the body. The hip surgery is performed under general anesthesia. During the partial hip replacement, the surgeon removes the rounded head and the neck of the femur, which are replaced with a prosthesis. If the orthopedic surgeon performs a complete endoprosthesis, besides femur prosthesis, he replaces the entire articular surface. During the postoperative period patients are prescribed a complete rehabilitation course, in order to retake the normal way of life.

Endoprosthesis of the hip joint - BELYKH; SERGEI I.

In our institution, classic implant of complete hip endoprosthesis lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. After preoperative treatment, the patient undergoes an operation, which includes a precise operative technique of approaching the hip joint which is then dislocated. It should be noted that the damage to the muscles is minimal, which enables a fast rehabilitation with the preserved function of hip muscles. After dislocation, the femur neck is sawn and removed together with the head. After that, the operating physician continues with the treatment of acetabulum (concave part of the joint in the pelvis). Acetabulum is widened with special instruments to the desired size, which was preoperatively measured in the X-ray image. Afterwards, depending on the type of endoprosthesis, the cup is placed. With cement-free endoprosthesis, the cup is thrust into the pelvis and may be additionally fixed with special screws. With cement endoprosthesis, the cement is used as a means for fastening the cup to the acetabulum bone.

The HELICA-endoprosthesis - a new cementless hip endoprosthesis …

The orthopedic surgeons of Medpark International Hospital approach individually each patient requiring hip endoprosthesis, offering information regarding treatment methods, advantages and disadvantages of each method separately. The main principles of Medpark International Hospital – care towards its patients, professionalism and responsibility – ensure exceptional results of the treatment and maximum level quality of life of the patient.

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