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Egg in Vinegar: A Dental Health Experiment - The Spruce

I used a Full bottle of Distilled White Vinegar
All The Materials together
2 Eggs: Farm-fresh and Store bought
2 clear plastic cups
I labeled the bottom of each cup and put one egg in a cup and the other egg in the other cup
Final Day
Day 1 - Bubbles of carbon dioxide begins to form like crazy on the eggshell.
Day 1 through Day 7
The purpose of this activity is to see if free-range eggs have a eggshell that is stronger or weaker than a store bought egg.
Materials that were used
Images from each day
Naked Egg Experiment
I used measuring tape to measure the amount of vinegar.
I measured the eggs on day 1 and on day 7
Day 1
Day 1
Day 2 - Farm
Day 2 -Store
Day 2
Day 2
Day 3
Day 1
Day 4 - Farm
Day 4 - Store
Day 5 - Farm
Day 6 -Store
Day 1
Day 7 -Store
Day 7- Farm
Day 7 - Store
Day 7 - Farm
Day 7
Day 7
Something I learned doing this experiment.
After seven days the egg is a bit bigger the when I first started.

Egg in Vinegar Experiment | Science Project Ideas

1 Raw Yolk of Egg.
1 Tablespoonful of Tarragon Vinegar.
3 Tablespoonfuls Olive Oil.
1/2 Clove of Garlic, Minced Very Fine.
1/2 Teaspoonful Prepared Mustard.
Salt and Cayenne to Taste.
A Remouloade is a cold sauce, and is always served with cold meats.

What is the hypothesis of the egg and vinegar experiment?


The vinegar is the
Independent Variable
Making the eggs rubber is the

Dependent Variable

If I pour vinegar over an egg it will dissolve the eggshell and make it rubber.

Vinegar contains acetic acid, which breaks apart the solid calcium carbonate crystals that make up the eggshell into their calcium and carbonate parts.


When the Eel floats then take it out and place onan earthenware collander and a sauce of Butter and Vinegar with an Egg is poured over it.

What is mayonnaise?
"Mayonnaise, a famous sauce which is, essentially, an emulsion of olive oil and vinegar (or lemon juice) stablized with egg yolk and seasoned to taste...As a French word mayonnaise, meaning the sauce, first appeared in print in 1808.

of the freshest butter;
First reduce, in a quart of stewpan, 2 tablespoonfuls of vinegar, seasoned with 1 pinch of salt, and 1 small pinch of mignonnette pepper; when reduced to a teaspoonful, take it off the fire; add 2 tablespoonfuls of cold water, and 2 yolks of egg, well freed from white; replace on the fire for a minute, stirring well, with a wooden spoon; avoid boiling; take off the fire, and add a sixth part ofthe cold butter, and stir till melted; then put again on the fire for a minute, and add another sixth part of the butter; repeatthis process until all the butter is used, mixing occasionally a tablespoonful of cold water, to prevent the sauce getting toothick or curdling.
Sedason according to taste; and serve.
Observations.--It is often the case that flour, potato-flour, or even melted butter, is mixed with Dutch Sauce; these additions, whilstneedlessly increasing the work, only tend to destroy the character of the sauce, which should have not other bases than yolk of eggand butter.

Whisk the yolks of egg in a basin with the salt, pepper and a little of the vinegar or a few drops of lemon juice.2.
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egg in vinegar experiment - YouTube

3.--With the addition of three or four yolks of very fresh eggs, mixed with a seasoning of mace, cayenne, and lemon-juice, this becomes German sauce, now much used for fricassess, and other dishes; and minced parsley (boiled) and chili vinegar, each in sufficient quantity to flavour it agreeably, convert it to a good fish sauce."
---, Eliza Acton, fascimile 1845 edition with an introduction by Elizabeth Ray [Southover Press:East Sussex] 1993 (p.

Science Experiment for Kids With Raw Egg and ..

I would have a cup of water, corn syrup, vinegar, food color and water, and soda.
I think the kids would love to watch each day and see the changes and we could graph the differences.
I expected the farm eggshell to dissolve first.

experiment and be sure the egg is completely covered with the vinegar

Then a brown stock is added.
Tomato Sauce
Egg Yolk and Butter Sauces: Hollaindaise is the mother of this family.
Egg Yolk and Oil Sauces: These are all variations of mayonnaise.
Oil and Vinegar Sauces: Vinaigrette--French dressing--heads this family.
Flavored Butters: These include the hot butter sauces, and butters creamed with various herbs, seasonings or purees."
--- Simone Beck, Louisette Bertholle, Julia Child [Alfred A.

The Dissolving Egg Shell & Bouncing Egg Experiment

Nothing to add to Rebecca's philosophy. On the eggshell issue, they're definitely not recommended for disposal, because they turn into a sort of heavy sand that sits in the pipes. They do make great garden compost. Vinegar should be good if it doesn't make problems for the pipes etc. It's environmentally benign. /Mike W.

baking soda and vinegar experiment that blows up …

There's no reason for this experiment not to work other than your egg hasn't been left in vinegar for long enough. After a few days press on the egg and if the shell is still hard, give it more time. At the three days point you should certainly see that parts of the shell have dissolved. Try gently scrubbing the rest away. If it's not coming off, put it back in the vinegar for another day.

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