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Effects of different colors of light on plant growth.

Water supply can affect the rate
because a plant that is short of water will
close its stomata
preventing CO2 from diffusing into the leaf.
An increase in the CO2 concentration increases the rate until it is limited by another factor.
As it is present in the atmosphere at very low concentration (0.04%), it is usually the limiting factor.
Describe how the structure of a dicotyledonous leaf is related to its functions in photosynthesis.

The effect of light on seed germinationWhat is Transpiration?

Its cells have several adaptions for light absorption:
Plants, protists (like phytoplankton), and cyanobacteria can do what no other organisms on Earth can do: photosynthesize, or make sugar out of water and carbon dioxide.

Effect of different colors of light on the rate of photosynthesis.

How does light intensity and duration affect the rate of photosynthesis?

They contain chlorophyll and other photosynthetic pigments located on a system of membranes
The thylakoids are the site of the light-dependent reactions.

Information about the relationship between photosynthesis and respiration, including graphs presented as ‘transparency masters’ for teaching the concept of compensation points over a day or as light intensity or carbon dioxide concentration increase. Resource is from the Canadian TomatosphereTM organisation that teaches about tomato plant biology in the context of space exploration.

Investigate the effect of light on seed germination.

Effects of different colors of light on the photosynthesis rate.

To test this we used about 5 grams of leaves for each trial, and placed them in a gas chamber. On two sides of the gas chamber we placed two clear containers filled with water to serve as the temperature regulators. Behind the water containers we placed lights directed at the plant. We ran three trails for each different leaf we used. Each trail consisted of measuring the amount of CO2, with a CO2 gas sensor under blue light, red light, and green light. We made sure to switch the order of colors in each trail as an experimental control, to minimize error. Since we know that photosynthesis requires CO2, and we know that blue light pigments absorb the most light energy, we predicted that under blue light the most CO2 would be used.

Our results are contradictory with our hypothesis, based on our statistical results. There were several problems with our experiment that could have been taken into consideration. First, when taking respiration rates the foil wasn’t covering the chamber all the way letting some external light in. Second, the colored cellophane only allows approximately 70% of light through; this might have prevented the plant from absorbing the amount of light energy needed to have a significant photosynthetic rate. Third, the fast paced moving between trials lost time and efficiency. By having short trials (2.5 min.) we might not have allowed the plant enough time to adjust its photosynthetic rate to the different wavelengths of light energy. Plus by moving the plant, and switching from cellophane to foil (or vise versa), might have screwed up the photosynthetic cycle by exposing it to white light.

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measuring the effect of light intensity on ..

Capillary tubes containing the chloroplast suspension mixed with DCPIP are placed on a white tile under a bench lamp. These can be compared to a capillary tube containing chloroplast suspension only as a colour standard. Coloured filter ‘tents’ can be placed over the capillary tubes to test the effect of light wavelength on the rate (time taken for colour to change to match colour standard) of the light-dependent reaction. If the light wavelength corresponding to each colour of filter is known, the results can be graphed.

Effect of colour of light on the rate of photosynthesis

ATP is synthesized as the electrons lose energy while passing along the carrier chain
Oxygen is the waste product.
2) An enzyme attracts electrons from water and supplies them to P680, replacing the lost electrons when it absorbed light energy.
The oxidized chlorophyll is now a very strong oxidizing agent.
This is the water-splitting step of photosynthesis that releases O2.
This reaction splits a water molecule into 2 hydrogen ions and an oxygen atom, which immediately combines with another oxygen atom to form O2.
As electrons are passed through the chain, their fall to a lower energy level is used to produce ATP.

Carrillo1 Effect of Light Reaction on Reaction Rates ..

The capillary tube technique could also be used to investigate light intensity by varying the distance of the bench lamp. The advantage of using tiny quantities of reagents in capillary tubes is the time taken for decolorisation of DCPIP is short.
M3.2, M3.5

The effect of light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis, ..

Cells have many more chloroplasts than spongy mesophyll.
Chloroplasts can be moved by cytoplasmic proteins to absorb more light or protect them.
Thin cell walls - to allow gases to more easily diffuse through them.
Removes products of photosynthesis and take them to the rest of the plant (phloem)
Irregular packing with large air space provides large surface area of moist cell wall for gaseous exchange.
Cells have less chloroplasts than palisade cells.
It is adapted mainly to gas exchange, it has a lot of air spaces.
Acts as supporting skeleton together with lignified tissues.
Vascular System
Supplies water and mineral salts (xylem)
Surrounded by two phospholipid membranes:


This conceptual overview explores different approaches to measuring photosynthesis, with links to some of the experimental protocols listed in ‘Thinking Contextually’ below, as well as to work with water plants such as Elodea and Cabomba.

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