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Death and Dying : A hypothesis on the afterlife : atheism

Is there scientific evidence of life after death that is being overlooked by skeptics? Is there scientific proof of a spot in our brains that communicates with God and the universe? Dr. Morse Morse believes the answer to all these questions is yes. He sheds light on the links between science and mysticism, revealing the area of the brain linking us to the universe, and is filled with moving case histories, applying the rigor of science to the study of the spiritual, thereby proving the existence of life after death.

Beliefs and Religious Practices of Death and Dying

, who had a scientific career at General Electric, also believed that the energy industry would welcome his solid-state FE device. He , expecting a tickertape parade. The opposite happened as shadowy interests destroyed his business deals, in a situation . Sparky did not take the hint and kept trying, which led to death threats. After their final threats, Sparky fled into hiding, where , and Sparky died the next week of a “heart attack.” Dying that way who played near Sparky’s level, and , and the event shortened his life. Dennis, Sparky, and many others like them lost their naïveté the hard way, but the field has been filled with newcomers who deny the reality of organized suppression as they charge forward with visions of riches and fame. It is perhaps the most common level of awareness where FE newcomers will be found. Most never develop anything worth suppressing so will never know any differently, and will enter and leave the field with that beginner's level of awareness intact. However, with enough people trying and either living to tell the tale, or others chronicling their dire fates, which , and the Internet spreading information like never before, few FE newcomers have much excuse for being unaware of the fates of their professional ancestors. The Internet is like the , or the , ratcheted up by a few orders of magnitude, and my website, this essay, and my comprise my attempt to take advantage of its potential.

Care of dying and death - Current Nursing

Responses to dying and death

When I first tried to understand death, it was in the setting of studying and practicing Buddhism, which like much of the East, works with the notion of reincarnation, a transmigration of souls. I liked my teacher’s theory which proposed that one’s life force is like electricity that goes through one light bulb and then, after that lightbulb is turned off or breaks, illuminates another lightbulb. It doesn’t necessarily disappear, and in a way, is affected by its history of having been in the previous lightbulb.

We now know that the living rodent pineal gland contains DMT. There are new data coming out, hopefully this year, regarding brain levels of DMT in the dying rodent brain, both with and without a pineal gland.

Death and Dying language is often used in ..

Death and Dying - Quora

As scientific investigations deal with the human line, the issues increasingly become more complex and difficult to untangle and assess. This is largely because of human consciousness, which is a wild card, something that if not different in kind, is vastly different in degree, at least for land animals; . Designing falsifiable hypotheses for testing human behavior and consciousness has provided challenges not seen in other sciences, and experiments performed on our primate cousins have also become more humane. Dissecting chimp brains while they are still alive is as ethically unacceptable today as doing it to humans. Even today, data on the effects of cold and altitude on humans was primarily gleaned from . Today’s scientists who study human consciousness and its relationship to physical reality have been limited by ethics and what is perhaps the primary limitation: in studying human consciousness, scientists are studying themselves. The ideal of objective examination of the material world is hampered by , and an objective examination of human consciousness, by , may well be an impossible goal.

Neanderthals invented more sophisticated stone tools about 300 kya, for the first significant advance in more than a million years, and their toolset is called , or . Neanderthals had the largest human-line brains ever measured, and they may have also invented the practice of , but they could from their ancestors. As with their ancestors, they and carved flesh from their corpses, in . Neanderthals seemed to be a regional human variation, adapted to colder environments, and the fact that they interbred with has caused some scientists to classify them as . If they did not become a truly separate species, they were slowly speciating as they adapted to their ice age environment. Neanderthals built shelters, may have drawn cave paintings, and engaged in activities comparable to of the time. There seems to be little reason to call them “primitive” when comparing them to , particularly the early ones. The last Neanderthals died out about 30 kya, about the same time that humans arrived in the region, and it was .

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Near-death experience - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

DMT appears to protect the brain against damage resulting from low oxygen levels. Thus, the near-death state may be a trigger for DMT release, vis-à-vis these neuroprotective properties. This raises the question: Why does DMT have psychedelic effects? Why doesn’t it simply produce a sense of blackness, calm, or other nondescript states? This is where my theory enters regarding DMT’s role in the “spiritual” properties of the dying state.

Do animals know they are going to die

A Course in Dying is a platform for all subjects dealing with death, with the aim of raising death awareness. Founded and written by Claudia Crobatia.

The Paleolithic Continuity Paradigm - Introduction

The author is an Oxford scholar who uses evidence from scientific studies, quantum mechanics, and consciousness research, to reveal how consciousness does not depend on the brain. Examines ancient and modern NDEs providing evidence of the survival of consciousness after death while debunking the materialistic arguments raised by skeptics.

Scientific Evidence Supporting Near-Death Experiences …

We don’t yet know whether or not levels of DMT activity rise in conditions where DMT-like phenomenon occur; e.g., meditation, fasting, and so on. To the extent that various syndromes resemble those that occur after being administered DMT, it makes sense there is a common biology. Stress may raise rodent brain levels of DMT, and dying is a stress; the release of stress-related compounds, like adrenaline, may possibly mediate DMT elevations, if indeed those elevations are found.

The Conscious Mind: In Search of a Fundamental Theory : By Dr

Dr. Moody shares eyewitness accounts of those who have shared the experiences of the dying: the "empathic death experiences" occurring when those gathered at the bedsides of the dying have their own visions of the afterlife. Brimming with case studies and drawing upon a lifetime's research as well as recent findings, this important book will change the way we think about life and death.

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