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The document concludes with examples and appendices.

Here we provide the problem statement which is based on content based image search and time sensitivity analysis of content over internet and the optimum solution proposed, additionally this paper contains the implementation of the proposed methods and obtained results are included in this paper, after evaluating the performance of the system we found that our proposed system is efficient and less time and memory resource consumer during search.

Key words: search, multimedia, image, accuracy, implementation.

[1] Efficient Relevance Feedback for Content-Based Image Retrieval by Mining User Navigation Patterns, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON KNOWLEDGE AND DATA ENGINEERING, VOL.

The Cinesite Digital Film Centers (14) are a good example of the live action application.

In this study, a MATLAB DIC code is employed as a strain measurement method to enhance the ASTM C1260 Standard Test Method for Potential Alkali Reactivity of Aggregates (Mortar-Bar Method).

The models and algorithms are tested by two examples.

Digital image correlation (DIC) techniques have been increasingin popularity, especially in micro- and nano-scale mechanicaltesting applications due to its relative ease of implementation anduse. Advances in digital imaging have been the enabling technologyfor this method and while white-light optics has been thepredominate approach, DIC has recently been extended to SEM andAFM. Above and beyond the ability of image-based methods to providea “box-seat” to the events that are occurring during deformation,these techniques have been applied to the testing of many materialssystems because it offers a full-field description and isrelatively robust at tracking a wide range of “markers” and varyingsurface contrast.

The course description summarizes the purpose and key topical areas of the course, and includes special requirements if they exist. It indicates the mode of instruction, such as lecture and/or laboratory; if no mode is indicated, the course is supervised independent study. If a course can be taken more than once for credit, the description will indicate that either major credit or total credit is limited to a specified number of units. Some course descriptions end with information about whether the course was "formerly" another course or whether the course is cross-listed. A cross-listed course is the same course offered within multiple subject areas, MCRO/WVIT 301 Wine Microbiology for example.

Introduction to Digital Image Correlation (DIC)

(2001) Scanning tunneling microscopy and digital image correlation in nanomechanics investigations. Dissertation (Ph.D.), California Institute of Technology.

The appeal of these image-based techniques, coupled with thelack of flexibility and prohibitive cost of commercial DIC softwarepackages, provided the impetus for the development of a customin-house software suite using the mathematical package MATLAB asthe engine for calculations. This resulted in an open-sourcepackage that was uploaded to the public domain in an effort toprovide free tools to users, but also to generate feedback forpotential improvements and addition to the code. As such, a briefdiscussion of the primary features and methodology of thistechnique, along with some background on DIC and peak tracking willbe presented here. DIC for strain measurement constitutes a majorfield of research and is followed by a healthy, vigorous, anddynamic discussion and discourse, so it is not the author’sintention to provide an exhaustive survey of the field. Instead, amore focused description of the tools required to make accuratemeasurements that provide insight on the deformation mechanismsthat govern plasticity in nc-Al thin films is given.

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The digital image correlation ..

DIC was first conceived and developed at the University of SouthCarolina in the early 1980s and hasbeen optimized and improved in recent years. DIC ispredicated on the maximization of a that is determined by examining pixel intensity array subsets ontwo or more corresponding images and extracting the deformationmapping function that relates the images (Figure 1). An iterativeapproach is used to minimize the 2D correlation coefficient byusing nonlinear optimization techniques. The cross correlationcoefficient isdefined as

and digital image correlation in nanomechanics ..

Here u and v are translations of the center of the sub-image inthe X and Y directions, respectively. The distances from the centerof the sub-image to the point (x, y) are denoted by and . Thus, the correlationcoefficient rij is a function of displacement components(u, v) and displacement gradients .

and digital image correlation in nanomechanics investigations.

Very recently, advances in pattern application and deposition atreduced length scales have exploited small-scale synthesis methodsincluding nano-scale chemical surface restructuring andphotolithography of computer-generated random specular patterns toproduce suitable surface contrast for DIC. The application of veryfine powder particles that electrostatically adhere to the surfaceof the specimen and can be digitally tracked is one approach. ForAl thin films, fine alumina abrasive polishing powder was initiallyused since the particle sizes are relatively well controlled,although the adhesion to Al films was not very good and theparticles tended to agglomerate excessively. The candidate thatworked most effectively was a silica powder designed for a hightemperature adhesive compound (Aremco, inc.), which was appliedthrough a plastic syringe. A light blanket of powder would coat thegage section of the tensile sample and the larger particles couldbe blown away gently. The remaining particles would be those withthe best adhesion to the surface, and under low-angle grazingillumination conditions, the specimen gage section would appear asshown in Figure 2. While the surface contrast present is not idealfor DIC, the high intensity ratio between the particles and thebackground provide a unique opportunity to track the particlesbetween consecutive digital images taken during deformation. Thiscan be achieved quite straightforwardly using digital imageprocessing techniques, although the resolution is always limited toa single pixel. To attain tracking with subpixel resolution, anovel image-based tracking algorithm using MATLAB was developed,dubbed Digital Differential Image Tracking (DDIT), and will bediscussed here briefly.

"Digital Laser Speckle Image Correlation" by ..

Beetle wings are very specialized flight organs consisting of the veins and membranes. Therefore it is necessary from a bionic view to investigate the material properties of a beetle wing experimentally. In the present study, we have used a Digital Image Correlation (DIC) technique to measure the elastic modulus of a beetle wing membrane. Specimens were prepared by carefully cutting a beetle hind wing into 3.0 mm by 7.0 mm segments (the gage length was 5 mm). We used a scanning electron microscope for a precise measurement of the thickness of the beetle wing membrane. The specimen was attached to a designed fixture to induce a uniform displacement by means of a micromanipulator. We used an ARAMISTM system based on the digital image correlation technique to measure the corresponding displacement of a specimen. The thickness of the beetle wing varied at different points of the membrane. The elastic modulus differed in relation to the membrane arrangement showing a structural anisotropy; the elastic modulus in the chordwise direction is approximately 2.65 GPa, which is three times larger than the elastic modulus in the spanwise direction of 0.84 GPa. As a result, the digital image correlation–based ARAMIS system was suc-cessfully used to measure the elastic modulus of a beetle wing. In addition to membrane’s elastic modulus, we considered the Poisson’s ratio of the membrane and measured the elastic modulus of a vein using an Instron universal tensile machine. The result reveals the Poisson’s ratio is nearly zero and the elastic modulus of a vein is about 11 GPa.

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