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The second is the principle of Antithesis, ..

Now that they have studied nature in the length, breadth, and thickness of her physical frame, it is time to remove the skeleton to the second plane and search within the unknown depths for the living and real entity, for its SUB-stance—the noumenon of evanescent matter.
* "The Septenary Principle," art.

Yet they have preserved in their rituals and dogmas the principal teachings of the secret doctrine.

"From the second Round, Earth—hitherto a fœtus in the matrix of Space—began its real existence: it had developed individual sentient life, its second principle.

The second of the principles is that of antithesis

Is this not apparent on the principles of Inductive Logic and Metaphysics alike?

Meanwhile let there be no misunderstanding. Pointing to the serious danger with which Symbolism menaces the future of our Calvinistic Church life, and pleading for a decided return to our principle, and for a firm and staunch devotion to our holy vocation, I don’t mean to lay all the fault at the door of our antagonists, and to exculpate ourselves entirely. There have been and there are abuses among us also. In the heat of the battle our fathers more than once became guilty of one-sidedness and exaggeration. Our own church life was often far from being well balanced, and I at least should hesitate to assert that, without any further essential development, perfect harmony of the different elements in our worship could be attained. The appreciation of the sound understanding of the Truth has often led to an offending narrow-mindedness, to an odious quarrelsomeness, and to a self-conceitedness of the ignorant, by which Christian love was wounded and the Holy Spirit of God grieved. Assurance of faith, resting on the dogmas of election and of the perseverance of the saints, more than once has been asserted in such a cool and outward way, as to bring down the mystical union with Christ to the freezing point. Justification by faith alone too often has become an excuse for the uncharitable and lazy to abstain from, if not to jest at, Christian works. And in our holy services both the ear and the eye were, and are still, frequently offended by such a neglect of what is beautiful and sublime, solemn and dignified, as if Christian faith and a fair and melodious utterance were antipodes. God in His Revelation always recommends the Beautiful. Even of Christ it is said: “Thou art than the children of men.”

Our decided opposition to Symbolism, therefore, should never silence the liturgical claims. Calvin with his musical friends, Goudimel and Bourgeois, tried the utmost to make the singing�not of a choir, but of all the people�thoroughly melodious and pure. And as to the Liturgy, let me draw your attention to a more elaborate Calvinistic Liturgy of a mixed Dutch and English character, which I had the privilege of republishing forty years ago in the works of John a Lasco. The Dutch Calvinists in the middle of the sixteenth century, were persecuted to death by Spanish cruelty, and then sought refuge under King Edward VI in London. There John a Lasco became their minister, and this sagacious man predicted to Cranmer now more than three hundred years ago, all the pernicious results to which the common prayer book is now effectually leading, and in every point proved himself to be as sound a Presbyterian as you or I can be. And that same man composed for his Dutch church in London such a splendid, touching, solemn and elaborated Liturgy, published in Latin (thus enabling every Calvinistic minister to read it) under the title , that we have only to return to our old treasury in order to have at hand just the model we want. Let us never forget that what John a Lasco, by his rare penetration of mind, prognosticated in his time, is so much more true in our days. We not always keep to the beaten track. Three centuries of increasing civilization have refined the public taste in such a remarkable degree, that it should be an unscriptural disregard of the inner relation between natural life and the life of grace, if our churches did not discern these signs of the times. He who debars all equitable liturgical demands, and even deems it a point of honor to banish all that is solemn and harmonious from our services, may presume to oppose symbolism, but indeed it is he who makes its highway straight. All this, however, refers exclusively to the reform of , to the balancing of what is one-sided or exaggerated, and to the harmonizing if you like, of discordants, but it leaves itself, untouched and untried. Symbolism replaces Revelation and makes us fall back from to religion. Calvinism always places Revelation in the foreground, and tolerates no other performances than such as are able to echo it and remain carefully under its sway.

would help account for Darwin’s ‘principle of antithesis ..

Thus Karma adjusts even human laughter at the mutual expense of sects, learned societies, and individuals.

In the mineral atom it is connected with the lowest principles of the Spirits of the Earth (the six-fold Dhyanis); in the vegetable particle, with their second—the Prana (life); in the animal, with all these plus the third and the fourth; in man, the germ must receive the fruition of all the five.

But Manas is not Nephesch; nor is the latter the astral, but the 4th principle, if also the 2nd prana, for Nephesch is the "breath of life" in man, as in beast or insect, of physical, material life, which has no spirituality in it.

Our Father is within us
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his “principle of antithesis,” Darwin again mentions the use-

The eight Adityas, "the gods," are all formed from the eternal substance (Cometary matter * — the Mother) or the "World-Stuff " which is both the fifth and the sixth COSMIC Principle, the Upadhi or basis of the Universal Soul, just as in man, the Microcosm, Manas

Charles Darwin: The Expression of the Emotions in Man …

If, in fact, students and many of their teachers hold these myths to betrue, we have strong support for a renewed focus on science itself ratherthan just its facts and principles in science teaching and science teachereducation.

Evolution of emotion - Wikipedia

For, "just as a human being is composed of seven principles, differentiated matter in the Solar System exists in seven different conditions" (ibid).

Evolution of emotion Part of a series ..

The remarks thus far suggested to your attention, I trust, fully elucidate my assertion, that the symbolical tide of our days is undermining in the most dangerous way the very foundation of all Calvinistic churches. The principle of Symbolism and that of Calvinism are just the reverse of one another. An abyss is gaping between them. Symbolism in the holy precincts stuns, blunts and stultifies the organs of understanding, and checks their function agnostically. Our churches, on the contrary, did not cease to pray, with St. Paul, and “to desire that all the people of God might be filled with the of his will in all and spiritual Symbolism throws us back to that lower stage of religious development, which could but stir the feelings and intoxicate the senses of the masses. Our churches, on the contrary, raised the religious life to that much level, which leads every believer personally to what St. John confessed, “that the Son of God has come and has given us the that we might him.” And so also Symbolism subjects the laity to the mysterious performances of the clergy and hereby fosters aristocratic sympathies. Our churches, on the contrary, united both laity and clergy in one brotherhood, and thereby laid the foundation for the democratic pre-eminence of modern times.

Darwin's "The Expression of the Emotions in Man and …

260.) The assertion that all the worlds (Stars, planets, etc.)—as soon as a nucleus of primordial substance in the laya (undifferentiated) state is informed by the freed principles, of a just deceased sidereal body—become first comets, and then Suns to cool down to inhabitable worlds, is a teaching as old as the Rishis.

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