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by the subjection of Copper wire into a series of chemical ..

Overall, we have applied an efficient method to synthesize two unique, highly luminescent multi-atom copper complexes that represent linear and coiling-like molecular wires. Both compounds are excellent candidates for applications in OLEDs and prospective multifunctional nanoelectronic devices.

This experiment demonstrates the reaction between copper and nitric acid:

The type of reaction was a synthesis reaction, as is shown by this equation.

2Mg(s) + O2(g) = 2MgO(s)

2. A piece of copper was obtained.

Copper»reactions of elements [WebElements Periodic …

By dropping a piece of copper into HCl, we confirm no reaction occurs.

Metal aerogels are potentially invaluable materials because they combine the unique properties of metals with the unique properties of aerogels. First, they would exhibit high specific surface areas (100-500 m2 g-1) and would be electrically conductive. This combination would make them valuable for applications where high-surface-area electrodes are needed, such as supercapacitors (sometimes called ultracapacitors), fuel cells, batteries, and water desalination. Secondly, nanosized particles of metals have been shown to exhibit enhanced catalytic activity overt bulk forms of the same metal. Gold, in fact, is very uncatalytic in the bulk, while gold nanoparticles very efficiently catalyze all sorts of nifty reactions, including room-temperature oxidation of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide and carbon nanotube growth. Since metal aerogels would be composed of a three-dimensional network of nanosized metal particles, metal aerogels would thus be useful for making efficient, lightweight catalytic converters and useful in serving as catalytic substrates for other chemical reactions. Moreover, this means that metals like Fe or Ni could one day replace Pd, Rh, and Pt in catalytic converters, which are expensive and in diminishing supply.

The two reactionsare:
Vessel one, the gas generator (first step), produces Acetylene Gas fromthe reaction of Calcium Carbide in water (this is, of course, unnecessary if acetyleneis available from a welding gas tank):
CaC2(s) + H2O(l) => C2H2(g)+ CaO(s)
Than Acetylene Gas reacts with Silver Nitrate in solution toproduce the insoluble Silver Acetylide crystals:

the reaction of copper wire and a flame - Science Forums

These steps were responsible for the breakdown and reconstruction of the copper....

DA-BTAw can then be reacted with any of a number of metal chloride, nitrate, or perchlorate salts in aqueous solution to form the desired metal-BTA complex. The number of BTA ligands which attach to the metal center depends on the chemistry of the metal being used. For example, reaction of DA-BTA with iron perchlorate (a dangerous oxidizer) gives an iron complex with three BTA ligands. Reaction of DA-BTA with auric acid (HAuCl4) gives two complexes, one with two ligands and one with three.

Previous methods to synthesize multi-atom complexes have shown that these compounds are usually available in only low yields, as contaminated product mixtures, or they are not accessible at all. We have utilized a new synthetic method to incorporate copper centers into a larger ligand framework L under ambient conditions and with excellent yields (Fig. 1). The star-shaped organometallic compound mesitylcopper, CunMesn (n = 4, 5), is a clean source of copper ions, since it serves as deprotonating base itself and produces only one volatile organic byproduct (mesitylene, MesH).

PLAN A chemical reaction takes place over a specific period of time i.e.
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Classes of Chemical Reactions :: essays research papers

Remove the cleaned penny from the liquid and let it sit for an hour. The residue that is on the copper surface promotes a reaction between the copper and the oxygen in the air. The resulting blue-green copper oxide is a tarnish that forms called patina. These are that are observed in nature.

The reaction between copper and nitric acid is an exothermic reaction

When you place copper coins, such as pennies, in a NaCl, tablesalt, and vinegar solution, the acetic acid from the vinegar dissolves the dull cupric oxide, leaving behind pennies with a shiny clean copper surface. The copper from the copper oxide stays in the liquid as Cu2+ ions.

Type of Reactions With Copper & Nitric Acid | Sciencing

At the first stage when copper reacts with concentrated nitric acid the metal ion coordinates with nitrate ions. This complex gives green color to the solution. The brown gas produced in the reaction is nitrogen dioxide. When water is added the solution becomes blue since nitrate ions are replaced by water molecules from the copper coordination shell. Nitrogen dioxide dissolves in the solution.

Reaction of Copper with Nitric Acid - MEL Science

There are actually two equations for the reaction of copper with nitric acid. It depends on whether the nitric acid is concentrated or not. If it is concentrated and in excess then the ratio is 1:4 copper to nitric acid. If it is dilute then the ratio is 3:8.

What chemical reaction happens when you put copper …

To determine the rate law for a chemical reaction among hydrogen peroxide, iodide and acid, specifically by observing how changing each of the concentrations of H2O2, and H+ affects the rate of reaction.

Types of Chemical Reactions Lab Flashcards | Quizlet

The Cu2+ in the salt/vinegar solution reacts with the zinc metal and causes zinc metal to dissolve. When zinc dissolves, zinc goes into solution as Zn2+ ions. This leaves a negative charge on the surface of the penny. As opposite charges attract, the copper ions that are in solution are more strongly attracted to the penny than the positive zinc ions, so a copper coating forms on the penny. The penny turns darker as a copper coating covers the surface.

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