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Phd Thesis In Computer System Security

A core technique of modern tools for formally reasoning about computing systems is generating and dispatching queries to automated theorem provers, including Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) provers. SMT provers aim at the tight integration of decision procedures for propositional satisfiability and decision procedures for fixed first-order theories ‒ known as theory solvers. This thesis presents several advancements in the design and implementation of theory solvers for quantifier-free linear real, integer, and mixed integer and real arithmetic. These are implemented within the SMT system CVC4. We begin by formally describing the Satisfiability Modulo Theories problem and the role of theory solvers within CVC4. We discuss known techniques for building solvers for quantifier-free linear real, integer, and mixed integer and real arithmetic around the Simplex for DPLL(T) algorithm. We give several small improvements to theory solvers using this algorithm and describe the implementation and theory of this algorithm in detail. To extend the class of problems that the theory solver can robustly support, we borrow and adapt several techniques from linear programming (LP) and mixed integer programming (MIP) solvers which come from the tradition of optimization. We propose a new decicion procedure for quantifier-free linear real arithmetic that replaces the Simplex for DPLL(T) algorithm with a variant of the Simplex algorithm that performs a form of optimization ‒ minimizing the sum of infeasibilties. In this thesis, we additionally describe techniques for leveraging LP and MIP solvers to improve the performance of SMT solvers without compromising correctness. Previous efforts to leverage such solvers in the context of SMT have concluded that in addition to being potentially unsound, such solvers are too heavyweight to compete in the context of SMT. We present an empirical comparison against other state-of-the-art SMT tools to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.

 and  (2015) Gesture Recognition Based on Computer Vision on a Standalone System. BTech thesis.

In his 1985 Turing Award Lecture, "From Programming Language Design ToComputer Construction", as published in Communications of the ACM, February 1985, V28N2, he said "But Pascal gained truly widespread recognition only after Ken Bowles inSan Diego recognized that the P-system could well be implemented on the novelmicrocomputers.

Computer monitoring system thesis by Michelle Piazza …

In this way, the p-code generated on onecomputer could be used to bootstrap the port of the P-System to another computer.

In theory, combined with similar emulations of libraryfunctions for other platforms such as the PC or Apple II, this interpreter could runP-System executables from many systems.

One EE task was defined and intensively studied as part of the ACE (Automatic Content Extraction) research program. The 2005 ACE EE task involved 8 types and 33 subtypes of events. For instance, given the sentence "She was killed by an automobile yesterday.", an EE system should be able to recognize the word "killed" as a trigger for an event of subtype DIE, and discover "an automobile" and "yesterday" as the Agent and Time arguments. This task is quite challenging, as the same event might appear in the form of various trigger expressions and an expression might represent different types of events in different contexts.

Sample thesis about computer system | Sample Thesis …

In theory, a P-System executable program wasportable between machines with different processors because the program was not expressedin machine-dependent assembly code but instead the "p-code" machine language ofa virtual computer.

Introduction to Feedback Control Systems (FBKCTRL)
3 units
This course covers classical techniques for designing continuous-time feedback control systems. It covers system modeling, analysis, as well as compensation. Analysis of stability of feedback systems using root-locus, bode diagrams, nyquist plots, as well as the use of computer-aided design tools are also discussed.

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Attendance Monitoring System Thesis Free Essays

Time-of-flight (ToF) sensors experience a recent burst of advancement, due to the progress made in semiconductor production. A relatively new type of ToF sensors is based on the Photonic Mixer Device (PMD). Using a modulated, incoherent light source, this sensor type promises low-cost and real-time distance acquisition. But error studies have shown that a variety of systematic errors distort the measurements of PMD sensors. This work attempts to tackle the task of developing a method of efficiently recording calibration data for a PMD sensor by using an industrial robot. An industrial robot with its fast movements, high accuracy and good working range is a suitable device for measurements of this type. With the help of a robot, comprehensive calibration data was recorded. The data was analyzed and compared to results of related work. A module for real-time correction of the camera data was developed. It reduces the average depth error from 162.3mm to 17.3mm.

Computer rental system thesis – statovextelrisirajusdysaca

The thesis presents several strategies for improving the performance of EE. We first demonstrate the effectiveness of two types of linguistic analysis -- dependency regularization and Abstract Meaning Representation -- in boosting EE performance. Next we show the benefit of an active learning strategy in which a person is asked to judge a limited number of phrases which may be event triggers. Finally we report the impact of combining our baseline system with event patterns from a system developed for a different EE task (the TABARI program). This step contains expert-level patterns generated by other research groups. Because the information received is complicated and quite different from the original corpus (ACE), the integration of this information requires more complex processing.

Computer based examination system thesis proposal

Multitouch has become popular in the last years, as the production of such systems has become a lot cheaper through optical techniques. All of these techniques rely on invisible light (mostly infrared) reflections imaged by a camera. One of the more popular techniques is based on the Frustrated Total Internal Reflection (FTIR) effect, it relies on the change of the refraction angle issued through pressure on the display. Another technique is based on Diffuse Illumination (DI) and relies on direct reflections. DI allows us to track and recognize passive markers made of reflective materials. Those can be mounted on any object of the appropriate size. To distinguish markers from each other they can contain unique patterns to uniquely identify the marker and hence the object, such markers are called fiducials. Since our tracking software takes reference frames to remove ambient light, we can easily detect active markers as the they are the only source of light. Through different geometric forms of active markers an object can be identified. Such a geometric form can also originate through pressure of an object in an FTIR setup. The main goal is to combine these methods to create an object recognition that is solid and fast enough to provide a smooth detection.

Computer Reservations System Doctorate Thesis Help - …

Computer Systems Engineering Research Methods (CTRESME)
2 units
A course on methods of research where students learn the steps on how to do a research projects; a thesis proposal should be produced at the end of the course.

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