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and their collagen synthesis ..

Polymers for Biomaterial Implants
Polymers (poly – many, mer – unit) are widely used as biomaterial implants (also drug delivery)
Key Benefits of polymers
Ability to tailor surface and bulk properties via chemistry (swell, degrade, in situ reaction, mechanical support)
design – biomimetics
synthesis of analogues for natural polymers
spider silk, collagen
surface modification
Blood-Materials Interactions – heparin coating to prevent clotting
bioactivity – controlled dissolution for release of agents
interfacial bonding –
wound healing adhesives
orthopedic and dental luting agents
fabrication (manufacture, processing)

(AA) is able to neutralize reactive oxygen species and is essential for collagen synthesis

However, the combination of rat liver microsomes and hydroxyurea resulted in an increase in unscheduled DNA synthesis in cells exposed to 100 µg HT-2 toxin/ litre.

Nov 04, 2015 · Co – synthesis of vitamin B12 ..

You can get a very small amount from the sun, but you have to have adequate amounts of cholesterol in your body in order to synthesize the vitamin D.

(Note that absent vitamin K from malabsorption also prevents synthesis of II, VII, IX, and X.) Monitor all this by following the prothrombin times (rather than PTT, since factor VII is first to go and to return).

Like synthetic vitamin E, synthetic beta-carotene depletes the more active forms of the carotenoids, such as alpha-carotene and lutein.

The form and quality of the vitamins make all the difference.

collagen synthesis and sulfuricacid.

Like synthetic vitamin E, synthetic beta-carotene depletes the more active forms of the carotenoids, such as alpha-carotene and lutein.

Examples – Collagen, Chitin
Synthetic –
Homopolymers (made from a single monomer type)
poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) – lucite, plexiglas
hyrophobic, linear chain polymer, glassy at RT, optical properties, mechanical properties (bullet proof windows), good stability, used in intraocular lenses and hard contact lenses

Degradable Polymers
valuable for short term applications, no need for surgical removal
4 main types of degradable polymers
temporary scaffold – temporary mechanical support for broken bones, damaged blood vessel, or wounds (fixation devices, vascular grafts, and sutures), engineering criteria involve tailoring the degradation rate of the scaffold for proper stress transfer to healing tissue (major challenge), first synthetic degradable sutures were PGA, then copolymers of PLA and PGA were used (vicryl – 90:10 mix of PGA/PLA

A synthetic form of vitamin D (DN-101) has been found to increase the survival in men with prostate cancer by two years.
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Vitamin C, Collagen, and Cracks in the Plaque | Circulation

Also, the sky is mostly overcast or hazy and the healthier wavelengths of sunlight and photosynthesis are way down (along with people's vitamin D levels), with lots of plants struggling (or dying from all of the nano-particle aluminum and barium: ).

Are you getting organic selenium (not inorganic, like selenium selenite) from any other source, such as a multi?

NEPHROTIC SYNDROME - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

S tudies of the fine structure of the developing periodontium have drawn attention to the presence of synthesizing fibroblasts, collagen fibrils, ground substance, and occasional oxytalan Ascorbic acid (AA) is able to neutralize reactive oxygen species and is essential for collagen synthesis.

Footlogix foot foam - CPC Healthcare

Some M+ are integral in bodily system function
Fe – essential for red blood cell function
dioxygen transport via proteins for mammalian vertebrates (hemoglobin)
mollusks and arthropods (hemocyanin)
marine invertebrates (hemerythrin)
toxic versus non toxic effects on cell function
Co – synthesis of vitamin B12 (coenzyme B12)
ferritin and biomineralization
(iron storage protein, 24 protein subunits [approx. 175 amino acids/subunit] surrounding a hydrated ferric oxide core containing different amounts of phosphate – each molecule can accommodate up to 4500 Fe atoms),
metal ligand complexes
organometallic (compounds defined by the presence of metal to C (M-C) bonds vs metal organic M-OR or M-O-C bonds)

Journal of Investigative Dermatology

And as the public wises up to this, the future of conventional medicine doesn't have a prayer.

After the collapse of Western medicine, real health care will inevitably end up returning to its roots: The healing power of nature.

AveMar (and Epicor -- see above, under supplements that I took) is made from wheat germ that is fermented by brewer's yeast.

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