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chlorophyll a biosynthesis II : RXN-7666

Reduction in Compound Fungi Bacteria and actinomycetes Cis-1,3-dichloropropene 85-95% reduction 85-100% reduction at 25 mg/kg soil at 250 mg/kg soil Trans-1,3-dichloropropene 100% reduction 100% reduction at at 250 mg/kg soil 1000 mg/kg soil 7.1.2 Algae The 96-h EC50 value for growth, based on the concentration of chlorophyll a and also on cell numbers of the freshwater green algae Selenastrum capricornutum in a static system, was 4.95 mg/litre for 1,3-dichloropropene.

the Inhibition of Chlorophyll Biosynthesis of ..

Intracellular communications in plant cells of large dimensions rely primarily on cytoplasmic streaming, because diffusion is too slow for the transport on mm-scale distances. Illumination of a small cell spot at various distances from the point of chlorophyll fluorescence measurements revealed the wave-like propagation of the fluorescence response along the cell length. The results show that the photosynthetic function of immobile chloroplasts under constant light can be affected by long-distance transmission of a photosynthetically active metabolite from the remote cell parts.

Porphyrin and Heme Synthesis and Bilirubin Metabolism

Ethylbenzene degradation. rn00860 . Porphyrin and chlorophyll metabolism. rn01110 . Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites. rn01120 .

Fine tuning the flow of chlorophyll biosynthesis pathway is crucial for the growth and development of the plants. Antioxidant systems were found to influence this pathway through maintaining the specific concentration of H2O2. This finding provides insights into understanding the antioxidant-mediated regulation of chlorophyll biosynthesis in detail, and will help in the development of oxidative stress-resistant plants.

P is absorbed mainly during the vegetative growth and,thereafter, most of the absorbed P is re-translocated into fruits and seedsduring reproductive stages. P-deficient plants exhibit retarded growth (reducedcell and leaf expansion, respiration and photosynthesis), and often a dark greencolour (higher chlorophyll concentration) and reddish coloration (enhancedanthocyanin formation). It has been reported that the level of P supply duringreproductive stages regulates the partitioning of photosynthates between thesource leaves and the reproductive organs, this effect being essential forN-fixing legumes (Marschner, 1993). Healthy animals and human beings alsorequire adequate amounts of P in their food for normal metabolic processes (FAO,1984, 1995a).

Marine Phytoplankton Benefits, A Nutrient Dense …

View This Abstract Online; Small Cab-like proteins retard degradation of photosystem II-associated chlorophyll in Synechocystis sp

The estuarine diatome, Skeletonema costatum, showed a 96-h EC50 value for growth, based on the concentration of chlorophyll a in culture, of 1 mg/litre (Leblanc, 1984).

At the network periphery the distinct pathway structure of several pathways can be clearly discerned (for example, diterpenoid biosynthesis, penicillin and cephalosporin biosynthesis, folate metabolism, fatty acid biosynthesis pathway, N-glycan metabolism, and porphrin and chlorophyll biosynthesis).

PIF1 directly and indirectly regulates chlorophyll biosynthesis to optimize the greening process in Arabidopsis
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Tuscany Diet - Biochemistry and Nutrition

Lanthanoids (Ln) were demonstrated to improve chlorophyll formation and the growth of plants. But the mechanism of the fact that Ln promotes chlorophyll biosynthesis of plants is poorly understood. The main aim of the study was to determine Ln effects in chlorophyll formation of maize under magnesium (Mg) deficiency. Maize plants were cultivated in Hoagland’s solution. They were subjected to Mg deficiency and to cerium administered in Mg-deficient Hoagland’s media, and then the contents of various chlorophyll precursors and gen expressions of the key enzymes of chlorophyll biosynthesis were examined. The decrease of chlorophyll contents in maize leaves caused by Mg deficiency suggested an inhibition of chlorophyll synthesis that was inhibited by a reduction of the precursors as measured by analyzing the contents of δ-aminolevulinic acid, porphobilinogen, uroporphyrinogen III, Mg–protoporphyrin IX, and protochlorophyll, as well as the expression levels of magnesium chelatase, magnesium-protoporphyrin IX methyltransferase, and chlorophyll synthase; Mg deficiency significantly inhibited the transformation from coproporphyrinogen III or protoporphyrin IX to chlorophyll. However, cerium addition significantly relieved the inhibition of chlorophyll biosynthesis in maize caused by Mg deficiency and increased chlorophyll content and promoted a series of transformations from δ-aminolevulinic acid to chlorophyll and maize growth under Mg deficiency. It implied that cerium might partly substitute for the role of Mg.

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Among them, two are found in marine organisms, in geological sediments but, one of them (phytanic acid or 3,7,11,15-tetramethyl hexadecanoic acid) is present in human diet or in animal tissues where it may be derived from chlorophyll in plant extracts. Phytanic acid is present in cow milk fat but its concentration is affected by feed composition ().
Two very unusual phytyl esters were obtained from the extract of the hornwort .

Ethylene and fruit ripening: from illumination gas to …

We studied the dynamics of photochemical activity in seed coats and cotyledons during development of yellow- and green-seeded pea cultivars by using the pulse amplitude modulation fluorometric analysis. The fast transients of the chlorophyll fluorescence revealed higher photochemical activity in the coats of yellow-seeded cultivar at the early- and middle cotyledon stages of seed development in comparison to those observed in the green-seeded ones. Photochemical activity in the cotyledons of both cultivars could not be any more detected at the late cotyledon stage. This process was triggered by dehydration of seed tissues.

CSIRO PUBLISHING | Functional Plant Biology

Chlorophyll is the major regulator of photosynthetic antennae in land plants. Its absence diminishes light harvesting, photoprotection and ultimately photosynthesis. We show that barley mutants lacking chl display impaired stomatal control, which can be restored by temporal shading of the plants. Thus the effects of this mutation extend beyond chloroplast metabolism.

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