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For those who do not know: I did four years in Walpole 68 – 71. then did another three in the 80’s in Arizona’s Perryville which was a country club for me… The hardest was in the Florence jail, however, I taught about thirty-five young men how to sue those dirty suckers is Florence.. They still have not recovered from my being there.. Bunch of dirt bags.. They had no idea what Civil Rights meant… My Judge was Roy Bean III, a real piece of scum… I cost that shit hole place millions for what they did to me…

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@Allen T: You have a lot opinions in your statements I am not sure were to start however: 1.) As to why man are afraid in the joint versus the street, I’ll use the old quotation from Joe Lewis “No place to run, No place to hide.” not like the street were you can run home and hide in your own town… 2.) Also these bad guys in the street were never bad guys to begin with they had to have others around them… 3.) As to leaders, most of us way down deep are cowards of the first order, and our need is to protect ourselves. (It is the reason we have big strong dummies around us who can’t think and will handle any threat toward us.) All good leaders of bad guys/gals are Machiavellian in nature and should know the philosophy… That said, you would have been very foolish to give me any crap while I was doing time. Nevertheless, even though I always felt secure and safe in the prison environment; due to the fact of having my own very large group of dedicated and loyal friends and even relative around me.. I was aware that I could take a shiv in the back by the little gray man who was not impressed by my status as a leader. 4.) For some reason, I grew up with and open non-racial view, my group was inter-racial, and that view carried into my prison time, so as a prison organizer, I ventured out of my group and recruited the whole place into work for change, we broke down the picking order, and taught everyone that we where in the same boat, black, white, red, yellow, armed robber, killer, thief, rapist, sex-offend, gay, streight… We were the prisoners, they were the guards, guards just worked for the man and the Administration which is the real enemy of change… You had to sue guards to get to the Admin… We wanted a union so we could sit down across from the guards and run a safe peaceful place… We developed a political movement with our outside sisters and brother, their families and friends, first; then we spread out… Of course in the end we fell apart due to lack of education and the mans manipulation a whole other story.. (Enough for now)

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Actually genius, my father was murdered. And I’ve also spent time alone in a cell. So yeah. I do have a pretty good idea what is worse.

I had wet toilet paper stuffed hard into both ears, socks folded up and pressed into my ears, a pillow wrapped around the sides and back of my head covering my ears, and a blanket tied around all that to hold everything in place, lying in bed praying for sleep. But still the noise was incredible, a thunderous cacophony of insanity, sleep impossible. Inmates lost in the throes of lavalike rage firing philippics at one another for even reasons they didn’t know, threatening to kill one another’s mommas, daddies, even the children, too. Nothing is sacred in SHU. It is an environment that is so grossly abnormal, so antithetical to normal human interactions, that it twists the innerds of men all around who for too long dwell there. Their minds, their morals, and their mannerisms get bent badly, ending far off-center. Right becomes whatever and wrong no longer exists. Restraint becomes a burden and is unnecessary with concrete and steel separating everyone, so inmates let it go. Day after day, perhaps year after year, the anger grows, fueled by the pain caused by the conditions till rage is born and burning so hot that it too hurts.

This story brought tears to my eyes. I felt suffocated just imagining what it would be like in SHU. No one should ever experience this type of punishment. The worst punishment a criminal should face is a death sentence.

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I’ve read of the studies done regarding the effects of long-term isolation in solitary confinement on inmates, seen how researchers say it can ruin a man’s mind, and I’ve watched with my own eyes the slow descent of sane men into madness—sometimes not so slow. What I’ve never seen the experts write about, though, is what year after year of abject isolation can do to that immaterial part in our middle where hopes survive or die and the spirit resides. So please allow me to speak to you of what I’ve seen and felt during some of the harder times of my twenty-five-year SHU odyssey.

I did not see this in his writing; I will leave what i have said to him in a lengthy return which may or may not be fair. As and ex-priosner and ciminal. I have difficulty in reading I did not understand the consqunce of my act. for I knew when I pulled a gun and was meaning to use it. I knoew what I was doing and I was nothing but a low life preditor.. Bad guys know who they are.

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@Alan CYA: Any good student of strategy, a good chess player, a planner, will be able to get you if they have the mind to do you in.. As far as I am concerned these people are nitwits, they are public, they flaunt what they are about and what they do; they long to get caught. It is all they have in life, getting caught so they can be a big deal, they do not see themselves as friken idiots… They call themselves warriors, they do not have a clue what that means… Ralph Ham is a warrior.. Bobby Dellelo is a warrior, those who work for the benefit of all our brothers and sister whatever their color whatever thier crime those are real warriors.. You do not have to like the guy or women beside you, you just need to understand you are suffering the same fate, and you are stronger to join together and fight the indignity.. If you can’t get that then your an idiot in my humble opinion..

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Great hub Wesman Todd Shaw. As a current resident of Smith County, Texas, I am not surprised this has happened. I moved here from California six years ago and it has been somewhat of a culture shock to see how the judicial system works out here. It seems as though not a month goes by when the local evening news reports on wrong doing by one law enforcement entity or another. I believe there was a story just last week that reported three Constables were arrested for operating a Security business without a state license. I never saw these kind of stories on the news in California, but it seems like the norm here in East Texas. The point I am trying to make is that people in a position of authority seem quick to cross the line for one reason or another. I was also surprised to learn that the Sheriff has been in office for over thirty years (30 years). My heart goes out to your two friends and their families for having to endure such senseless acts. I cannot imagine the power a mental institution has over an individual and the thought sends shivers down my spine. Thank you for sharing your story.

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Because the way things can be misunderstood on here makes that decision seem to be the best for my families security. All the blood and guts throughout the history of the prison movement that I have read about has made me somewhat paranoid.

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@Alan and Allen T: Please don’t get upset if I offend someone. I do not mean it. I am working; and occasionally going back and forth with this computer, I get a little short… Today was just one of those days, payroll, and getting ready for Tax person tomorrow, TV show tomorrow night; then my Luca Brastsy was being a pain in the rear, not wanting to do his house work… I have a few employees that are challenged; Well, there are days… I started at 6am on here and I am not finished… Our care client decided they wanted to go shopping at 7pm… Oh, what a problem; but to keep the peace we got it done… Stay cool…

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