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"I was very determined that the second book be more of a complete experience. Sort of finish, I don't want to give too much away obviously, but to finish off some more of the narratives. There are two more books to come, so there is much more to unfold. But I want the second book to be a more fulfilling experience as a narrative than the first one could be because, by it's very nature, I'm introducing a world, I'm introducing a lot of characters. It's a very complicated world with its own quite elaborate rules, and all that had to be set up. By the time I got to the second book, that was done, that is done. So now I can roll. And I can get to the stuff which is really fun, which is the plot stuff, and the character stuff, and the primal battles which is the heart of the story, and something apocalyptic as well, because I wanted to make sure that having set up this world, I could then do something pretty dramatic to it as early as the second book. There wouldn't be a sense that you had to wait for the fourth book before anything of great scale happened. I wanted something pretty big to happen in every book. And something huge happens, well actually two or three huge things happen in this book."

The senses fill the mind with content.

"I am having so much fun. I have Pinhead facing off against a truly unexpected enemy on one of the French Penal colonies. My own Devil's Island, haunted by the ghosts of those who died in despair here. One of whom our anti-hero has reason to respect."

Narwin from Avi's Nothing But the Truth

One of the main points of view is Ms.

"Every two years, we'll have a new Abarat [novel], and in the interval, we will have the soft-cover. It's a very rigorous schedule; on the other hand, I feel it's very important to know that every two years, everyone's going to get a new 100,000 words of Abarat, a new 100 paintings until the quartet is finished, at which point we will have this epic tale. I also think it's important that each of the books is contained within itself; there will always be a sense of completion within each narrative. Candy's confrontation with Kaspar Wolfswinkel, who's the great villain of the first book, is really completed within that book...
"The next six years, while I write and paint the next three Abarat books, [I will not be able to] take any time out to direct a movie. This is a time to devote to Abarat - and right now, at least, that's what I want to do."

“An importation of 4,000,000 Negroes were held in bondage by Southern planters” (Webstine).Advanced time went, and Northern states nurtured a rapid industrial revolution; Factory introduction, machines, and hired workers replaced any agricultural need of existing slaves...

However, he also uses these symbolic items to display the

Unlike school’s multiple choice tests, life thought us that there is more than one correct answer.

"I want to make clear to EVERYBODY where my priorities lie. Eleven months ago I came out of hospital after the strokes and coma and, contrary to all instruction, went straight back to work. Hospital had given me lots of time to thank the powers that be for letting me survive what should have killed me and preparing my head for the huge job ahead. Since coming home I've left the house five times. I am here in my writing room all the time, driven as I have not been driven since Imajica to give every waking thought to this now enormous tale, which has allowed me to offer readers poems and paintings, as you know. Please have no fear as to where my obsessive nature suckles these many days and nights. In Abarat."

"I am working very hard on Abarat IV at the moment. Every day is dedicated to the book, which is going to be the largest of the series thus far.
"There will be a total of five Abarat books in the series, so this is the penultimate volume. I plan to go directly on from finishing Volume IV to writing Volume V. There will be somewhere between a hundred and a hundred and twenty oil paintings in each book.
"I spend about fourteen hours a day writing or painting. I hand-write everything. If I can finish the day having written about 1,500 words and brought a painting closer to completion, I'm a happy man."

Yet we never stopped struggling to reach out for the ultimate truth....
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How does he know exactly what they need....

"I've never conceived of doing something this way - painting the pictures and then writing the books. It's a very strange way of doing it, but it's been great.
"Here I am saying it's a quartet. I it's a quartet. It seemed to break down quite neatly into four parts. But I think L. Frank Baum thought he'd finished with Oz every now and then, you know? I think it's four books but it may turn out to be many more."

The motifs in the novel branch out from one idea.

We might be embarrassed about the whole truth or maybe we just don’t want to tell how we handled the situation so we remove our part or change our part from the truth.

What kind of tone or mood does the authoruse and why?

i've read the novel and i dont see that kino is a greedy person i thought he is doing his best 2 rotect his ambition my thesis was The meaning of the Good Samaritan?

This means that the deflationary theory of truth becomes false.

"I wanted to create a place where I could play almost endlessly and never run out of room. In this world I can go anywhere. I can talk about family relations, I can talk about the place of the imagination in the human heart. I can talk about the nature of evil - and that is a central issue in these books, particularly how the knowledge of evil gets passed down from one generation to another...
"Christopher Carrion wasn't always a villain. Christopher Carrion is a villain because he has been horribly dealt with by his family. I try and trace the villainy in order to say to the reader, 'Look in your own lives to see if there aren't hurtful things that make you behave hurtfully'...
"I am being a little coy, because I am leaving the real villain of the book out of this discussion. There is a villain who stands behind these villains, whose nature I don't even want to talk about. He won't appear in the first book, he isn't painted on these walls, but of course there is a devil here in the islands. And there's an awful lot of good in this book, too. Just as night and day are in balance, and light and dark are in balance in the healthy human psyche, so evil and good will be pretty much balanced in the narrative."

These vocabulary lists will be copied for everyone, so writeneatly.

True and false, in many cases does not seem to be a simple black and white situation, there could sometimes be no grounds to decide what is true and what is false.

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