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Quantum Polymer TechnologiesSelf-assembling polymer nanowires.

During the lithiation process, single–crystalline Co9S8 nanowire converts to multi–crystalline nanowire consisting of Co nanograins and Li2S matrix, and the reversible phase conversion between Co9S8 and nanosized Co is revealed during the multiple cycles.

Nagy’s team at the University of Namur in the field of Carbon Nanotubes.

photo-catalyst and ion exchange products capable of destroying microbial, mould, fungi and odour."

Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT)

"PuraMatrix™, 3DM's innovative and award-winning family of biocompatible hydrogels ...

A nanowire is a nanostructure, with ..

large-scale, high-yield and low-cost production of carbon nanotubes."Nanotrope"...

The confinement effect of the carbon nanotubes, induced by the high aspect ratio of the tubes could be effectively used for the synthesis of one-dimensional nanowire zeolitic materials under non-hydrothermal macroscopic conditions.

Herein, we report the synthesis of three-dimensional self-supported SnO2 nanowire arrays wrapped in an amorphous layer of carbon, for use as high capacity anodes in lithium ion batteries. The SnO2 nanowires were synthesized using a vapor-liquid-solid growth mechanism, and the carbon coating process was performed by spin-coating sucrose solution with a subsequent pyrolysis process. The SnO2/C hybrid nanowire arrays electrode exhibits a superior reversible capacity of 700 mAh g-1 after 50 cycles at a high-current rate of 1 C, demonstrating enhanced reversible capacity and cycle performance compared to the bare nanowire. The high-reversible capacity and cycle stability are because of the enhanced electrical conductivity and the stress relaxation effect of the amorphous carbon layer.

tin selenide nanowire grown inside a single-wall carbon nanotube ..

Shenzhen Nanotech Port Co Research, manufacture, application and sales of carbon nanotubes.

Also involved in the study were Dan Sorescu, research physicist at NETL, who performed computational modeling of the gold nanowire formation; Mengning Ding, a Pitt graduate student in chemistry, who performed experimental work and synthesized and characterized gold nanowires and measured their sensor response; and Gregg Kotchey, a fellow Pitt graduate student in chemistry, who synthesized some of the graphene templates used in this study.

To test the nanowires’ ability to detect hydrogen sulfide, Star and his colleagues cast a film of the composite material onto a chip patterned with gold electrodes. The team could detect gas at levels as low as 5ppb (parts per billion)—a detection level comparable to that of existing sensing techniques. Additionally, they could detect the hydrogen sulfide in complex mixtures of gases simulating natural gas. Star says the group will now test the chips’ detection limits using real samples from gas wells.

(LPC) is working to develop the carbon nanotube technology which will enable creation of the space elevator in the future.
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Synthesis of Aluminum Nitride Nanowires ..

Manipulation of local electronic structure is necessary to control exciton generation or annihilation, processes essential for efficient light absorption or emission. This can be achieved through band gap engineering in semiconductor heterostructures. Methods have been established for the synthesis of arrays of semiconducting nanowire-based heterostructures. These structures are a promising platform for the development of unconventional light emitting and energy harvesting devices.

Synthesis of Aluminum Nitride Nanowires from Carbon ..

PITTSBURGH—Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have coaxed gold into nanowires as a way of creating an inexpensive material for detecting poisonous gases found in natural gas. Along with colleagues at the (NETL), Alexander Star, associate professor of chemistry in and principal investigator of the research project, developed a self-assembly method that uses scaffolds (a structure used to hold up or support another material) to grow gold nanowires. Their findings, titled “Welding of Gold Nanoparticles on Graphitic Templates for Chemical Sensing,” were published online Jan. 22 in the .

Synthesis of carbon nanowires as electrochemical electrode materials

Star and his research team determined gold nanomaterials would be ideal for detecting hydrogen sulfide owing to gold’s high affinity for sulfur and unique physical properties of nanomaterials. They experimented with carbon nanotubes and graphene—an atomic-scale chicken wire made of carbon atoms—and used computer modeling, X-ray diffraction, and transmission electron microscopy to study the self-assembly process. They also tested the resulting materials’ responses to hydrogen sulfide.

technique for providing carbon nanowire materials has great ..

“To produce the gold nanowires, we suspended nanotubes in water with gold-containing chloroauric acid,” says Star. “As we stirred and heated the mixture, the gold reduced and formed nanoparticles on the outer walls of the tubes. The result was a highly conductive jumble of gold nanowires and carbon nanotubes.”

Synthesis of Boron Nanowires, Nanotubes, and Nanosheets

Figure 1. Synthesis and characterization of gold nanowires. (a) An aqueous suspension of 1-pyrenesulfonic acid (PSA)-functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) was used as a template during citrate reduction of HAuCl4. (b) TEM images showing the assembly of AuNPs on the SWNTs (after 30 min, left) and their welding into AuNWs (after 120 min, right). (c) UV–vis–NIR absorption spectra of AuNW-SWNTs and AuNP-SWNTs samples. Gold surface plasmon resonance shows a red shift with increasing size of gold nanostructures. The inset depicts a digital photo of vials containing suspensions of AuNPs and AuNWs (with SWNTs). (d) X-ray diffraction pattern of AuNWs. (e) High-resolution TEM image of AuNWs showing the polycrystalline nature of the welded AuNWs.

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