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Breast Augmentation - California Surgical Institute

How important is en blok for me? My surgeon is willing to do a complete capsualectomy with the exception of having to leave some of Capsual due to it being suck to ribs. She said she can “vigorously” scrape any capsule left to try and break it down. Is that a good idea or should I just have her leave that tissue alone and let my body absorb it? Do my symptoms seem to be more related to toxcicity rather than silicone since I shouldn’t be ruptured?

Breast Implant of Silicon Prosthesis - Dr. Rodrigo …

ProcedureDiagnostic Codes ICD10:
T85.49XA – Mechanical complication of breast prosthesis and implant
T85.79XA – Infection and inflammatory reaction due to other internal prosthetic devices, implants, grafts.
T85.84XA – Pain due to internal prosthetic devices, implants and grafts.
T85.44XA – Contracture of Breast Prosthesis
T85.43XA – Rupture of Breast Prosthesis
N64.81 – Breast Ptosis
N64.4 – Mastodynia

Implant-based breast reconstruction and augmentation

A breast implant is a prosthesis used to change the size, shape, and contour of a woman’s breast

Hi Amanda,
The earlier you have your breast implants removed, the easier and quicker you heal. Please ensure that your explant is En Bloc/Total Capsulectomy. All capsule tissue should be removed for your best recovery and choose a surgeon committed to getting it all out. Nicole

Hi Robbi,
My name is Leslie and 2 years ago I was in your same shoes. I went for it all.. Bi lateral mascestomy, silicone expanders, Chemo and finally Silicone implants. After 25 months of MISERY 6 days ago I had my explant surgery. Within 24 hrs so many of my symptoms were gone. My advice to you is get all the facts from your plastic surgeon, then straight from the manufacturing of the best mplant the Dr will implant you with. Your mind will be crystal clear after reading the facts. Cancer and Chemo were a breeze compared to breast implant illness.
Best of luck
P..S. Your health looks way better than fake boobs..Flat is Fabulous

Breast Augmentation (Prosthesis) - Elmas Health Group

Breast Augmentation is commonly known as “breast silicone surgery” and it increases ..

Oh yes, can you please send me a copy of the Guidelines and indications for Breast Implant Capsulectomy, Thank you. I’m also thinking that search engine optimization for this wonderful site may help save some women from going through the hell most of us on here have gone through. “target” words which would bring this site up for women searching for having implants might include “best implants”, etc. Thank you.

Hi Nina,
Plastic surgeons do know that implants cause illness but they refuse to admit it because implants are their biggest source of revenue and silicone is the basis for plastic surgery (that is why they call it plastic). Plastic surgeons use the junk scientific studies created by the chemical companies to promote the dubious idea that silicone is an inert substance in the body while completely overlooking that it is made up of over 35 highly toxic chemicals and heavy metals that are known endocrine disruptors, neurotoxic and cytotoxic to cells while promoting bacterial and fungal overgrowth. Please ensure that you are getting a enbloc style explant with a Total Capsulectomy which will ensure your best recovery. Many women have to treat with antifungals as well in order to recover due to immune dysfunction caused by breast implants. Depending on what type of work you do, I would plan to take at least two weeks off work for a desk style job. If your job is physical and includes bending and lifting you will need more time to heal. Please join the Facebook group Breast Implant Illness Healing Official Group so we can support you through your detox. Nicole

Houston Breast Augmentation (Silicone Implants) …
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Pictures of subglandular breast implants. Glamour nude shot

Hi Michelle,
I would contact your surgeon and phone the pathology lab that did the report and ask them to explain it to you. From my research it does mean inflammation which is common from breast implants.

Insurance - Breast Implant Illness

Hi Jennifer,
Yes saline breast implants cause the same types of symptoms as silicone, after all the shell of saline is made from silicone too.

Implant | definition of implant by Medical dictionary

The latest peer-reviewed manuscript concerning silicone gel-filled breast implants was published on September 5, 2017. To access it, google the journal “International Annals of Medicine” – this is an open access journal, and the PDF article can be downloaded without cost. The title of the article is “Mechanisms of Breast Implant Toxicity: Will the Real Ringmaster Please Stand Up.”

RESOURCES - Healing Breast Implant Illness

Just had my explant on 5/22/17 best decision I ever made I had all the symptoms I had saline implants done 2006 5 yrs later I started experiencing trouble swallowing then came the migraines, hair loss, joint pain in my knees, shoulders, feet back , neck. Brain fog, blurred vision, dry skin, inflammation on my hand feet, bloating stomach looked like I was 9 months pregnant, acid reflux, my eyes were so puffy in the morning and believe me I was constantly at the doctors office, I didnt have arthritis, he could find absolutely nothing wrong with me from all my symptoms. I came across this website and I decided to have the explant and let me tell you I feel great I did start detoxing I can now sleep which I had not been able to in about a year. All my symptoms are gone. My breast are a lil droopy since my implants were behind the muscle, but I don’t care I have my life back. I was a prisoner in my own body with those implants. I feel great and healthy, I honestly felt like I was going to die didn’t know what was wrong with me.

119 thoughts on “ RESOURCES ” Jayne January 6, 2018 at 9:41 pm

Hi there,
I am 54 years old and had nonhodgkins lymphoma in 1980 with heavy radiation to the chest and chemo.
In 2006, I developed breast cancer an had a bilateral mastectomy with total reconstruction completed in 2009 with Silicone Implants.
Then in 2011 I had to have a double bypass
Due to radiation damage from the nonhodgkins .
RECENTLY I developed two blood clots from a picc line put in my left arm.!( one subclavian clot and one axilla) and they discovered an ” old rt. Jugular clot too in July 2014!
I planned on removing my breast implants in September 2014 , as I’ve been VERY ILL .
And have Capsule contracture ! The pain is like non other and MANY AUTOIMMUNE SYMPTOMS!
I consulted with an explant surgeon in May 2014 and had planned on surgery in September 2014 ( my year anniversary of being on Plavix for a heart stent )
I developed worsening chest pain and had to have a procedure done In July 2014 and a PICC LINE WAS PUT IN( I have difficult vein access) .
The picc caused 2 blood clots and know I’ve become a surgical risk.
The plastic surgeon mentioned I may not be able to have the capsules removed, only the implants!!
The previous surgeon I CONSULTED IN MAY 2014 ( in OHIO ) won’t return my calls and now I’m really a prisoner to my potentially leaking SILICONE IMPLANTS! ( since she found out about my blood clots!)
I also have fibrosis in my lungs and need to GET THESE IMPLANTS OUT!
Cardiology has just cleared me for surgery
Do you know of any explant surgeons in the Michigan area ? ( other than Dr Feng in Ohio)

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