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Benzyl Chloride - Merriam-Webster

Its oxidation reaction with an alkali produces benzaldehyde. alpha-Chlorinated toluenes are used in the end applications of perfumery, dyes, pharmaceuticals, synthetic resins, photographic chemicals, warfare chemicals, penicillins, quaternary ammonium compounds, plasticizer and esters.

Synthesis of Benzyl Chloride - Erowid

Chloromethylated aromatic compounds are used as monomer for a copolymerization and as intermediate in organic synthesis for the introduction of the benzyl protecting group for alcohols and carboxylic acids such as benzaldehyde and cinnamic acid.

Synthesis of benzyl chloride - YouTube

undergoes reactions typical of a reactive alkyl halide. Hydrolysis gives benzyl alcohol, reaction with ammonia yields benzylamines, and benzyl esters form by reaction with salts of carboxylic acids. Reaction with other nucleophiles yield substitution products; alkoxides give benzyl ethers and cyanide give .

They reacts vigorously with strong oxidants and water to produce hydrogen chloride and attacks many metals except nickel and lead in the presence of water.

Synthesis of benzyl chlorides - Organic chemistry

World consumption of benzyl chloride increased at an average annual rate of 5.6% from 2009 to 2013. This consumption growth was driven mainly by increases in China and India. Consumption in India and China will continue to grow the most rapidly, with expected annual growth rates of about 5.8% and 4.4%, respectively, during the next few years. The market for benzyl chloride is mature in Western Europe and demand will grow at a rate of only 1% annually during 2013–2018. In the United States, benzyl chloride consumption is expected to increase at an average rate of about 3% per year. Growth in demand is expected to be relatively stronger in Central and South America, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Middle East and Africa, albeit from a small basis, while the remaining regions such as Canada, Mexico, Other Asia and Oceania will continue to have minimal consumption and only modest growth. Japan’s market is expected to remain flat.

Benzyl chloride is consumed in the production of benzyl alcohol (accounting for about 40% of total benzyl chloride consumption), benzyl cyanide (17%), benzyl quaternary ammonium compounds (15%), and benzyl phthalates (13%), with the remainder consumed for benzyl esters and other products.

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Categories: C-Cl Bond Formation > Synthesis of benzyl chlorides

alpha-Chlorinated toluenes are organic compounds which one of the hydrogen atoms in the methyl group has been substituted by a chlorine atom instead of the substitution in the benzene ring .

Preparation of benzoyl chloride

Benzyl chloride consumption for the production of benzyl alcohol has increased and will continue to increase strongly in China and India. In China, benzyl alcohol is used increasingly in a variety of applications including epoxy resin diluent, perfumes, flavors, personal care and pharmaceutical products, and solvents. In India, benzyl alcohol is the largest benzyl chloride market and is mainly exported to Western Europe and the United States. It is also consumed domestically for pharmaceuticals, fragrances and other uses. In Western Europe, benzyl chloride consumption for benzyl alcohol production is the largest market use. Only slow growth is expected for this market in such areas as solvents, ballpoint pen inks and chemical intermediates. There is no benzyl alcohol production from benzyl chloride in the United States or Japan.

Benzyl Chloride For Synthesis | VWR

The following reagents were used: a) 1,3-dichloro-1,1,3,3-tetraisopropyldisiloxane, pyridine; b) benzoyl chloride, pyridine; c) tetrabutylammonium fluoride, HOAc, CH3CN; d) benzoyl chloride, pyridine, e) hexadecyloxypropyl phosphate, ,-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide, pyridine; f) ammonia/methanol; g) 2,4,6-triisopropylbenzenesulfonyl chloride, pyridine.

benzyl chloride | Sigma-Aldrich

Benzyl chloride used for benzyl cyanide production occurs primarily in China. It is expected to have only modest increases, but will remain the largest market for benzyl chloride in China. Benzyl cyanide is a precursor to the manufacture of penicillin G; it is also used in minor amounts for pesticides, flavors and fragrances.

Search results for benzyl chloride at Sigma-Aldrich

Benzyl chloride use for benzyl quaternary ammonium compounds (benzyl quats) is a major global market. In the United States, benzyl quats are expected to grow as a result of increasing use in biocides, oil and gas applications, personal care, and other product areas. China will continue to see strong growth in the water treatment and biocides markets. Growth in the use of benzyl quats in Western Europe will be driven by the water treatment and pharmaceutical industries. Growth in other regions, such as India, Central and South America, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Middle East and Africa, will also be driven by benzyl chloride use in benzyl quats production.

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