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At least two other axioms have been proposed that have implications for the continuum hypothesis, although these axioms have not currently found wide acceptance in the mathematical community. In 1986, Chris Freiling presented an argument against CH by showing that the negation of CH is equivalent to , a statement about . Freiling believes this axiom is "intuitively true" but others have disagreed. A difficult argument against CH developed by has attracted considerable attention since the year 2000 (Woodin 2001a, 2001b). Foreman (2003) does not reject Woodin's argument outright but urges caution.

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The independence from ZFC means that proving or disproving the CH within ZFC is impossible. However, Gödel and Cohen's negative results are not universally accepted as disposing of all interest in the continuum hypothesis. Hilbert's problem remains an active topic of research; see and for an overview of the current research status.

The last implies a weak form of the continuum hypothesis (namely, ..

The continuum hypothesis was advanced by  in 1878. The name of the hypothesis comes from the term  for the real numbers.
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Although the generalized continuum hypothesis refers directly only to cardinal exponentiation with 2 as the base, one can deduce from it the values of cardinal exponentiation in all cases. It implies that

This is a generalization of the continuum hypothesis since the continuum has the same cardinality as the of the integers. It was first suggested by .

Incompatibility of the axiom of determinacy with the axiom of choice.

The axiom of determinacy, forcing axioms, and the ..
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In , the continuum hypothesis (abbreviated CH) is a hypothesis about the possible sizes of s. It states:Whether this statement is true or false is of , so that either the continuum hypothesis or its negation can be added as an axiom to ZFC set theory, with the resulting theory being consistent if and only if ZFC is consistent.

Cantor believed the continuum hypothesis to be true and tried for many years to prove it, in vain . It became the first on David Hilbert's that was presented at the in the year 1900 in Paris. Axiomatic set theory was at that point not yet formulated. Independence was proved in 1963 by , complementing earlier work by in 1940.

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The Axiom of Determinacy, Forcing Axioms, and the Nonstationary Ideal

Another viewpoint is that the conception of set is not specific enough to determine whether CH is true or false. This viewpoint was advanced as early as 1923 by , even before Gödel's first incompleteness theorem. Skolem argued on the basis of what is now known as , and it was later supported by the independence of CH from the axioms of ZFC since these axioms are enough to establish the elementary properties of sets and cardinalities. In order to argue against this viewpoint, it would be sufficient to demonstrate new axioms that are supported by intuition and resolve CH in one direction or another. Although the does resolve CH, it is not generally considered to be intuitively true any more than CH is generally considered to be false (Kunen 1980, p. 171).

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The continuum hypothesis was not the first statement shown to be independent of ZFC. An immediate consequence of , which was published in 1931, is that there is a formal statement (one for each appropriate scheme) expressing the consistency of ZFC that is independent of ZFC, assuming that ZFC is consistent. The continuum hypothesis and the were among the first mathematical statements shown to be independent of ZF set theory.

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With infinite sets such as the set of s or s, the existence of a bijection between two sets becomes more difficult to demonstrate. The rational numbers seemingly form a counterexample to the continuum hypothesis: the integers form a proper subset of the rationals, which themselves form a proper subset of the reals, so intuitively, there are more rational numbers than integers and more real numbers than rational numbers. However, this intuitive analysis is flawed; it does not take proper account of the fact that all three sets are . It turns out the rational numbers can actually be placed in one-to-one correspondence with the integers, and therefore the set of rational numbers is the same size () as the set of integers: they are both s.

How to formulate continuum hypothesis without the axiom of ..

proposes a multiverse approach to set theory and argues that "the continuum hypothesis is settled on the multiverse view by our extensive knowledge about how it behaves in the multiverse, and, as a result, it can no longer be settled in the manner formerly hoped for." (Hamkins 2012). In a related vein, wrote that he does "not agree with the pure Platonic view that the interesting problems in set theory can be decided, that we just have to discover the additional axiom. My mental picture is that we have many possible set theories, all conforming to ZFC." (Shelah 2003).

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