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Spectral voice conversion for text-to-speech synthesis.

Terrie lost her voice due to years of illness, vocal cord scarring and recurring polyps. A retired teacher now attending Bible classes, she is an enthusiastic user of both TextAloud 3 and NextUp Talker who uses simple, everyday technology - a small laptop computer - along with text to speech software to overcome her voice loss.

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This speech board was made available from TI in 1985 and included the capability of straight digital speech recording, LPC-encoded recording and generation of text-to-speech." (KGM)------------------------------------------------------------- BIOGRAPHIESPAUL S.

AcuVoice Concatenative Speech Synthesizer

. Comparison of synthesis and a natural sentence, female voice, Dennis Klatt, 1986. 0.10

Between 1996 and early 1998, with a staff of nine, ETI developed complete text-to-speech systems for five additional languages/dialects (German, UK English, Italian, Castilian Spanish, and Parisian French) and incorporated them into the ETI-Eloquence product, thereby illustrating the power of the extensive technology foundation on which the product was based.

Text-to-speech capability was used in the develop-ment of bar-code readable books for children as a first-pass genera-ting of the strings of allophones and their accompanying prosody.

Multilingual Text-to-Speech Synthesis: The Bell Labs approach.

Here you can test all our text to speech voices with the text of your choice.

Dimension FilmsWeipaiWeippertWeirWeir PumpsVon WeiseVon WeissWeiss MaturaWekinatorWelborne Labs LaurelWelch Allyn Welch MRL JumpStartWeldonWelectWelkinWellWell-Tempered Lab Well-Tempered Well-Tempered Signature EditionWelland Engineering CompanyWellbrook CommunicationsWellcoWellhouse LeisureWells-Gardner LafayetteWelltechWelpa Allegro Juva Mambo Perfo Pileco Récepteur ToscaWelpacWeismannWeltblickWeltfunkWeltronWeltstarWelwynWelwyn Tool Company LeisterWelzWembley Loudspeaker Company B Line B Line Sub HPi-8 Nemesys SpyderWemliteWeMoWen TechnologyWendel JuniorWenvor TechnologiesWenzel AssociatesWenzhou Werun Electric Technology CompanyWenzhou YuanDa Electrical Equipment CompanyWEPWerlisa Color LaotarWernerWeRoamWeRoboticsWersi Arcus Bass Synthesizer Elektra Expander Golden Gate Live Style Louvre Memory Tower Omega Pegasus Pegasus Plus Pegasus Wing Scala Verona Wersi-Matic Wersi USA WersimaticDe Wert DeLuxe Megamat Megamat PlusWertheimWeSCWescomWesgrove and SnellWeskit NoviceWessex Computers SimplicITyWessex Microtech Workshop Manager PlusWessex Water Bio Bug GENecoWestWest Battery CompanyWest FrostWest InstrumentsWestachWestaim CorporationWestbergWestclox Quartzmatic RepeaterWestcode SemiconductorsWestellWestern Auto Supply TruetoneWestern Coil and Electrical RadiodyneWestern Digital Caviar Caviar Blue Caviar Performance Data Lifeguard Enterprise My Book My Book World My Passport MyBook Max Edition OnTrack Raptor Professional S.M.A.R.T.

RasmussenRaspberry Pi Foundation Raspberry PiRaster-OPS ClearVueColor RasterOpsRATARatajik Software StationRipperRatcliff TranslinerRateMyTeachersRatesetterRational RoseRational SystemsRaulandRauna Balder TyrRavelRaven Manufacturing SidewinderRavenheatRavensburgerRavisent Technologies CinePlayer DVR Plus WinVCRRavistatRavlinRAVPowerRaw Cut TelevisionRawkusRawlings Radar BallRawlplug CompanyWC Rawls and CompanyRaxco Software ANIXIS Password Reset PerfectDiskRay Jefferson TitanRay-LuxRay Ramirez BassesRay TunerRaychemRaydexRaylia Miniature SuperRaymarine GroupRaymond Electric Raymond Radio and TelevisionRaymond WeilRaynorRayoRayovac High Power Maximum Ray-o-Vac Rayovac Europe Rayovac Vidor Value BrightsRaytheon Manufacturing Company Amplitron AMRAAM Argus Falcon ASTOR Beech Aerospace Systems Belmont Bendix Radio BVRAAM CIWS Cossor Aerospace Hawk Kino Lamp KinoLamp Laser In-Close Weapon System Magnavox Patriot Patriot Advanced Capability Paveway Radarange RAPTOR Raylink Raytheon E-Systems Raytheon Electronics Systems Raytheon Missile Systems Raytheon Systems Sidewinder Silent Guardian Stinger Symbolray Tele-Zoom TomahawkRazer Project ValerieRazonRazor & Tie RecordsRazorfishRB ConceptsRB DesignRBH SoundRC PartnerRCD ComponentsRCFRCF Supersonic HétérodyneRCR Poste Toutes OndesRCS Terra SatRCS RadioRCT EngineeringRCTV InternationalRDC ScotlandRDF MediaRDI Computer CorporationRdioRDLRDL SpeakersRDX LabsRe:codeRE DesignsRe-ViewReachinReaction Engines Sabre SkylonReactorReactOSReactrixReadriteReadytoSurfReal-World Technology RWTRealistic Astronaut Jetstream Pro Pro Hyperscan Nova-16RealitisRealNetworks BoostKit FastView Plus Harmony Helix Powered Memokit Player Now!

MBR-PSOLA : Text-to-speech synthesis based on an MBE re-synthesis of the segments database.
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The German Text-to-Speech Synthesis System MARY: A …

. American English. "Hi! Welcome to our demonstration of the American English TTS system. This program converts any written text into a phonetic representation. From this representation, a spoken version is then synthesized. Thus, the artificial voice which you have just been listening to. Thank you for your attention. Bye." 0.24

This paper introduces the German text-to-speech synthesis system MARY

In the various grant projects, my collaborators and I researched a large number of phonetically-diverse languages and five dialects of English; developed a modular approach to multi-language and multi-dialect text-to-speech synthesis; developed synthesis rules for a number of languages; and optimized Delta and the rules developed with it for eventual productization.

The Bell Labs German text-to-speech system - …

. An improved version of DECtalk. "DecTalk PC is a new and improved version of the well-known DecTalk speech synthesizer. It represents the state of the art in text-to-speech synthesis. This demonstration will provide some examples of DecTalk's capabilities." "DECtalk has nine standard voices and can speak at rates of 75 to 600 words per minute." "The DECtalk text-to-speech synthesizer converts computer text to intelligible speech." 0.29

The Bell Labs German text-to-speech system

. English male (Southern British accent). "The 5:30 train for Liverpool St. is running 7 minutes early."
English female (Southern British accent). "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled herring" ... "There are 3 people listed under Johnston, Mr..."
English male (Northern accent). "This is synthetic speech based on the voice of Peter Cochrane".
Dialogue between a male and female speaker. "My wife has just gone to the West Indies..." 0.28

Multilingual Text-to-Speech Synthesis: The Bell Labs ..

At NeoSpeech, we specialize in developing and delivering the best text-to-speech solutions for personal users, developers and businesses. We have a range of text-to-speech software for embedded devices, desktop and network server/applications. Say goodbye to robotic sounding voices and hello to our human-like, natural synthesized voices in 15 different languages and over 40 voices.

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