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Deaths are caused by overwhelming infection or formation of blood clots in the veins (thromboembolism) and occur in very sick patients.

What is the immediate side effects and how to cope with them?

Even though these acute side effects can be severe, they are usually tolerable and temporary.

List of immediate side effects following chemotherapy:

q Low total white cell count (Less than 2000/ mm3)
q Fever
q Infection
q Nausea
q Diarrhea
q Hair loss
q Platelets count (Less than 50,000/ mm3)
q Thromboembolism
q Cystitis
q Weight gain (More than 10%)

Women on chemotherapy can seek advice on how to cope with these side effects from various sources:

q Reading materials
q Doctors and breast care nurses
q Support groups

What about long term side effects?

3 major long-term side effects associated with chemotherapy have been identified:

q Premature Menopause.

Inheritance of abnormal forms of such genes increases a woman’s chance of getting breast cancer.

Breast prosthesis is an artificial breast that can be worn by patients who have undergone a mastectomy surgery. It helps to restore balance to the body and it will also fill up the bra naturally. It will also help to prevent back and shoulder pain, and breast prosthesis can be custom designed for patients.

Breast Forms | Breast Prosthesis | Silicone ..

a stage I breast cancer patient has a 80% chance of surviving 5 years compared to a 60% chance for a stage II breast cancer.

The breast can be reconstructed and there is a new improved technique of breast reconstruction called Skin Sparing Mastectomy (SSM) and Reconstruction.

Points to note in Breast Reconstruction following mastectomy:

q Timing of Reconstruction
· Immediate: The Reconstruction is performed after the Mastectomy at the same operation.

These information are vital and help to predict survival and determine the treatment.

Staging is determined based on the following:

q Information regarding the tumour size and invasion of the lymph glands in the armpit based on microscopic examination of the tumour and operated specimen.

q Diagnostic Imaging Studies to study the extent of spread within the body, which includes chest x-ray, ultrasound scan of liver and bone scan.

Stage Average Survival (%)
0 Non invasive cancer 90
1 Small invasive cancer
2 Invasive cancer > 2 cm with lymph gland invasion
3 Large invasive cancer > 5cm with invasion of skin
4 Widespread or metastatic cancer 50

Grade is determined by examining the cancer cells under the microscope and labeling the cancer cells as grade 1 (well differentiated), least aggressive; grade 2 (moderately differentiated), moderately aggressive and grade 3 (poorly differentiated), most aggressive.

Estrogen receptors are markers found on the surface of breast cancer cells and their presence is determined by tests on the breast cancer.

The following companies sell breast prostheses (artificial br

The Pill is a popular form of birth control and the worry was whether it would increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer.

The fitment of breast prosthesis is available from our Somerset West branch, while arrangements can be made to obtain this service from our Bellville branch as well. We aim to make this process as easy as possible for patients and will provide the necessary guidance and support throughout this process.

If the cells divide in an uncontrolled manner and invade the surrounding tissues, a cancer or malignant lump is formed.

Breast cancer usually originates from the cells lining the milk ducts and glands.

Depending on his experience, a doctor can suspect whether a breast lump is cancerous or not by performing a clinical breast examination.
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Breast prosthesis and bra information | Cancer Society NZ

Even though it is simple and easy to perform, FNA is not as accurate as the other biopsy techniques for several reasons (a) inadequate number of cells sampled (b) inexperienced pathologist (c) inability to diagnose a noninvasive breast cancer (which requires a piece of the breast cancer for diagnosis)

q Core Needle Biopsy.

A breast prosthesis is an artificial breast form

This operation is usually performed under general anaesthesia as a day surgery procedure.

What Are The Disadvantages of Breast Screening?

q I have mentioned earlier that mammogram is painful to some women and there is a small risk from radiation exposure

q Unfortunately no diagnostic tests including mammogram are 100 percent accurate and some normal women may have mammograms showing an abnormal result.

Silicone Breast Forms - TLC Direct

The effectiveness of breast screening for women in her seventies remains unproven.

Where Can I Go For Breast Screening?

Breast Screening is available as part of a general health check in Well Women Clinics found in most government outpatient clinics and Singapore Cancer Society.

Breast Forms , Breast Prosthesis, Mastectomy ..

A new modified technique of mastectomy in which more skin is preserved, called Skin Sparing Mastectomy is performed and the breast is reconstructed with an artificial implant and a skin flap harvested from the back to cover the hole left after removal of the nipple.

· Delayed: The Reconstruction is performed at a second operation anytime after treatment for the breast cancer is completed.

Breast Forms at The Breast Form Store .Com

Stunning new bra from Royce in soft mulberry. The moulded cups, ensuring a smooth outline, are trimmed with pretty satin cuffs and the soft fabric and cotton pockets keep you feeling comfortable and fresh all day. Comes with deep pockets on both sides to fit a wide variety of breast forms including partials and shells. The pocket of the bra which is not needed folds away discreetly in the cup so the natural breast is not hindered. Suitable for left, right or double mastectomies, lumpectomies and reconstructions. Support: Medium 32% Polyester, 30% Cotton, 16% Polyamide, 15% Viscose, 7% Elastane Colour range Mulberry and Navy

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