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Complex or compound sentences contain two or moreclauses.

In antithesis to "wages," Paul uses the word "gift" (Greek, charisma). "Gift" is "grace" (charisma). While humble obedience is required (one must accept God’s grace and receive it not in vain, 2 Cor. 6: 1, Heb. 5: 8, 9), such submission does not constitute meriting eternal life (cp. Luke 17: 10). God’s gift of grace is not something that we receive commensurate to our works, because all men, even Christians sin (Rom. 3: 23, I John 1: 7-10). Without the intervention of God’s grace, all would be doomed to hell. We have earned hell, but not eternal life!

Idealism Philosophy of Georg Hegel On Spirit, Unity, Synthesis of Thesis & Antithesis

A compound-complex sentence is a compound sentence with at least one complex element (e.g., appositive phrase, participial phrase, adverb clause (or phrase), adjective clause (or phrase), or absolute phrase) attached. Compound-Complex sentences can get extremely lengthy.

Antithesis Examples and Definition - Literary Devices

A metaphor is a figure of speech in which one idea or action isconveyed by a word or phrase that normally indicates a different idea oraction.

The combination of thesis and antithesis in the Hegelian dialectical process whereby a new and higher level of truth is produced.Origin of synthesisLatin collection from Greek sunthesis from suntithenai to put together sun- syn- tithenai to put ; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.

Thus, Paul by means of the law of antithesis presents both God and man. Man, the sinner, on his own suffering spiritual death. God provides man the means of escape, His gift of grace. Man is observed as effecting his own death through his sin, but God is set forth as presenting man eternal life, totally free of man’s merit. "Wages" and "gift," "death" and "eternal life" are powerful antithetical words, words meaning the direct opposite. The law of antithesis, then, is used by the Holy Spirit to show the helpless state of man and the incomprehensible love and grace of God (Rom. 5: 6-10).

Examples of Antithesis? | Yahoo Answers

Sentences are categorized on the basis oftheir function (declaratory, interrogatory, or imperative) and structure(simple, complex, compound).

A simple sentence contains ONE idea. It contains a subject (who or what is being talked about) and a predicate (which tells something about the subject). A simple sentence can have two subjects (called a compound subject) or two predicates (called a compound predicate).

A compound sentence is two simple sentences joined together. These sentences can be joined by a comma-conjunction combination, a semi-colon, or (in special circumstances) a colon.

The Law of Antithesis
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antithesis in a Sentence | Vocabulary Builder

Those who believe and teach that the scriptures are just a bunch of jumbled up words that require the special and esoteric assistance of the Holy Spirit to interpret are largely responsible for much of the chaos in the religious world (cp. Eph. 3: 4). The fact of the matter is God’s word is subject to the same basic methods of interpretation and study as any literature. The more the Bible student realizes this, the more truth he is capable of ascertaining. One situation seen in literature and in the scriptures is the law of antithesis. The word "antithesis" is straight from the Greek (transliterated form). It is a compound word made up of, "anti," meaning against; and, "thesis, a setting. It is defined as:

How do you use antithesis in a sentence | scholarly search

"The duration of the punishment of the wicked can be settled by this law of antithesis (Matt. 25: 46). ‘And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.’ The duration which is the measure of the one of these, must of necessity be the measure of the other, unless the author of the antithesis has seen proper to make a difference in that respect. In this case, so far from making any difference, He has used the same word on both sides (aionios, translated first "everlasting" and then "eternal" in the KJV, dm); if the eternal life of the righteous is life without end, so is the punishment of the wicked. This is absolutely demanded by the law of antithesis" (Hermeneutics, pg. 347, 348).

How do you use antithesis in a sentence ..

Hermeneutics by Duncan is a classic and has been used extensively as a class book to teach language study, especially the study of language as observed in the scriptures and a work from which I shall quote to set up a frame of reference for this article. The verse to which we want to apply the law of antithesis is Paul’s famous statement in Romans 6: 23. However, prior to doing this, I want to share some thoughts from Professor Duncan regarding some other verses and passages.

Use antithesis in a sentence | antithesis sentence ..

Anterior to noticing instances of the law of antithesis and how it serves to irrefutably establish various biblical truths, one might ask what is the essential difference between a comparison, contrast, and an antithesis. In general, a cursory consideration of this question might not establish any serious dissimilarities. A comparison involves two or more matters being considered as to any similarities or differences they may possess in proximity one to another. A contrast would be a more detailed comparison for the purpose of clearly establishing likenesses and areas of converse. An antithesis, on the other hand, would be to observe the direct opposites in such a comparison or contrast. The law of antithesis, then, extracts properties that are the reverse. One can learn important truths by first establishing an affirmation and then either observing or inferring the opposite. Let me inject that we must first determine that the set up is that of antithesis and then we must be careful to observe what antithetical truths are intended. Hence, an antithesis can either be very simple or more complex, requiring more caution.

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