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Is Zozobra the ‘antithesis of Christianity’

-- Christianityhad brought into life a quite novel and limitless, and therewith quite novel securities,pleasures, recreations and evaluations of all things. Our centurydenies this perilousness, and does so with a good conscience: andyet it continues to drag along with it the old habits of Christiansecurity, Christian enjoyment, recreation, evaluation! It evendrags them into its noblest arts and philosophies! How worn out andfeeble, how insipid and awkward, how arbitrarily fanatical and,above all, how insecure all this must appear, now that the fearfulantithesis to it, the omnipresent of the Christian forhis salvation, has been lost.

"Socialism is the antithesis of Christianity

We see that most clearly when Paul went to Athens and there met the learned unbelievers of his day -- the philosophers in the capital city of philosophy, Athens. On Mars hill, (actually before the Areopagus council, I believe) Paul defended his Christian faith, as we read in Acts 17. We must make special note of what Acts 17 says. Paul pressed the antithesis, and Luke draws that to our attention.

Christian Antithesis - EzineArticles

socialism is the antithesis of Christianity

By the 11th century, in their zeal to establish Christ's kingdom, the Roman popes ("pope" is an ecclesiastical office that is the very antithesis of the New Testament ideal of a local church pastor) began utilizing a new tool -- the Crusades. At first, the Crusades had as their object the conquering of Jerusalem and the "Holy Land". Along the crusaders' paths, thousands of innocent civilians (especially Jews) were raped, robbed, and slaughtered. In time, however, the crusade concept was altered to crush spiritual opposition within Europe itself. In other words, armies were raised with the intent of massacring whole communities of Bible believing Christians. One such group of Bible believing Christians were known as the Albigenses.

There’s a reason why, in Marxist states such as Communist China and Vietnam and the old Soviet Union, Christians are always persecuted—the ideas espoused by Marxism are antithetical to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Trump Is the Antithesis of Christian Values - PressFrom …

The Antithesis of Status-Quo Christianity — Charisma News

Accordingly, our age is characterized by intellectual pluralism and the spirit of rapprochement, not at all by a recognition of, or a regard for, a categorical antithesis between Christian and non-Christian viewpoints.

Paul concisely lays out the epistemological enmity of which we are speaking, and he plainly points to its consequences, in Colossians 2:8 -- "take heed, lest anyone rob you [that is, rob you of the wisdom of the treasures of knowledge spoken of in verse three preceding] through his philosophy, even vain deceit, which is after the traditions of men, after the rudimentary assumptions of the world, and not after Christ." Here, Paul sets a philosophy which is "after Christ" in antithesis to one that is "after worldly" presuppositions (his word is "rudiments": the elementary principles of learning) and human traditions. And Paul says that the latter will have the effect of depriving those who maintain it of knowledge. Those who "suppress the truth in unrighteousness," are not only "without excuse" for their line of reasoning, but they also become "vain in their reasoning, their senseless hearts being darkened" (Rom 1:18,20-21).' Unbelieving philosophy is not "philosophy", (etymologically "the love of wisdom") at all. The arguments of unregenerate men against the Christian faith are thus only "the oppositions of knowledge falsely-so-called" (I Tim 6:20), the foolish reasoning of those "that oppose themselves" (II Tim 2:25) in the process of prosecuting their enmity or hostility against God.

"Christianity is the antithesis of logic." is true, but is this …
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Wellspring: Buddhism and Its Antithesis: Christianity

However, that such a vain effort to eliminate antithesis between Biblical Christianity and its opponents is made by worldly scholars should come as no surprise. After all, respect for, and condoning of, that antithesis would be implicitly self-condemning. John 3:20 tells us that it is precisely an escape from God's condemnation which unbelievers seek.

Judaism is the antithesis of Christianity.

The modern repudiation of the antithesis between the regenerate and unregenerate minds, between the Christian worldview and its competitors, is itself (ironically) a reiteration of that very antithesis. Macquarrie's promotion of religious relativism and Toulmin's rejection of any distinctively Christian cosmology both take their stand over against the Christ speaking in the Scriptures. Contrary to the thesis proclaimed by Christ, the modern man asserts its anti-thesis. The God-ordained "enmity" between belief and unbelief (cf. Genesis 3:15) cannot ever be successfully overcome. In its effort to supplant it, unbelieving scholarship simply ends up supporting it.

At War With the Word: The Necessity of Biblical Antithesis

The remarkable thing is that even professedly "Christian" scholars would likewise make the vain effort to eliminate the antithesis between Biblical philosophy and unbiblical speculation.

Is Marxism compatible with the Christian faith?

Toulmin is willing to return to cosmological thinking, just so long as any antithesis between a Christian theology of nature and any non-Christian conception is ruled out in advance. The Christian perspective is to be confined to the realm of grace, not allowed to create sectarian disputes within the realm of nature. The last thing that the modern mind is willing to accept is a distinctively Christian mathematics, a distinctively Christian natural science, a distinctively Christian anything. No special place may be afforded the Christian perspective. "The antithesis" must be removed if Christians are to dialogue with other religionists, philosophers, or scientists. Everyone must be respected for having a perspective which contributes to the rich understanding of this ultimately mysterious universe.

Philosophy and Christian Theology (Stanford …

[At this point in the original lecture, Dr. Bahnsen enters into an extended critique of Francis Schaeffer's notion of antithesis. Bahnsen argues that "one might think, then, that we would welcome any Christian scholar or writer who makes the summons back to antithesis central to his encounter with modern culture. But, this is not entirely the case. In a rather odd way, some conceptions of the antithesis can unwittingly, but, nevertheless, truly work to undermine the very antithesis which is presented in and essential to the Biblical viewpoint...this is what we find the case of Francis Schaeffer's apologetical work and writings."

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