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Carana, S. 2011g. Runaway Global Warming.

The main drivers of global temperature are probably the sunspot levels and the ocean current temperatures. There are other short-term, temperature drivers (such as CO2), but Global Warming alarmists chose to gloss over the well-known, long standing evidence. The weight of this evidence indicates that it is the combination of the “sun and sea” that most likely drives global temperature.

Anthropogenic global warming theory - Conservapedia

In unpublished written testimony provided to the Senate Armed Services Committee after his , Mattis said it was incumbent on the U.S. military to consider how changes like open-water routes in the thawing Arctic and drought in global trouble spots can pose challenges for troops and defense planners. He also stressed this is a real-time issue, not some distant what-if.

or even called for policies to reduce global warming

Dessus, B., and Laponche B., Herve le Treut, 2008. Global Warming: The Significance of Methane bd-bl-hlt January 2008.

An Imperial College physicist with 50 years publication record has recently shown that Pacific warming was +3C in 2014 and likely +4C by 2016. Climate sensitivity is a nonsense. The doubling CO2 heat trap is also seen in the exponential doubling decrease in Arctic floating ice volumes.

This is based on century-long daily sea surface temperature records. It was found on a student cruise between Tahiti and Hawaii where surface and 3m temperatures and salinities were measured hourly. A sign change in the seawater density equation reverses the impact of increasing salinity on density. By a quirk in the seawater density equation water warmer than 36 parts per thousand and 28C does not sink. It forms a westward thickening subsurface layer along the equator. It contributes to the 30C western and eastern Pacific warm pools.

Deconstruction Of The Anthropogenic Global Warming …

Shifts in climate can be exponential, abrupt and massive due to “feedbacks,” which can amplify and diminish the effects of global warming.

We know that some things are adapting to a warmer climate by migrating north. Some of these species include the , , , and many others. has added a terrifying new entry to this list, the latitude where hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones reach their maximum intensity.

Headlines released today from the frontline arctic scientists are the most dire yet. On the current trajectory there will be NO LIFE left on the planet by the middle of this century if the human race does not make a total course correction. What is not mentioned in these headlines is that the math points to a total end of life in the Northern Hemisphere much sooner. Methane hydrate is already spewing from the sea floor as warm water currents thaw the formerly frozen gas deposits. Methane seeps are now also being discovered all along the eastern seaboard and the arctic tundra is thawing as well (methane is over 100 times more potent a greenhouse gas than Co2 over a ten year horizon). Here is where the equation becomes complex in regard to people’s perspectives and conclusions from different sides of this issue. Denial is epidemic all the way around in one form or another. First, though the assessment from the front line scientists is accurate in regard to the critical nature of the emergency, these same scientists are in total denial on the issue of geoengineering. The entire scientific community is either denying or afraid to discuss the climate engineering elephant in the room. Climate scientists are not even willing to mention the geoengineering reality, let alone point out the fact that geoengineering has made the climate situation far worse overall, not better. Geoengineering is not about making anything better for the common good, its about power and control. On the other side of the fence there is unfortunately a lingering refusal to examine current facts to form an accurate picture. A large percentage of the anti-geoengineering movement is still convinced of exactly what the power structure and the climate engineers want them to believe, either that the climate system has not been damaged or even that the planet is cooling. Geoengineered cool downs are still confusing many for the moment, but the overall meltdown of the planet cannot be hidden much longer as massive amounts of methane belch into the atmosphere. The article below is well worth the time to read. All must learn to “sift the baby from the bathwater” so to speak. We can not “connect the dots”, if bias and preconception blinds us to the facts. Though there are countless sources of anthropogenic damage to our biosphere, the ongoing climate engineering is the greatest of all. Once the issue of geoengineering is fully exposed, the climate science community will have much explaining to do. I look forward to that day.

Is coldest the correct word in the last sentence? “…is the coldest in 400 years…” Shouldn’t that be warmest?
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Is global warming a hypothesis or theory? | Climate …

There are 3 main CO2 bands of IR absorption at wavelengths 1388, 667, 2349 cm-1 (HITRAN) and these are already saturated at current levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. Infra Red measurements from space show that the atmosphere is opaque at these wavelengths. However at high levels in the atmosphere this is not no longer true and this is the only argument for the enhanced greenhouse warming by CO2 warming which makes sense to me (see below).

09/12/2015 · Is global warming a hypothesis or theory

The earth’s climate is constantly changing owing to natural variability in earth processes. Natural climate variability over recent geological time is greater than reasonable estimates of potential human-induced greenhouse gas changes. Because no tool is available to test the supposition of human-induced climate change and the range of natural variability is so great, there is no discernible human influence on global climate at this time.

Anthropogenic Global Warming theory - Free Critical Thinking

For example, in March 2008, a poll of Alberta’s 51,000 geologists found that only 26 per cent believe humans are the main cause of global warming. Forty-five per cent believe both humans and nature are causing climate change, and 68 per cent don’t think the debate is “over,” as Gore would like the public to believe.

Anthropogenic Global Warming ..

What are the possible forces? Well, plants absorb CO2, ice reflects sunlight, greenhouse gases absorb sunlight and clouds both absorb and reflect sunlight… These all influence the Greenhouse effect, which is an important temperature input. But, are they primary drivers of Earth’s climate? What really feeds the system its energy? Well, it’s generally accepted as the sun and the sea. In particular, we could be really looking at the cycles of Sunspots, which are flares of intense magnetic activity, and the ocean currents. It is likely that global temperature is controlled by solar energy and then modulated by that phenomenal sump of energy that is the world’s oceans. The solar and oceanic cycles sometimes offset and sometimes complement each other. The many other influences, such as man-made CO2, are relatively minor and often offset each other.

Anthropogenic Global Warming - Scribd

The significance of sunspots and ocean currents in driving global temperatures has long been recognised and has stood the test of time. As far back as 1801, noted an apparent connection between wheat prices and sunspot records. The evidence for both sunspots and ocean currents being the primary drivers of climate change is considerable, so why have we suddenly put the finger of “blame” on CO2? In addition, the current, gentle, warming they drive is far from catastrophic, it is .

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