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Alesis micron Synthesis The Alesis micron synth has 2 ..

PEDAL - owners manualRFX917 WAHLUME WAH/VOLUME PEDAL - owners manualRFX925 PANELO STEREO PANNER/TREMOLO - owners manualRFX950 SHOCKWAVE INSTRUMENT PREAMP - owners manualRFX962 TWIN SPIN STEREO CHORUS - owners manualRFX970 VIBRAFLANGE FLANGER - owners manualRP93 PATCHWORK MIDI CONTROLLED AUDIO SWITCHER - owners manualRP93S PATCHWORK MIDI CONTROLLED AUDIO SWITCHER - owners manualRXF920 PHASEOVIBE PHASER/VIBRATO - owners manualCHROMA - interface manualCHROMA - performance manualCHROMA - programming manualCHROMA - sequencer manualCHROMA - service manualCHROMA POLARIS - owner's manualELECTRIC PIANOS - service manualMK-60 - owner's manualMK-80 - owner's manualMODEL 660 - owner's manualMODEL 660 - service manualMODEL 760 - owner's manualMODEL 760 - service manualSTAGE PIANO 54 - owner's manualSTAGE PIANO 73 - owner's manualSTAGE PIANO 88 - owner's manualSUITCASE PIANO 73 - owner's manualSUITCASE PIANO 88 - owner's manualSUPER SATELLITE POWER SPEAKERS - owner's manualVK-1000 ORGAN - owner's manualOPUS (RUSSIAN SYNTHESIZER) - owner's manual+circuit drawings+english infoDETAILER MASTERING PLUG-IN - user's guideDYNAM-IZER COMPRESSOR PLUG-IN - user's guideDYNAM-IZER ONE COMPRESSOR PLUG-IN - user's guideFINIS PEAK LIMITING PLUG-IN - user's guideFIREQ IMPULSE RESPONSE EQ PLUG-IN - user's guideFREQUAL-IZER LINEAR-PHASE EQUALIZER PLUG-IN - user's guideINSPECTOR AUDIO ANALYSIS PLUG-IN - user's guideINSPECTORXL AUDIO ANALYSIS PLUG-IN SUITE - user's guideSPLI-ZER 3-BAND FREQUENCY SPLITTER/ROUTER PLUG-IN - user's guide3-WAY RAT MOD (RAT MODIFICATION) - manual410 PHASER - manualAD9 TRUE BYPASS MOD (IBANEZ AD9 MODIFICATION) - manualBD-2 PHAT MOD (BOSS BD-2 MODIFICATION) - manualCOMPRESSOR - manualDD3 MOD (BOSS DD-3 MODIFICATION) - manualDS-1 ULTRA MOD (BOSS DS-1 MODIFICATION) - manualFRAMPTONE AMP SWITCHER - manualFRAMPTONE TALKBOX - manualFRAMPTONE TALKBOX - tutorialFUZZ HEAD - circuit drawingFUZZ HEAD - manualJAVA BOOST - circuit drawingJAVA BOOST - manualMT-2 MOD (BOSS MT-2 MODIFICATION) - manualNOVA WAH - manualPARALLEL MIXER - manual and circuit drawingRAT MOD (RAT MODIFICATION) - manualSD-1 GE 5 STAR MOD (BOSS SD-1 MODIFICATION) - manualSD-1 STACKED MOD (BOSS SD-1 MODIFICATION) - manualSEEING EYE MOD (BOSS DS-1 MODIFICATION) - manualTIME MACHINE BOOST - manualTIME MACHINE BOOST - 2004 MODEL - user guideTRUE-BYPASS LOOPER - manualTS808 MOD (IBANEZ TS-808 MODIFICATION) - manualTS-9 BAKED MOD (IBANEZ TS-9 MODIFICATION) - manualTS-9 MOD PLUS (IBANEZ TS-9 MODIFICATION) - manualTS9DX FLEXI-4X2 MOD (IBANEZ TS-9DX MODIFICATION) - manualCHR-01 - features (owner's manual)ALL ACCESS - user's manualBANSHEE 2 AMPLIFIED TALKBOX - user's manualBANSHEE TALKBOX - instruction manualBASIX - instruction manualBIG CRUSH COMPRESSOR - instruction manualBIG SURF - user's manualBLACK CAT MOAN - user's manualBLUE THUNDER - user's manualCHAMELEON 2000 - instruction manualCHAMELEON 2000 - instruction manualCHAMELEON ONLINE - user's manualCYBORG DIGITAL DELAY - user's manualCYBORG DIGITAL DISTORTION - user's manualCYBORG DIGITAL REVERB - instruction manualDEEP BLUE - user's manualDVC DYNAMIC VOLUME CONTROLLER - instruction manualEGNATER TOL 100 - instruction manualEGNATER TOL 50 - instruction manualEGNATER TOL IE4 - owner's manualG.A.P.

Alesis Micron Synthesizer Manual | Synthesizer | Drum Kit

FUZZ - build instructionsENVELOPE FILTER - build instructionsLARGE BEAVER - build instructionsLARGE BEAVER VERSION 2.0 WITH EQ VOICING SWITCH - build instructionsLAZY SPROCKET - build instructionsMK2 FUZZ - build instructionsMK2 FUZZ (OLDER VERSIONS) - build instructionsMK2 FUZZ VERSION 3 - build instructionsMOUSE VERSION 2.0 WITH 6-WAY CLIPPING SWITCH - build instructionsOCTAVEFUZZ - build instructionsOPTICAL COMPRESSOR - build instructionsOVERDRIVE - build instructionsSCRIPT 90 PHASER - build instructionsSHREDDER - build instructionsTREMELO - build instructionsTRI BOOST - build instructionsULTIMATE FUZZ - build instructionsVIBRATO BA6110 VERSION - build instructionsVIBRATO BA662A VERSION - build instructionsWAH - build instructionsWAH (OLDER VERSIONS) - build instructionsMIFLOWER - owner's manualMIJAM DRUMMER - owner's manualMIJAM GUITAR - owner's manualMIJAM MIXER - owner's manualMIJAM STAGE MIC - owner's manualMILITES - owner's manualGRPT140 - keyboard automatic calibration procedureGRPT140 - owner's manualGRPT140 - service manualRPT114 - owner's manualRPT114 - service manualRPT114/O - service manualRPT114DL - keyboard automatic calibration procedureRPT114DL - service manualRPT115 - keyboard automatic calibration procedureRPT115 - service manualWS1 KEYBOARD WORKSTATION - tutorial manualWS2 KEYBOARD WORKSTATION - owner's manualWS2 KEYBOARD WORKSTATION - service manualWS2 KEYBOARD WORKSTATION - tutorial manualWS2 MIDI WORKSTATION - owner's manualWS2 MIDI WORKSTATION - service manualWS2 MIDI WORKSTATION - tutorial manualWS400 PIANO WORKSTATION - owner's manualWS400 PIANO WORKSTATION - service manualWS400 PIANO WORKSTATION - tutorial manualRADIO HOSTING SUITE - quick reference guideRADIO PRO - quick reference guideFX-TRACKER SYNCHRONIZED EFFECTS - editor software users manual v2.0FX-TRACKER SYNCHRONIZED EFFECTS - firmware version 2.0 upgrade procedureFX-TRACKER SYNCHRONIZED EFFECTS - users manualRIFFBOX APP - users manualRIFFBOX INTELLIGENT LOOPING - firmware version 4.2 upgrade procedureRIFFBOX INTELLIGENT LOOPING - firmware version 5.1 upgrade procedureRIFFBOX INTELLIGENT LOOPING - quick start guideRIFFBOX INTELLIGENT LOOPING - users manual version 4.1RIFFBOX INTELLIGENT LOOPING - users manual version 5.0ZENTONE 7 TUBE AMP - users manualBLACK CAT 30W AMPLIFIER - owner's manualBLACK CAT REVERB 30W AMPLIFIER - owner's manualCUB 15W AMPLIFIER - owner's manualCUB REVERB 15W AMPLIFIER - owner's manualHOT CAT HI-GAIN 30W AMPLIFIER - owner's manualTHE LEASH STATIC AUDIO LOAD - owner's manualTREM CAT 30W AMPLIFIER - owner's manualWILD CAT 30W AMPLIFIER - owner's manualAF1A-C TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetAF1A-I TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetAF1A-R TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetAF1-C - specification/installation sheetBASSAULT-R - specification/installation sheetBE-1220 - specification/installation sheetBE-1520 - specification/installation sheetBE-620 - specification/installation sheetBE-820 - specification/installation sheetBE-D12 - specification/installation sheetBE-D15 - specification/installation sheetBE-S12 - specification/installation sheetBRKT-1 - specification/installation sheetCRYSTAL-I TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetCRYSTAL-R TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetD10E-I - specification/installation sheetD12E-C - specification/installation sheetD12E-DA - specification/installation sheetD12E-I - specification/installation sheetD12E-R - specification/installation sheetD18E-AD - specification/installation sheetD18E-C - specification/installation sheetD18E-I - specification/installation sheetD18E-R - specification/installation sheetE-500DK - specification/installation sheetELF SYSTEMS - guide to elf systems version 1.3ELF SYSTEMS - guide to elf systems version 1.3wELF-1 - specification/installation sheetELF-M - specification/installation sheetE-TRAP - specification/installation sheetID-12 HOME - specification/installation sheetID-12 STUDIO - specification/installation sheetINFRA-M - specification/installation sheetINFRA-MX2 - specification/installation sheetINFRA-MXB - specification/installation sheetINFRASUB-12 PRO - specification/installation sheetINFRASUB-18 HOME - specification/installation sheetINFRASUB-18 PRO - specification/installation sheetM-6 TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetMINIMA ONE - specification/installation sheetMM-8 TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetMM-8H TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetONYX-R - specification/installation sheetOP-1 - specification/installation sheetOPAL-I TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetOPAL-R TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetP-CRYSTAL-R TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetP-D10E-I - specification/installation sheetP-D18E-AD - specification/installation sheetP-D18E-I - specification/installation sheetP-D18E-R - specification/installation sheetP-OPAL-I TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetP-OPAL-R TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetPP-1000 - specification/installation sheetPP-2010 - specification/installation sheetPP-2800 - specification/installation sheetPP-500 - specification/installation sheetP-S18E-I - specification/installation sheetP-S18E-R - specification/installation sheetPTA1200-I TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetPTA1200-R TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetPTA2000-I TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetPTA2000-R TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetPTA5000-I TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetPTA5000-R TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetQUARTZ-I - specification/installation sheetQUARTZ-R - specification/installation sheetS10E-I - specification/installation sheetS12E-I - specification/installation sheetS15X-D - specification/installation sheetS18E-C - specification/installation sheetS18E-D - specification/installation sheetS18E-I - specification/installation sheetS21E-C - specification/installation sheetSAPPHIRE-I TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetSAPPHIRE-R TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetTA1200-B TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetTA1200-C TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetTA1200-CF TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetTA1200-I TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetTA1200-O TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetTA1200-OF TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetTA1200-R TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetTA1200-RF TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetTA12-C - specification/installation sheetTA12JR-C - specification/installation sheetTA15-C - specification/installation sheetTA2000-C TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetTA2000-CF TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetTA2000-I TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetTA2000-R TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetTA2000-RF TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetTA5000-C TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetTA5000-CF TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetTA5000-I TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetTA5000-R TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetTA6000-I TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetTA6000-R TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetTA6000-S TIME-ALIGN - specification/installation sheetTS1508-R FULL RANGE - specification/installation sheetTS1810-R FULL RANGE - specification/installation sheetYOKE-1 - specification/installation sheetDG100 DIGITAL PIANO - service manualDG100A DIGITAL PIANO - service manualDVP25 DIGITAL PIANO - service manualDVP50 DIGITAL PIANO - service manualDVP50A DIGITAL PIANO - service manualEP101 PIANO PRO - service manualGRPT140 - keyboard automatic calibration procedureGRPT140 - owner's manualGRPT140 - service manualMODEL 61P ORGA-SONIC SPINET ORGAN - service manualPIANOVELLE GPS2500 - (simm) dram module - installation instructionsPIANOVELLE GPS2500 - a/v interface kit - installation instructionsPIANOVELLE GPS2500 - a/v kit/vocal processor - installation instructionsPIANOVELLE GPS2500 - a/v kit/vocal processor - service manualPIANOVELLE GPS2500 - advanced operationsPIANOVELLE GPS2500 - hard disk kit - installation instructionsPIANOVELLE GPS2500 - owner's manualPIANOVELLE GPS2500 - quick guidePIANOVELLE GPS2500 - reference guidePIANOVELLE GPS2500 - service manualPIANOVELLE GPS2500 (SIMM) DRAM MODULE - installation instructionsPIANOVELLE GPS2500 A/V INTERFACE KIT - installation instructionsPIANOVELLE GPS2500 A/V KIT/VOCAL PROCESSOR - installation instructionsPIANOVELLE GPS2500 A/V KIT/VOCAL PROCESSOR - service manualPIANOVELLE GPS2500 HARD DISK KIT - installation instructionsPIANOVELLE GPS2600 - (simm) dram module - installation instructionsPIANOVELLE GPS2600 - owner's manualPIANOVELLE GPS2600 - quick guidePIANOVELLE GPS2600 - reference guidePIANOVELLE GPS2600 - scsi interface kit - installation instructionsPIANOVELLE GPS2600 - service manualPIANOVELLE GPS2600 (SIMM) DRAM MODULE - installation instructionsPIANOVELLE GPS2600 SCSI INTERFACE KIT - installation instructionsPIANOVELLE GPS3600 - (simm) dram module - installation instructionsPIANOVELLE GPS3600 - owner's manualPIANOVELLE GPS3600 - quick guidePIANOVELLE GPS3600 - reference guidePIANOVELLE GPS3600 - scsi interface kit - installation instructionsPIANOVELLE GPS3600 - service manualPIANOVELLE GPS3600 (SIMM) DRAM MODULE - installation instructionsPIANOVELLE GPS3600 SCSI INTERFACE KIT - installation instructionsPIANOVELLE GRP3 - owner's manualPIANOVELLE GRP3 - service manualPIANOVELLE GRP300 - initial check, autotest and o.s.

08/01/2018 · Alesis Micron Synthesizer Manual ..

MATRIXSYNTH: Alesis Micron SE Limited Edition Synthesizer

The virtually limitless sonic palette.

The micron is an eight-voice analog-modeling synthesizer. Despite its small size, you'll be impressed with the micron's big sound. Whether you use a synth to accompany you on stage or in the studio, and whether you prefer to work with the hundreds of preset Alesis sounds or create your own, the micron is the perfect companion. The micron also contains a powerful sequencing section with phrase, step, and drum sequencing, an arpeggiator, and stereo effects.

The micron has two multi-mode filters, three envelope generators, and two LFOs: the full spectrum of synthesis components for shaping and creating sonorities and textures. For stage and studio-ready quality, the microne has 24-bit audio outputs and inputs via balanced connections.

Each of the micron’s voices contains two filters, and each filter can be one of the following different types, each with its own character and sonic flavor: Bypass, Low Pass: ob 2-pole, tb 3-pole, mg 4-pole, rp 4-pole, jp 4-pole, al 8-pole; Band Pass: ob 2-pole, al 6-pole, octave dual, band limit; High Pass: ob 2-pole, op 4-pole; three Vocal Formants, four Comb Filters, Phase Warp, Frequency, Resonance, Key Tracking, Envelope Amount, Offset, and Absolute.

Each of the micron’s voices contains two LFOs, each of which offers rate, depth, shape, and tempo sync; and three envelopes: Amp Envelope, Filter Envelope, and Pitch/Modulation Envelope.

The micron gives you a full compliment of stereo effects including Chorus, Feedback, Theta Flanger (Phaser + Flanger), Thru Zero Flanger, Super Phaser, Notch Frequency, String Phaser, 40-Band Vocoder, Analysis Gain, Sibilance Boost, Band Shift, Synthesis Input, Analysis Signal In, Analysis Mix, six types of Delay, and three types of Reverbs.
The micron gives you powerful synthesis capabilities, great sound, and excellent portability. On stage or in the studio, the micron is the perfect tool for creating exactly the sound you need.

DMX II - user's manualEVENT BAR - user instructionsLC WIRELESS - user instructionsLED OPERATOR - user instructionsLIGHT COPILOT - user instructionsLIGHT COPILOT II - user instructionsLIGHT COPILOT III - user instructionsMAGIC-260 - user manualPALM COPILOT - user instructionsPAR DIM 120 VOLT - user instructionsPAR DIM 230 VOLT - user instructionsSC-8 SYSTEM - user instructionsSCENE SETTER 24CH DIMMER CONSOLE - user's manualSCENE SETTER-48 48CH DIMMER CONSOLE - user instructionsSTAGE SETTER 24 - user instructionsSTAGE SETTER 8 - user instructionsT16F FOOT CONTROL CHASER - user instructionsT20F LED/PAR CHASE PACK - user instructionsULINK - user guideTUBE 10 - schematicTUBE 30 - schematicSYNTHAX-100 - owner's manualBAD STONE PHASE SHIFTER - schematicBASS MICRO SYNTHESIZER - circuit drawingsDOCTOR Q - schematicDR.

Alesis Fusion | Vintage Synth Explorer

Used Alesis Micron Analog Modeling Synth Synthesizers Music Go Round Roseville

SYNTH - service manualDSD-2 - service manualDSD-3 DIGITAL SAMPLER/DELAY - instructionsDSD-3 DIGITAL SAMPLER/DELAY - service manualEH-2 ENHANCER - instructionsEH-50 - service manualEQ-20 GRAPHIC EQUALIZER - owner's manualEV-10 - service manualFA-1 - instructionsFA-1 - service manualFC-50 MIDI FOOT CONTROLLER - owner's manualFC-50 MIDI FOOT CONTROLLER - service manualFS-5L FOOTSWITCH - owner's manualFS-5L FOOTSWITCH - service manualFS-5U FOOTSWITCH - owner's manualFS-5U FOOTSWITCH - service manualFS-6 DUAL FOOTSWITCH - owner's manualFT-2 DYNAMIC FILTER - instructionsFT-2 DYNAMIC FILTER - service manualFV-100 - service manualFV-200 - service manualFV-300H GUITAR/BASS FOOT VOLUME PEDAL - owner's manualFV-300H GUITAR/BASS FOOT VOLUME PEDAL - service manualFV-300L FOOT VOLUME/EXPRESSION PEDAL - owner's manualFV-300L FOOT VOLUME/EXPRESSION PEDAL - service manualFV-500H VOLUME PEDAL - instructionsFV-500L VOLUME PEDAL - instructionsFV-50H VOLUME PEDAL - instructionsFV-50H VOLUME PEDAL - service manualFV-50L VOLUME PEDAL - owner's manualFV-50L VOLUME PEDAL - service manualFW-3 FOOT WAH - owner's manualFW-3 FOOT WAH - service manualFZ-2 HYPER FUZZ - instructionsFZ-2 HYPER FUZZ - service manualFZ-3 FUZZ - owner's manualFZ-3 FUZZ - service manualGE-10 - service manualGE-131 - service manualGE-131A - service manualGE-21 - service manualGE-215 - service manualGE-231 - service manualGE-6 - service manualGE-7 EQUALIZER - instructionsGE-7 EQUALIZER - service manualGE-7B BASS EQUALIZER - instructionsGE-7B BASS EQUALIZER - service manualGEB-7 BASS EQUALIZER - owner's manualGK-1 - service manualGL-100 GUITAR DRIVER - owner's manualGL-100 GUITAR DRIVER - service manualGP-20 GUITAR AMP PROCESSOR - owner's manualGS-10 GUITAR EFFECTS SYSTEM - owner's manualGS-10 GUITAR EFFECTS SYSTEM - owner's manualGT-3 GUITAR EFFECTS PROCESSOR - owner's manualGT-3 GUITAR EFFECTS PROCESSOR - quick start guideGT-5 GUITAR EFFECTS PROCESSOR - owner's manualGT-6 GUITAR EFFECTS PROCESSOR - midi implementationGT-6 GUITAR EFFECTS PROCESSOR - owner's manualGT-6 GUITAR EFFECTS PROCESSOR - patch listGT-6B BASS EFFECTS PROCESSOR - midi implementationGT-6B BASS EFFECTS PROCESSOR - owner's manualGT-8 GUITAR EFFECTS PROCESSOR - midi implementationGT-8 GUITAR EFFECTS PROCESSOR - owner's manualGT-8 GUITAR EFFECTS PROCESSOR - patch listsGT-PRO GUITAR EFFECTS PROCESSOR - midi implementationGT-PRO GUITAR EFFECTS PROCESSOR - owner's manualGX-700 GUITAR EFFECTS PROCESSOR - owner's manualGX-700 GUITAR EFFECTS PROCESSOR - owner's manualGX-700 GUITAR EFFECTS PROCESSOR - service manualHA-5 PLAY BUS HEADPHONE AMP - instructionsHA-5 PLAY BUS HEADPHONE AMP - service manualHC-2 HAND CLAPPER - instructionsHC-2 HAND CLAPPER - service manualHF-2 HI-BAND FLANGER - instructionsHM-2 HEAVY METAL - instructionsHM-2 HEAVY METAL - service manualHM-3 HYPER METAL - instructionsHM-3 HYPER METAL - service manualHR-2 HARMONIST - owner's manualJS-5 JAMSTATION - owner's manualKC-500 - service manualKM-04 MICRO MIXER - instructionsKM-04 MICRO MIXER - service manualKM-2 MIXING AMPLIFIER - service manualKM-4 INSTRUMENT MIXER - service manualKM-40 - service manualKM-400 KEYBOARD MIXER - instructionsKM-400 KEYBOARD MIXER - service manualKM-60 MIXER - instructionsKM-60 MIXER - service manualKM-600 KEYBOARD MIXER - service manualKM-6A MIXER - instructionsKM-6A MIXER - service manualKM-6B MIXER - instructionsLM-2 LIMITER - instructionsLM-2 LIMITER - service manualLM-2B BASS LIMITER - instructionsLMB-3 BASS LIMITER ENHANCER - owner's manualLS-2 LINE SELECTOR - instructionsLS-2 LINE SELECTOR - service manualMA-1 MASCOT AMPLIFIER - service manualMA-12 - service manualMA-12AV - service manualMA-12AV - service manualMA-12C - service manualMA-12V - service manualMA-12V VOCAL - service manualMA-15 - service manualMA-15A - service manualMA-5 - service manualMD-2 MEGA DISTORTION - owner's manualME-10 GUITAR MULTIPLE EFFECTS - owner's manualME-10 GUITAR MULTIPLE EFFECTS - service manualME-30 GUITAR MULTIPLE EFFECTS - owner's manualME-33 GUITAR MULTIPLE EFFECTS - owner's manualME-5 GUITAR MULTIPLE EFFECTS - owner's manualME-5 GUITAR MULTIPLE EFFECTS - owner's manualME-5 GUITAR MULTIPLE EFFECTS - service manualME-50 GUITAR MULTIPLE EFFECTS - owner's manualME-50B BASS MULTIPLE EFFECTS - owner's manualME-6 GUITAR MULTIPLE EFFECTS - owner's manualME-6 GUITAR MULTIPLE EFFECTS - service manualME-6B BASS MULTIPLE EFFECTS - owner's manualME-6B BASS MULTIPLE EFFECTS - service manualME-8 GUITAR MULTIPLE EFFECTS - owner's manualME-8 GUITAR MULTIPLE EFFECTS - service manualME-8B BASS MULTIPLE EFFECTS - owner's manualME-8B BASS MULTIPLE EFFECTS - service manualME-X EXPANDABLE MULTIPLE EFFECTS - owner's manualME-X EXPANDABLE MULTIPLE EFFECTS - owner's manualMG-10 GUITAR AMPLIFIER - owner's manualMG-10 GUITAR AMPLIFIER - service manualMICRO BR DIGITAL RECORDER - about memory cardsMICRO BR DIGITAL RECORDER - effect patch listMICRO BR DIGITAL RECORDER - errataMICRO BR DIGITAL RECORDER - owner's manualMPD-4 - instructionsMPD-4 - service manualMS-100 MONITOR SPEAKER - instructionsMS-100 MONITOR SPEAKER - service manualMT-2 METAL ZONE - instructionsMT-2 METAL ZONE - service manualMZ-2 DIGITAL METALIZER - instructionsMZ-2 DIGITAL METALIZER - service manualNF-1 NOISE GATE - instructionsNF-1 NOISE GATE - service manualNS-2 NOISE SUPPRESSOR - instructionsNS-2 NOISE SUPPRESSOR - service manualNS-50 STEREO NOISE SUPPRESSOR - service manualOC-2 OCTAVE - owner's manualOC-2 OCTAVER - instructionsOC-2 OCTAVER - service manualOC-20G GK EFFECT - owner's manualOC-3 SUPER OCTAVE - owner's manualOD-1 OVERDRIVE - instructionsOD-1 OVERDRIVE - service manualOD-2 TURBO OVERDRIVE - instructionsOD-2 TURBO OVERDRIVE - service manualOD-20 OVERDRIVE/DISTORTION - owner's manualOD-2R TURBO OVERDRIVE - owner's manualOD-3 OVERDRIVE - owner's manualOD-3 OVERDRIVE - owner's manualODB-3 BASS OVERDRIVE - owner's manualOS-2 OVERDRIVE/DISTORTION - instructionsOS-2 OVERDRIVE/DISTORTION - service manualPC-2 PERCUSSION SYNTHESIZER - circuit drawingsPC-2 PERCUSSION SYNTHESIZER - instructionsPC-2 PERCUSSION SYNTHESIZER - service manualPD-1 ROCKER DISTORTION - service manualPH-1 PHASER - instructionsPH-1 PHASER - service manualPH-1R PHASER - instructionsPH-1R PHASER - service manualPH-2 SUPER PHASER - instructionsPH-2 SUPER PHASER - service manualPH-3 PHASE SHIFTER - owner's manualPN-2 TREMOLO/PAN - instructionsPN-2 TREMOLO/PAN - service manualPQ-3B BASS PARAMETRIC EQUALIZER - instructionsPQ-3B BASS PARAMETRIC EQUALIZER - service manualPQ-4 PARAMETRIC EQUALIZER - instructionsPQ-4 PARAMETRIC EQUALIZER - service manualPQ-50 PARAMETRIC EQUALIZER - owner's manualPQ-50 PARAMETRIC EQUALIZER - service manualPS-2 DIGITAL PITCH SHIFTER/DELAY - instructionsPS-2 DIGITAL PITCH SHIFTER/DELAY - service manualPS-3 DIGITAL PITCH SHIFTER/DELAY - owner's manualPS-3 DIGITAL PITCH SHIFTER/DELAY - service manualPS-5 SUPER SHIFTER - owner's manualPSM-5 POWER SUPPLY & MASTER SWITCH - instructionsPSM-5 POWER SUPPLY & MASTER SWITCH - service manualPV-1 ROCKER VOLUME - service manualPW-1 ROCKER WAH - instructionsPW-1 ROCKER WAH - service manualPW-10 WAH PEDAL - owner's manualPW-2 POWER DRIVER - owner's manualPW-2 POWER DRIVER - service manualRBF-10 FLANGER - instructionsRBF-10 FLANGER - service manualRC-2 LOOP STATION - owner's manualRC-20 PHRASE RECORDER - owner's manualRC-20XL PHRASE RECORDER - owner's manualRC-50 LOOP STATION - owner's manualRCE-10 DIGITAL CHORUS ENSEMBLE - instructionsRCL-10 COMPRESSOR LIMITER - owner's manualRCL-10 COMPRESSOR LIMITER - service manualRDD-10 DIGITAL DELAY - service manualRDD-20 DIGITAL DELAY - service manualRE-1000 DIGITAL MULTI ECHO - owner's manualRE-1000 DIGITAL MULTI ECHO - service manualRGE-10 GRAPHIC EQUALIZER - instructionsRGE-10 GRAPHIC EQUALIZER - service manualRH-11M PLAY BUS HEADPHONE AMP - service manualROD-10 OVERDRIVE/DISTORTION - instructionsROD-10 OVERDRIVE/DISTORTION - service manualRPD-10 DIGITAL PANNING DELAY - service manualRPH-10 PHASER - instructionsRPH-10 PHASER - service manualRPQ-10 PREAMP/PARAMETRIC EQUALIZER - instructionsRPQ-10 PREAMP/PARAMETRIC EQUALIZER - service manualRPS-10 DIGITAL PITCH SHIFTER/DELAY - instructionsRPS-10 DIGITAL PITCH SHIFTER/DELAY - service manualRPW-7 POWER SUPPLY - instructionsRPW-7 POWER SUPPLY - service manualRRV-10 DIGITAL REVERB - instructionsRRV-10 DIGITAL REVERB - service manualRSD-10 DIGITAL SAMPLER/DELAY - instructionsRSD-10 DIGITAL SAMPLER/DELAY - service manualRT-20 ROTARY SOUND PROCESSOR - owner's manualRV-1000 DIGITAL REVERB - owner's manualRV-1000 DIGITAL REVERB - service manualRV-2 DIGITAL REVERB - instructionsRV-2 DIGITAL REVERB - service manualRV-3 DIGITAL REVERB/DELAY - instructionsRV-3 DIGITAL REVERB/DELAY - service manualRV-5 DIGITAL REVERB - owner's manualRV-70 DIGITAL STEREO REVERB - owner's manualSCC-700 SOUND CONTROL CENTER - service manualSCC-700B SOUND CONTROL CENTER - service manualSCC-700C SOUND CONTROL CENTER - owner's manualSCC-700C SOUND CONTROL CENTER - service manualSCC-700F FOOT CONTROLLER - owner's manualSCC-700F FOOT CONTROLLER - service manualSD-1 SUPER OVERDRIVE - instructionsSD-1 SUPER OVERDRIVE - service manualSD-2 DUAL OVERDRIVE - instructionsSD-2 DUAL OVERDRIVE - service manualSE-50 STEREO EFFECTS PROCESSOR - owner's manualSE-50 STEREO EFFECTS PROCESSOR - service manualSE-50A STEREO EFFECTS PROCESSOR - service manualSE-70 SUPER EFFECTS PROCESSOR - effects parameter listSE-70 SUPER EFFECTS PROCESSOR - owner's manualSE-70 SUPER EFFECTS PROCESSOR - service manualSG-1 SLOW GEAR - service manualSP-1 SPECTRUM - instructionsSP-1 SPECTRUM - service manualSP-202 DR.

- reference manualSCREENARRAY PIP-3632 - operation manualSCREENARRAY PIP-4622 - operation manualSCREENARRAY PIP-4632 - operation manualSST-3632 - reference manualSST-4622 - reference manualSST-4632 - reference manualSST-MX - reference manualSST-SBSC - reference manualSST-SBSC 3632T - reference manualSST-SBSC 4632T - reference manualSST-SX - reference manualSTUDIO REFERENCE I - operation manualSTUDIO REFERENCE II - operation manualT-170V - installation manualTP-170V - installation manualVCA-MC4 - installation manualVCA-MC4 - operation manualVCA-MC8 - installation manualVCA-MC8 - operation manualXLS 202 - operation manualXLS 402 - operation manualXLS 602 - operation manualXS-4300 - operation manualXS-500 - operation manualXS-700 - operation manualXS-900 - operation manualBIT 01 - owner's manualBIT 01 EXPANDER - circuit drawingsBIT 99 - owner's manualDS2 - circuit drawingsDS2 - owner's manualSPIRIT - owner's manualSTRATUS - owner's manualTRILOGY - owner's manualTRILOGY - reference manual (owner's manual)105Q BASS WAH - owner's manual535 WAH - owner's manual535Q WAH - owner's manual95Q WAH - owner's manualDCR-1FC RACK FOOT CONTROLLER - owner's manualDCR-1SR RACK MOUNTABLE WAH - owner's manualDIME CRYBABY FROM HELL - owner's manualEW-95V MISTER CRYBABY SUPER - owner's manualGCB-100 BASS WAH - owner's manualGCB-80 VOLUME PEDAL - owner's manualOCTAVE WAH - owner's manualORIGINAL - owner's manualQZ-1 Q ZONE - owner's manualLINKMINI TWO IPOD 2.1 SPEAKER SYSTEM - user manualBOB THE BLENDER - owner's manualFUZZY FEELING - owner's manualVT1 ACOUSTIC PRE-AMP - owner's manualVT1 BASS COMPRESSOR - owner's manualVT1 BLENDER - owner's manualVT1 MK3 BASS OVERDRIVE/DISTORTION - owner's manualVT1 MK3 OVERDRIVE/DISTORTION - owner's manualVT1 PURIST BASS OVERDRIVE/DISTORTION - owner's manualVT1 PURIST OVERDRIVE/DISTORTION - owner's manualVT2 DUAL BASS OVERDRIVE/DISTORTION - owner's manualVT2 DUAL CUSTOM BASS OVERDRIVE/DISTORTION - owner's manualVT2 DUAL OVERDRIVE/DISTORTION - owner's manualVT2 TWIN BASS OVERDRIVE/DISTORTION - owner's manualVT2 TWIN OVERDRIVE/DISTORTION - owner's manualEVOLVER - operation manual1046 QUAD COMPRESSOR/LIMITER - operation manual1066 COMPRESSOR - operation manual1074 QUAD NOISE GATE - user manual120A SUBHARMONIC SYNTHESIZER - user manual131 GRAPHIC EQUALIZER - user manual160A COMPRESSOR/LIMITER - owner's manual160S STEREO COMPRESSOR/LIMITER - owner's manual166XL COMPRESSOR/GATE - owner's manual2031 EQUALIZER/LIMITER - operation manual215 GRAPHIC EQUALIZER - user manual220I DRIVERACK - user manual2215 EQUALIZER/LIMITER - operation manual223 CROSSOVER - operation manual2231 EQUALIZER/LIMITER - operation manual223XL CROSSOVER - operation manual231 GRAPHIC EQUALIZER - user manual234 CROSSOVER - operation manual234XL CROSSOVER - operation manual240 DRIVERACK - user manual241 DRIVERACK - user manual260 DRIVERACK - user manual266XL COMPRESSOR/GATE - owner's manual286A MIC PREAMP/PROCESSOR - owner's manual3031 GRAPHIC EQUALIZER - operation manual3031C GRAPHIC EQUALIZER - operation manual3215 GRAPHIC EQUALIZER - operation manual3231L GRAPHIC EQUALIZER - operation manual376 VACUUM TUBE CHANNEL STRIP - user manual386 DUAL VACUUM TUBE PREAMP - user manual442 DRIVERACK - owner's manual480 DRIVERACK - user manual480P DRIVERACK - user manual480R DRIVERACK - user manual481 DRIVERACK - user manual482 DRIVERACK - user manual640 DIGITAL ZONE PROCESSOR - user manual641 DIGITAL ZONE PROCESSOR - user manual704X DIGITAL OUTPUT CARD - user manual786 PRECISION MIC.

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