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evolutionary game theory, acoustic adaptation hypothesis:

Fig. 1. Finite element modeling for an implant fixation. Interface mechanical conditions significantly influence adaptive response of bone. Surface shear stress plays a critical role in inhibition of bony ingrowth. Fig. 2. Bone fluid flow is hypothesized a mediator for triggering cellular response in bone, which is closely related to temporal loading components, i.e., frequency. Under same strain amplitudes, high frequency mechanical stimuli (i.e., 30 Hz) raise higher tissue fluid pressure (10x) than lower frequency (0.1 Hz).

Song elements varied concomitantly, as predicted by the acoustic adaptation hypothesis, ..

Musculoskeletal complications included osteoporosis and/or the delayed union of fractures represent a key health problem. Early diagnosis of these skeletal disorders leads to prompt treatment and will dramatically reduce the risk of complication. It is hypothesized that such a musculoskeletal disorder, i.e., osteoporosis, is not only changing the structure and the mineral density (BMD), but the modulus of the bone. The principal diagnostic methods for osteoporosis is dual-energy X-ray absorptionmetry (DEXA), which provides only an index of bone mineral content, and not bone's physical properties. More recently, advents in ultrasonic techniques provide an intriguing method for characterizing the material properties of bone in a manner which is non-invasive, non-destructive, repeatable, safe and relatively accurate. While ultrasonic techniques provide both structural and property information of bone, the current research work focus on non-invasively detect spatial distribution of bone quality in the region of interesting using the developing scanning acoustic diagnostic system.

Aquatic ape hypothesis - Wikipedia

Locally distinct versions of song (or ) have been described in several species. Hypotheses toexplaindialects include:

The visual acuity of an individual is given by the relation VA = D´/D, where D´ is the standard viewing distance and D the distance at which the smallest test object correctly identified by the individual subtends an angle of 1 minute of arc. For example, a person's VA is 20/30 if, at a viewing distance of 20 ft, he or she can just identify an object which subtends an angle of 1 minute at 30 feet.

New in October of 2005 are the slides from a lecture on recording technique,given in Japan for the Audio Engineering Society, and in for the Tonmeister conference in October.I still hope to put some of the audioexamples that are critical to this paper on the web. In the meantime, if youwant a CD copy, contact me at the email address in the picture

Effects of posture change on nasal patency - SciELO

It is recommended by manufacturers that employees are measured when wearing their corrective glasses. Fox (1965), however, stresses that such a procedure may lead to wrong results-for example, workers are tested with glasses which are too old in comparison with the time of the present measurement; or lenses may be worn out by exposure to dust or other noxious agents. It is also very often the case that people come to the testing room with the wrong glasses. Fox (1976) suggests therefore that, if "the corrected vision is not improved to 20/20 level for distance and near, referral should be made to an ophthalmologist for a proper evaluation and refraction for the current need of the employee on his job". Other deficiencies of vision testers are referred to later in this article.

An effort to clean house resulted in scanning a few old papers: JAES March 1975, Rev B 15 #7 p 3291 April 1 1977, and JAES v34 #4 p255-268 April, 1986. I still find thepaper on spaciousness to be interesting and insightful. The observationscontinue to be relevant to my work, particularly on the subject of the between loudspeakers and rooms at lowfrequencies. It took many years before I was able to explain the observedeffects. For example, Dutton's work on the apparent localization errors withconventional stereo loudspeakers at high frequencies are fully explained in Theeffects of low frequency room modes on spatial properties are fully explainedin

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RDOS operating system and the Neanderthal theory

The eyelids help to maintain a film of tears, produced by the lacrymal glands, which protects the anterior surface of the eye. Blinking facilitates the spread of tears and their emptying into the lacrymal canal, which empties in the nasal cavity. The frequency of blinking, which is used as a test in ergonomics, varies greatly depending on the activity being undertaken (for example, it is slower during reading) and also on the lighting conditions (the rate of blinking is lowered by an increase of illumination).

Yi-Xian Qin, Ph.D. - Biomedical Engineering

Conventional measures were clearly missing the point - but for a long time,so was I. About ten years ago this work started to converge into a coherent (atleast I think it is coherent) hypothesis about how we perceive the acoustics ofenclosed spaces.

Avian Reproduction: Clutch Size, Incubation and …

Infrasound and ultrasound. The acoustic energy from both of these sources is normally inaudible to humans. The common sources of ultrasound, for example, jet engines, high-speed dental drills, and ultrasonic cleaners and mixers all emit audible sound so the effects of ultrasound on exposed subjects are not easily discernible. It is presumed to be harmless below 120 dB and therefore unlikely to cause NIHL. Likewise, low-frequency noise is relatively safe, but with high intensity (119-144 dB), hearing loss may occur.

Chapter 11 - Sensory Systems THE EAR

Afterimages. Local disadaptation is usually accompanied by the continued image of a bright spot, coloured or not, which produces a veil or masking effect (this is the consecutive image). Afterimages have been studied very extensively to better understand certain visual phenomena (Brown in Graham et al. 1965). After visual stimulation has ceased, the effect remains for some time; this persistence explains, for example, why perception of continuous light may be present when facing a flickering light (see below). If the frequency of flicker is high enough, or when looking at cars at night, we see a line of light. These afterimages are produced in the dark when viewing an enlighted spot; they are also produced by coloured areas, leaving coloured images. It is the reason why VDU operators may be exposed to sharp afterimages after looking for a prolonged time at the screen and then moving their eyes towards another area in the room.

Bird vocalization includes both bird calls and bird songs

One possibility is that the sound pulses focused through the huge head stun the fish and make them easy prey: in other words the spermaceti organ is the focus for an acoustic stun gun. Scientists are proposing to attach cameras and data recorders to the heads of the whales to test this hypothesis.

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