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James Fleeting
15 Jan

The Diet (again)

As some of you may know or remember, last year around the same time I started The Diet. This lasted for a few months and went great. I was dropping the pounds and feeling better. We managed to cut out soda, going out to eat and snacks. Then life got in the way (yes I know, same old tired excuse that everybody uses). However bad the excuse is, its the truth. At the time I was working 8:30-5pm and then doing freelance work at home, the kids had school and daycare and the wife had classes at MSU and finding the time to keep it up broke and we fell back into our rut of going out to eat several times a day, sometimes every day. Snacking came back and so did the soda. So, after dropping some pounds I started putting it back on and by the end of the year weighed more then when I started The Diet. So, the story begins again but this time, the rules are different. (how cheesy was that?)

Lets get this out of the way first. My current weight today is 304lbs. Finally crossing the 300lbs mark was the push I needed to do something about it. Being told over and over that I have high blood pressure is another reason and I want to feel better. My plan is to drop the weight this year, eat healthy and get some exercise. To kick this diet into full gear I’m going on a 20 day intense plan.

20 Days of Fruits and Veggies. The goal is to go 20 days with no soda, sweet tea, sweets, snacks, meat and all around fatty foods. Focusing mainly on eating more fruits and veggies and drinking a lot more water. I would like to drop 20lbs during these 20 days. Between the diet change and now having a treadmill at the house, I don’t see this as a problem. We have stocked up on a large amount of fruits and this 20 Day diet starts today!

What about after the 20 days? I plan to bring back meat and some of the foods I love but trying to keep it healthy. Keeping away from the soda and snacks, cutting out the fast food, controlling portions and trying new foods. Staying with an exercise plan will be the hardest part about The Diet but I hope I can make it work.

I feel pretty good about the 20 Day Fruit & Veggies diet. I am honestly not worried about it and truly believe I’ll make it. My worry is after the 20 days and keeping on a healthy track of the right foods and portions. I work at a job where I sit in front of a computer all day and then I enjoy going home and playing video games. So, I need to spend time out of this chair and that will be the hardest part for me over the next month.

Suggestions while on a diet? Any awesome foods/meals I should try? Tips for keeping the weight off? Let me know.


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Get the Wii Fit Plus, I got one for Christmas. Or do the boxing on the Wii – now that’s a work out! You could also get a membership to the YMCA, which is literally right down the street from you! lol For a family of four its $62 a month and they have a great class at lunch that’s about 30 minutes so you’d still have time to eat lunch.

@MamaSeal: We have Wii Fit and Wii Active but they aren’t used that often. The YMCA is pretty close so thats an option. If I can get away from this computer chair and the couch then I’ll be good.

I recommend the zone. It works for me and my wife and once you get the hang of how it works, not only do you lose weight, but you actually stop craving junk food. We started 2 years ago and while no one can stay on a diet all the time, its the easiest to maintain IMO and its easy to get back into. The book is only $0.01 on amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Zone-Dietary-Permanently-Physical-Performance/dp/0060391502/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1263571953&sr=8-1) and is a fairly interesting read if nothing else. Also, once you get the baiscs, this “block chart” (http://www.mitymous.net/weights/zoneblox.htm) is an indispensible help–pretty soon, you get accustomed to how much a “block” of food is and how many blocks you need to eat you can even stay on it when you have to eat out or snack.

@Jorin: Thanks, I’ll check out the book. I’m always open to tips and way to stay going with something.

Always use whole grains, they give you protein and help you stay full longer because of all the fiber. They also help with your bloog sugar. Stevia and agave are good on your blood sugar levels. Try and stay away from MSG because it makes food taste yummier and you want to eat more. High fructose corn syrup is a nasty ingredient. Since it’s an artificial chemical your body doesn’t know how to really process it so it turns directly into fat. Cucumbers, lemons, or fruit taste good in water…and you can always eat them after you drink your water.

You can also do weekend cooking. I used to do once a month cooking but I’ve kinda gotten away from it.

This recipe was so yummy. You could easily use beans or tofu to go meatless.