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James Fleeting
05 Oct

The Epic PKR Story – Chapter 2

The time has come at least. This new chapter of paperkilledrock.com has been about a year in the making. This design has been trashed so many times that I think I’ve got about 3 completed layouts sitting on my mbp. However, I couldn’t wait any longer and needed to get the new design online. Behind the scenes is html5 and plenty of CSS3.

Not The Only Change

Lots of things going on in my life the past few months so I felt like a new design was needed. One that would focus more on the content of the site. Of course right now there is very little. I used to blog and post videos fairly often. Then for about a year I barely updated and did small videos of the kids. So my hope is this change will get me excited and start pumping out some more content. I also recently started working for a new company (a post on this coming next) so this is bringing about some changes and should give me more aspects of my life to post about including a lot more work related stuff.

Lets Do It In Phases

I was in a hurry to get this design launched. There are still several tweaks to be made and several areas to develop out including ‘Designs’, which will serve as my portfolio. I have plans for this area so just gotta get time to get on it. I also have a few IE7/8 issues to fix and I’ll get to them.


One Response to “The Epic PKR Story – Chapter 2”

Totally agree on the “Do it in phases”! Congrats on the redesign man!