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James Fleeting
17 Jan

New Domain, New Blog

I have moved my blog over to a new domain and a new system: iwasasuperhero.com. I moved from this WordPress install to Jekyll and don’t have plans to import the posts. I will be leaving this blog up as a read-only archive of my past posts but all future posts will be made at the new domain. See you guys at the new blog.

05 Jul

Espresso 2 & OpenInEspresso

My development environment has long consisted of TextMate and CSSEdit. The creators of CSSEdit then released Espresso, an all-in-one app much like Coda. I tried to use it full time rather then have two apps open. However, it had some issues that kept me from using it full time. Like many I waited around for an update to CSSEdit and when Espresso 2 pre-release was announced I got excited. It looks like CSSEdit will no longer be a stand alone app and Espresso will take over.  This update to Espresso seems to solve any issues I had before and has some nice improvements. Looks like I might finally ditch TextMate in favor of Espresso.

There are two things in my TextMate workflow that I require with Espresso. This includes opening a file in Espresso from Terminal (quickly running `mate .gitignore` is handy) and a Finder droplet that lets me open the current window or selected file/folder in TextMate. Both of these are easy to handle. To open a file in Espresso from Terminal you need to add a new alias to your .bash_profile. In Terminal do the following:

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cd ~
open -e .bash_profile

Add the following line to the file:

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alias esp="open -a Espresso"

This of course requires you to reopen your terminal. Now running `esp someFile.txt` will open t hat file or folder in Espresso. Comes in very handy.

As for the OpenInEspresso Finder Droplet I modified the OpenInTextMate code to open Espresso instead. I didn’t create the initial app that credit goes to Henrik Nyh for the original script. I added the Espresso icon to the bundle as I use the app icons in my finder toolbar but feel free to replace it with your icon or a Finder(ish) style button. You can drag the app to your Finder toolbar or the Finder sidebar. Clicking it will open the current window or a selected file/folder in Espresso and ready for edit.

Download OpenInEspresso

15 Apr

Chrome Developer Tools

I have long been a fan of WebKit, if anything because the Developer Tools. After spending so long with Safari it took me a little while to finally give Google Chrome a chance. Switching browsers is an extremely large life decision can’t just be made so easily. Chrome quickly became my default with its speed, auto-updating of the browser and extensions, ability for one tab not to crash your entire browser and of course still being WebKit, the awesome Developer Tools.

Besides the many other great reasons Chrome is my browser of choice the speed and always updating Developer Tools are along the main. WebKit is in a constant flow of development, including improving their Developer Tools, and Safari updates just don’t come as often as you might like. Chrome on the other hand pushes out updates every time you turn around, although thanks to its auto-updating, you barely notice. This means the Developer Tools are always improving. Not to mention how pretty it looks vs Firebug.

Paul Irish posted a video of 12 Tricks for Chrome Developer Tools a little while back that I just came across. It’s a great video if you’re new to Chrome Developer Tools but also I also picked up a few things I wasn’t aware of. Lots more information can be found on Google’s page for Developer Tools.